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WOW Classic SOD: Every Warrior Should Know About These Basic Macros

Posted: Jan 23, 2024

Let’s get straight to the point with regards to some Warrior macros in WoW Classic Season of Discovery. A lot of you have been asking about my specific macros and other macros as well, so I’m literally just going to list some and talk about them a little bit here and there. Now keep in mind these are just your basic macros for new players to use.

Now, before we start, if you want the macro to have the same tooltip picture as the ability you’re using in the macro, like you have a macro for Shield Wall, for example, put #showtooltip Shield Wall first before you start typing the macro.

For those new Warrior players, don't forget to bring enough WoW SOD Gold. We do not know what will happen during the gameplay.

WOW Classic SOD: Every Warrior Should Know About These Basic Macros

Heroic Strike & Cleave

So let’s start with some basic ones like Heroic Strike and Cleave. We’re going to go:

  • For Heroic Strike: /cast Heroic Strike and /startattack
  • For Cleave: /cast Cleave and /startattack

Now, the reason why do we do startattack after casting the ability is because we want the spell to be activated before your attack goes off.

Charge & Intercept

For some more basic ones for abilities like Charge and Intercept, we’re going to do:

  • For Charge: /startattack and /cast Battle Stance and /cast Charge
  • For Intercept: /startattack and /cast Berserker Stance and /cast Intercept

Battle Stance

Another situation is where you’re in Battle Stance, just tanking a 5-man dungeon, but you’re basically just DPSing it and you get a Revenge proc that you want to use, but you need to be in Defensive Stance to use it. But you also want to swap right back to Battle Stance after that. So, all we’ll do is: /startattack, /cast Defensive Stance, /cast Revenge, and /cast Battle Stance.

Or if you want to go into a mob pack and get your initial threat with your Demoralizing Shout. Let’s do: /startattack and /cast Demoralizing Shout and /cast Defensive Stance.

Switch Weapons

Now, the most important set of macros for me, at least personally, and for a lot of new players that ask questions, is switching weapons during the middle of combat, whether it’s to a shield or back to your 2-hander or dual wield. It’s actually quite simple.

If you’re in the middle of DPSing a boss, your tank goes down, and you need to pick it up immediately with the taunt, this is a macro that I use: /equip slot 17 Name of the Shield, /equip slot 16 Name of the Weapon, /cast Offensive Stance, and /cast Taunt.

Another situation could be your dual-wielding tanking a boss. They enrage, they take a huge chunk of your health, so you panic and you need a Shield Wall. You would do: /equip slot 17 Name of the Shield, /equip slot 16 Name of the Weapon, /cast Defensive Stance, and /cast Shield Wall.

You could also do the same with just Shield Block instead of Shield Wall. So, just swap out /cast Shield Wall with /cast Shield Block.

Now, /equip slot 17 is your Shield slot, and /equip 16 is your main-hand weapon slot. So, if you wanted to swap to dual wield, you basically do the same thing with /equip slot 17 and the weapon name, and /equip slot 16 with the weapon name.

If you wanted to go back to just a 2-handed weapon, you’d simply put /equip slot 16 and the weapon name. You wouldn’t have to do /equip slot 17 because it’s a 2-hander.

An Interesting Macro

Here’s an interesting macro that I keep in my back pocket for dungeon and PVP scenarios. It’s using a Fear and then bandaging right away just in case. Let’s say your healer CC or your healer died, and you just need to get some health. You would do: /cast Intimidating Shout and then /cast Name of the Bandage.


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