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WOW Classic SOD: Don't Forget To Check Out These 3 Things Of Hunters For Phase 2 - Pet Abilities, Equipment & Bag Slots

Posted: Jan 25, 2024

We are only 2 weeks away from WoW Season of Discovery Phase 2, so here’s a quick checklist to make sure that you’re up to date on your Hunter preparation. For Phase 2, it’s more than just banking quests, getting gear, and farming gold. There are other things I’ve noticed many other Hunters forgetting to do. Namely, I’ve seen other Hunters using lower rank versions of their pet abilities, so let’s cover where to tame the highest rank abilities for your pet.

WOW Classic SOD: Don't Forget To Check Out These 3 Things Of Hunters For Phase 2 - Pet, Gear & Bag Slot

Pet Abilities

We’ll start with Bite, as both Cats and Wind Serpents can learn this ability. The easiest way to get Bite rank 4 is from Giant Wetlands Crocolisk at Level 25. If you’re using a Cat or a Bear, you’ll want to head to Ashenvale to tame an Elder Ashenvale Bear to learn Claw rank 4. And if you’re using a Wind Serpent, make sure you tame the Cloud Serpent in Thousand Needles for Lightning Breath rank 3.

If you’re planning on using a different pet, such as Owls, you may only have access to rank 1 of their spells. Also, I suggest unlocking all 3 stable slots but only keeping 2 pets. You will need the third slot available to tame new pets for higher rank abilities at Level 32 and more, closer to Level 40.


Now let’s talk about gear. Obviously, it’s ideal to run BFD and try to get your BiS items, but if you’re struggling to obtain certain drops, here are a few easy-to-grab quest items that could go a long way. Void Touch Leather Gloves is the single best piece of gear that you can get without worrying about RNG or paying huge amounts of SOD Gold. If you don’t have these already, I highly suggest you work towards them and get your Leatherworking up, as it’s extremely valuable for hunters throughout Season of Discovery.

For chest pieces, Alliance can do the Defias Brotherhood quest in Westfall for the Tunic of Westfall, and for the Horde, they can do the Den in Stonetalon Mountains for Panther Armor. Now, these are obviously worse than the Twilight Slayer's Tunic, but at least they’re tied to quests, so you’re guaranteed to get them if you’re struggling to find a good chest piece.

Both factions have solid belt options tied to quests as well. Alliance can get the Windborne Belt from a Highperch Venom quest that starts in Darnassus, while Horde can get the Deftkin Belt, which comes from a quest in Ashenvale.

One item that’s exclusive to the Alliance is the Quiver of the Night Watch, which comes from the Night Watch quest chain in Duskwood and gives 12 slots with 11% attack speed. And for Horde, we all get Heavy Quivers at Level 30, which gives 14 slots and 12% attack speed, so make sure you craft that at Level 30.

Bag Slots

Now, as a Hunter, I’m always struggling with bag space while questing because we lose an entire bag slot for our arrows or ammunition. 10-slot bags are super cheap. That’s the bare minimum. But you can also get a Darkmoon Storage Box, which isn’t that bad, and I highly recommend grabbing one if you can afford it. Even more, grab yourself a Journeyman’s Backpack for about 30 gold.

We’ve got 2 weeks left to prepare for Phase 2, and I can’t wait to see what kind of runes Blizzard will be adding. Supposedly, there’ll be 18 more runes added to each class throughout Season of Discovery, so let me know which runes you would like to see the most.


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