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WOW Classic SOD: A Comprehensive Guide To Best-in-Slot Gear Options For Ranged Hunters In Phase 2

Posted: Mar 01, 2024

With many players considering a switch to ranged builds following the Raptor Strike nerf, it's important to focus on optimizing ranged damage through gear selection. Ranged Hunters are unlikely to receive significant adjustments anytime soon.

While some Best in Slot guides are helpful, others lack context or accuracy, potentially leading to gearing mistakes. Therefore, it's crucial to understand why certain gear pieces are recommended for Ranged Hunters in SoD Phase 2. If you want to get these items faster, be sure to use SoD Gold to equip yourself in advance. This way you can be more confident when completing tasks and killing bosses.

WOW Classic SOD: A Comprehensive Guide To Best-in-Slot Gear Options For Ranged Hunters In Phase 2

Before You Read

Before we get started, there are 2 things you need to note:

  1. It's important to note that melee weaving with either one-handers or a two-hander is currently not viable for maximizing damage output. Consequently, attributes like strength hold no value for ranged builds.
  2. It's essential to acknowledge that the game's optimal builds are still evolving, and Sims may not accurately reflect real-world performance. Thus, there's a possibility of future adjustments and refinements.

Let's delve into the gear specifics. We'll begin with an overview of the best-in-slot gear options for Ranged Hunters in SoD Phase 2, followed by detailed explanations for each piece and alternative options if acquiring the best-in-slot items is challenging.


For the head slot, acquiring the leather crafted piece, Glowing Gneuro-Linked Cowl, is recommended. Its on-use effect is highly valuable, despite being somewhat time-consuming. Obtaining it should be prioritized after the first run of Gnomeregan.

Until then, Artemis Cowl from BFD can be used as a substitute, especially if the on-use effect of Glowing Gneuro-Linked Cowl is on cooldown and you don't require the hit bonus.

WoW SoD Glowing Gneuro-Linked Cowl


For the neck, obtaining the Epic neck (Gnomeregan Peace Officer's Torque & Thermaplugg's Engineering Notes) from Gnomeregan quests is essential. It's guaranteed to drop from the last boss. 

Although there may be significant competition initially, it becomes easier to acquire over time. In the meantime, Sentinel's Medallion from Warsong is a suitable alternative.


Regarding the shoulders, Troggslayer Pauldrons are considered the best in slot. 

Alternatives include Mantle of the Cunning Negotiator from Viscus Fallout and Bonelink Epaulets of Agility, or Revelosh's Spaulders from Uldaman.


Prototype Parachute Cloak is recommended for the cloak slot. Alternatives include Gryphon Cloak of Agility or Blooddrenched Drape from the STV event, which synergizes well with Exposed Weakness. Aim for a plus three agility enchantment on the cloak.


For the chest, Blazewind Breastplate from the Tremors of the Earth questline in Badlands is the optimal choice. 

While the tier chest is acceptable, it's not worth sacrificing agility. Aim for a +2 all stats enchantment on the chest.


Debates surround the choice of bracers. Options include Forest Stalker's Bracers from Warsong Gulch Exalted or Experimental Aim Stabilizers. 

Considering the bonus from Aspect of the Lion, Gnomeregan Bracers often outperform Warsong Bracers due to their higher attack power. 

However, the crit value from the bonus agility must also be considered. A 1-agility enchantment on bracers is recommended.


The glove slot offers flexibility. Ideally, carrying three pairs of gloves is advised. 

Mechanist's Gloves are suitable for mechanical bosses, while Void-Touch Leather Gloves are recommended for non-mechanical encounters. Gauntlet of Divinity serves as an alternative when gloves are on cooldown . 

+5 agility enchantment is preferred for gloves.

WoW SoD Void-Touch Leather Gloves


Darkvision Girdle is frequently used for the belt slot. 

However, for those aiming to maximize DPS rankings, Hyperconductive Goldwrap from engineering can be advantageous if the right buff is obtained.


The choice between Electromantic Chausses legs and Nimble Triprunner Dungarees for the leg slot is subject to debate. 

Considering Aspect of the Lion, forward tier pieces in legs and feet grants a bonus attack power of 57.6 compared to 52 attack power from the tier. Then the consideration arises as to whether you prefer the plus 1% hit chance offered by the tier or the plus 0.7% critical strike chance from the bonus agility of the non-tier option. 

It's important to note that regular bosses are typically of lower level compared to normal boss mobs, so the value of hit chance diminishes slightly in later phases. 

However, the value of intellect should not be underestimated, especially if you can sustain through the entire boss fight without needing to activate Aspect of the Viper.


Regarding boots, the same principle applies. We should aim to equip either the tier boots known as Electromantic Grounding Sabatons or off-agility boots like Bonelink Sabatons of Agility.

As for the enchantment, while Minor Speed provides significant quality of life improvements, for encounters where you can remain stationary, +3 Lesser Agility would enhance your performance.

WoW SoD Electromantic Grounding Sabatons


In terms of rings, it's preferable to opt for two rings with a 10 agility bonus each. 

These could be obtained from items like Ring of the Underwood or Marsh Ring of Agility. Suitable alternatives until then include Pretector's Band, Falcon's Hook, or Ironspine's Eye.


For trinkets, the ideal setup involves Avenger's Void Pearl from BFD and Gyromatic Experiment 420b from the final boss in Gnomeregan. 

In the absence of the Gnomeregan trinket, Tigerblood Talisman can serve as a temporary replacement. Additionally, if you possess the Domesticated Attack Chicken, it should be utilized whenever it's off cooldown.

Ranged Weapons

When it comes to the ranged weapons, prioritizing the Epic gun called Thermaplugg's Custom from the last boss in Gnomeregan is essential. 

Before acquiring this, a viable alternative is to use a 3.0 agility gun like Sniper Rifle of Agility or the crafted gun Mithril Heavy-bore Rifle from engineering if other BoE options are not available.

Melee Weapons

For melee weapons, Vanquisher's Sword and Sentinel's Blade are recommended. 

These weapons offer higher attack power compared to off-agility two-handers. Additionally, using two weapons allows for the application of Dismantle to both, as well as the use of Lesser Wizard Oil.

Serpent Sting scales directly with spell power, and Arcane Shot has a spell power coefficient of 43.5 and 140% critical strike scaling, making the acquisition of bonus spell power highly advantageous.


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