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WOW Classic SOD: These 7 Cooking Consumables In Phase 2 Are Worth Farming!

Posted: Jan 22, 2024

Hello everyone, today I have given you a list of cooking consumables in Phase 2 that you need to target. These consumables are most likely to have the greatest value when the next phase is released. So grab as many recipes as you can, farm for materials, and have them ready as soon as Phase 2 launches, guaranteed to earn you some WOW Classic SOD Gold.

In this guide, I want to provide you with a quick list of cooking consumables that may be of value to you in Phase 2.

These items will probably fetch a decent WoW SoD Gold yield on Auction House. And knowing which items can be farmed directly in the game can give you a slight advantage over other players trying to earn gold early in the next phase.

Keep in mind that these are only items that have value in Phase 2, but there's no way of knowing exactly how much since their prices vary from server to server.

WOW Classic SOD: These 7 Cooking Consumables In Phase 2 Are Worth Farming!

Sagefish Delight

The first item you need to focus on is Sagefish Delight. This is just one tier above Smoked Sagefish we know and love.

This must be of similar value to Healers and Casters. Because Sagefish Delight is a special food that restores Healers and Caster DPS.

Sagefish Delight is usually the most valuable in long, mana-intensive boss encounters. Combined with other items such as Mageblood Potion and Brilliant Mana Oil, even a Caster with normal equipment can have good mana regeneration.

In order to craft this, you’ll need a lot of Raw Greater Sagefish, which can now be farmed in Phase 1. The recipe for this item was obtained from several cooking vendors, such as Naal Mistrunner, Thunder Bluff, and Erika Tate in Stormwind City.

WOW Classic SOD Sagefish Delight

Dragonbreath Chili

Next up is Dragonbreath Chili. The way to get this recipe is relatively specific. In theory, Ogg’marr is sold in Brackenwell Village and Helenia Olden in Theramore.

However, your best bet for getting Dragonbreath Chili is to find a Super-Seller 680 supplier in Desolace. Because this item is in limited supply, Super-Seller usually replenish it quickly. So you don’t have to wait too long.

In order to craft this item, you’ll need Mystery Meat and Small Flame Sac, both of which can now be farmed in Phase 1.

WOW Classic SOD Dragonbreath Chili

Monster Omelet

Next we have Monster Omelet. The recipe for this item is obtained from Malygen vendor in Felwood and from Bale. To craft this item, you will need Giant Eggs and Hot Spices.

Sadly, they aren’t really farmable in Phase 1 because the lowest level creatures that drop them are powerful. So I doubt you’ll be able to farm it properly.

WOW Classic SOD Monster Omelet

Tender Wolf Steak

Our next item is Tender Wolf Steak. You can get the recipe for this item in Innkeeper Fizzgrimble. So getting it now shouldn’t be too much of a problem.

Keep in mind that it sells for about 1 Classic SoD gold, which is a decent amount for Phase 1 of crafting this item. To craft it, you need Tender Wolf Meat, which you can’t actually farm yet because of the higher level of the mobs that drop them.

WOW Classic SOD Tender Wolf Steak

Heavy Kodo Stew

Next, let’s talk about Heavy Kodo Stew. The way to get this recipe is to purchase it through Kireena and Janet Hommers, but there is only about a 20% chance of having it in their inventory. Therefore, your best choice is Vendor-Tron 1000.

To make Heavy Kodo Stew, you’ll need Heavy Kodo Meat, Soothing Spices, and Refreshing Spring Water. The only proper item you need to farm is Heavy Kodo Meat. These only drop from Barrens Giraffe, so in theory you can now farm it as a hunter.

WOW Classic SOD Heavy Kodo Stew

Spiced Chili Crab

Spiced Chili Crab is our next item. This item can be purchased from three different vendors: Banalash in Swamp of Sorrows, Uthok in Stranglethorn Vale, and Kriggon Talsone in Westfall.

But actually, Uthok is your best choice and is accessible to both Alliance and Horde. You will need 10 Tender Crab Meat to complete this craft. It is currently known that this craft can only be formed from three different crabs above level 40. So that’s really not possible at the moment.

WOW Classic SOD Spiced Chili Crab

Spider Sausage

The last item is Spider Sausage. The recipe for this item is naturally obtained by upgrading your cooking skill and is crafted by a level 200 Cooking Trainer.

For this craft, you will need White Spider Meat. The lowest level mobs that drop this item are Darkfang Spider and Doctor Marsh, which are levels 35 to 39. So farming this can be a little difficult. But I bless you with the ability to wipe out their entire population.

WOW Classic SOD Spider Sausage

I hope you enjoyed this quick list of cooking consumables. It may be full of value in the next phase. Maybe this will give you an idea of what items you may want to farm when the next phase is released. As always, enjoy your game!


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