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WOW Classic SOD: 7 Quests You Should Prioritize In Phase 2!

Posted: Jan 26, 2024

Here, I want to give you a short list of tasks to help you earn some sweet rewards in Season of Discovery Phase 2!

This list is in no particular order. It’s the quests that I think are worthwhile, as well as some that you may have accidentally missed while leveling up. These quests may be useful for you as you level up or reach the maximum level in Phase 2.

I decided not to include dungeon quests in this list because I don’t think they are necessary and the information for these quests is easier to grasp. I decided to focus more on quests that might otherwise be missed or lost in the pool of world quests that Phase 2 offers.

WOW Classic SOD: 7 Quests You Should Prioritize In Phase 2!

1. Rescue OOX-22/FE Quest

Now let’s take a look at the list, starting with Rescue OOX-22/FE Quest. This is an escort quest that starts in Feralas and ends in Stranglethorn Vale.

This is a tough quest and you can start this quest at level 40. However, the recommended level is level 45, so I definitely recommend teaming up for this quest.

You can choose from one of two rewards for this quest. One is Cloak with +3 Intelligence, 10 Spirit, Chainlink Towel. The other is a Leather Shoulder with +10 Strength and 10 Agility, Failed Flying Experiment. This is huge for Feral and Rogue and the main reason we chose it.

WOW Classic SOD Rescue OOX-22/FE Quest

2. Big Game Hunter

The next quest on our list is Big Game Hunter in Stranglethorn Vale. Big Game Hunter Quest is the ultimate quest in Stranglethorn Vale’s never-ending Killing Spring series. You can start taking on this quest as early as level 28, but the recommended level is level 41.

There are two ranged weapons you can get from this quest: a bow and a gun. Both are very similar. The only difference is that the speed of the bow is 2.4 and the speed of the gun is 2.6. If you were very unlucky in Phase 1 and didn’t get a ranged weapon drop, these might make up for it at least a little.

WOW Classic SOD Big Game Hunter

3. Panther Mastery

Our next quest is directly related to the previous mission, as you need to complete this mission to get Big Game Hunter, which is Panther Mastery.

This quest is available at level 28, but the recommended level is 38. Completing this quest will give you a nice pair of pants, Panther Hunter Leggings.

WOW Classic SOD Panther Mastery

4. Mazen’s Behest

The next mission is an Alliance-exclusive mission, which is Mazen’s Behest. This quest has become a little infamous for having so many adds. You can get this quest at level 37, but level 39 is the recommended level for this quest.

You can choose one of the two rewards. One is Cloth Armor with +1 stamina and 12 intelligence, Teacher’s Sash. The other is the +5 Strength and 10 Agility boots, Wanderlust Boots.

WOW Classic SOD Mazen’s Behest

5. Deliver To MacKinley

Next up is the mission on Tanaris, Deliver to MacKinley. This quest can be completed at level 40 and will give you some pretty decent loot and a generous amount of WOW Classic SOD Gold.

You can choose one of the two rewards. One is Cloth Armor with +10 Strength and 9 Stamina, Swashbuckler Sash, which might be good for a Warlock Tank. There is also a powerful pair of Plate Boots, Shinkicker Boots, which give you +10 Strength and 9 Agility, which is huge for DPS Warriors.

WOW Classic SOD Deliver To MacKinley

6. Murdaloc

Now we have another Alliance exclusive mission. If you’ve played Season of Mastery, many of you may know about this quest, and that’s Murdaloc. This is a quest in Badlands. You can start this quest as early as level 30, but the recommended level is level 40.

However, if you find a group of people to help you early on, you can gain access to a powerful weapon, Rock Pulverizer. It has high top damage, slow swing speed, and a whopping 34 attack power. This is definitely the best weapon choice for Alliance players.

WOW Classic SOD Murdaloc

7. Death From Below

For our last quest, we have Death from Below in Arathi Highlands. You can easily complete this solo at level 35, which is exceptional.

The reward for completing this mission is that you get to choose one of two rings. One is Coldwater Ring with +3 Intelligence and 9 Spirit. But what we want is the old Seafire Band, a Ring that provides 2 points of Strength, 2 points of Agility, and a whopping 10 points of Stamina.

WOW Classic SOD Death From Below

These are some of the quest I think you should aim for in Season of Discovery Phase 2. These missions will bring you generous rewards and help you have an advantage over other players in the early stages of Phase 2!


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