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WOW Classic SOD: The Best Spot For Farming Pet And BOE In Phase 2! - Stranglethorn Vale

Posted: Mar 01, 2024

Are you still trying to find the ultimate pet and BOE farming location in WOW Classic SOD? In today’s guide, we’ll be sharing a great BOE farming location that will lead you to discover a treasure trove of valuable loot, including the elusive Hyacinth Macaw pet!

Located in Stranglethorn Vale, this location not only offers the rarest pets in the game but also epic rare BOEs. Stick around to learn the best strategies for farming loot, as well as the pros and cons of this lucrative location. Don’t miss your chance to get gold and glory!

WOW Classic SOD: The Best Spot For Farming Pet And BOE In Phase 2! - Stranglethorn Vale

Hyacinth Macaw Pets

As you can see, there are a variety of monsters to raise in the southern part of Stranglethorn Vale, and the coveted pets are the most expensive items in the area.

The pet called Hyacinth Macaw is considered being the rarest and most expensive pet in WOW Classic so far because of its very low drop probability.

It costs around 300 WOW Classic SOD Gold, but that’s the cheapest you’ll find until Season of Discovery ends. Because judging from comprehensive historical data, the average value of this kind of pet is very high.

WOW Classic SOD: Hyacinth Macaw Pet


Also, this place contains some decent epic and rare BOEs, such as Basilisk Hide Pants. It’s currently available for sale instantly on my server for around 100 gold. I’m sure they’re even more expensive on other servers.


Next, I’ll show you more loot for each type of pirate in the area, and I’ll also mention the pros and cons of this powerful gold spot.

First of all, we should know that there are five types of pirates in this area, namely:

  • Bloodsail Warlock
  • Bloodsail Deckhand
  • Bloodsail Swabby
  • Bloodsail Elder Magus
  • Bloodsail Swashbuckler

Each type has a high chance of dropping a pet. But Bloodsail Swabby has a slightly higher chance of dropping it. 

For general loot, all these pirates have a chance to drop green BOEs and many other things. Judging from the data, Green Hills of Stranglethorn pages are currently in high demand and value, especially towards the end of the season. Because people mostly want to complete their pre-quest during this time.

Bloodsail Elder Magus and Deckhand are slightly higher level and harder to kill, while together they can drop rare and epic loot.

Bloodsail Swashbuckler and Warlock are both on land and can drop some rare and epic items. In my opinion, if you don’t have much gear and are used to playing solo, farming Warlock is your best bet. Because they are the easiest to kill, have reasonable drop rates for pets, and have some nice epic and rare loot.

But if you are doing this farm with friends, I highly recommend you focus on grinding Bloodsail Swabby. Because, as mentioned before, Swabby has the greatest chance of dropping pets, and there are more mobs to kill.

WOW Classic SOD: Bloodsail Farming Guide

Pros & Cons

Finally, let’s introduce the pros and cons of this place.

First off, this place has the most expensive pets in WOW Classic so far. And since pets are not part of Season of Discovery, their value will grow over time. So if you can’t or don’t want to sell it now, it will definitely appreciate in value.

Besides pets, this place is also very good at farming gold, and the average level of mobs is worth honing. If you are lucky enough to get these, you can sell these BOEs immediately to make extra money.

As far as disadvantages go, I don’t think you should focus on finding pets in this area. Because this pet is known as the rarest pet in WOW Classic SOD, and your chance of actually getting it by doing small grinds every day is almost zero.

Another reason is that the mobs here are very close and you should be careful if you are a solo grinder. If you have a character without Skinning, generally don’t pull a lot at once.

If you love farming pets and looking forward to becoming a lottery winner, I highly recommend this place! Good luck!


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