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WOW Classic SOD: An Excellent Gold Farming Method That You Can’t Miss In Phase 2! - Winter Squid Farming Guide

Posted: Mar 04, 2024

Here, I will introduce you to an excellent gold farming method in Season of Discovery Phase 2, which is farming Winter Squid. Unlike the others, this is a limited time farm and you can only do it until March 20th.

Why Farm Winter Squid?

Actually, this item has no use in Phase 2, but from Phase 3 or even Phase 4 onwards, it will be very expensive. It can be used to create an excellent food buff, Grilled Squid, which provides 10 agility to Melee DPS character.

WOW Classic SOD: An Excellent Gold Farming Method That You Can’t Miss In Phase 2! - Winter Squid Farming Guide

The best thing about this fish is that it is a seasonal fish and you can only catch it from September 22nd to March 20th. This means you have less than 20 days to use this farming method to suit your own needs.

What’s more, we won’t see any Squids for the remainder of Phase 2, possibly all of Phase 3, or even the beginning of Phase 4.

If they keep this release cycle, every DPS player will want this food buff for the extra damage output. This means that this farming method is an excellent investment.

I can’t tell you when is the best time to sell Squids. But I guarantee the price of each squid will be at least a few WOW Classic SOD Gold, maybe even a dozen gold coins, depending on the server and the time you sell it.

WOW Classic SOD: Grilled Squid food buff

How To Fish For Squids?

Are you fascinated by this golden farming idea? To try this farming method, you first need to press the fishing button to get a good Lucky Charm, put on your Fishing lures or even Fishing Enchant on Gloves, then go to Tanaris and start fishing in the open water.

I did this myself and after an hour of fishing, my loot included:

  • 22 Squids
  • 31 Raw Rockscale Cods
  • 16 Clams
  • 11 Raw Glossy Mightfish
  • 6 Stonescale Eels
  • 87 Raw Spotted Yellowtails
  • 2 Ironbound Locked Chest

Actually, most of these items are junk, but the chance of catching Squids here is about 8%. And considering you get some extra WoW SoD Gold rewards for each item, this farming location isn’t too bad.

All in all, you can earn anywhere from 20 gold to 100 gold per hour on this farming spot, maybe even more on some servers. Because these Squids are currently easily sold on my server for about 1 gold each, and you can still catch them easily.

Other Fishing Spots

If Tanaris isn’t your thing, you can also go fishing in the ocean in Hinterlands or Feralas, or you can fish on Jaguero Isle in Stranglethorn Vale.

However, I still recommend that you fish in Tanaris, because you have the best chance of catching Squids here, and you don’t have to worry about mobs attacking you, because Tanaris is a neutral area, and both Alliance and Horde players can participate.

WOW Classic SOD: Best Fishing Spots - Tanaris

There is another place that should be the best one by far, and that is Azshara in Bay of Storms. However, I do not recommend this because our current fishing skills are too low and most fish will escape.

I fished there for 5 minutes and only caught two fish with 348 fishing skill. But on Jaguero Isle, Hinterlands or Feralas it only requires 205 Fishing skill, and you can even throw the fishhook directly. But I still recommend that you upgrade your fishing skill to level 300 to prevent the fish from escaping.

You can use Tuskarr Fishing Gear to increase your skill all the way to 363, but that’s still not enough to consistently catch in Azshara.

Best Fishing Time

Last but not least, the highest catch of Squids is from 12:00 noon to 18:00 at night. As far as I know, and after some testing, this only works with Azshara in Bay of Storms. Except for Azshara, they cannot be caught from midnight to 6:00 AM.

Anyway, I really recommend you give this farming method a try. There’s a lot of golden farming potential here. Usually, all fishing players are very calm and you just have to play some delightful music to talk to the players around you and enjoy. That’s it for this guide. I wish you all happy fishing.


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