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WOW Classic SOD: How To Do This All-Class & Leveling-Friendly Spider’s Silk Solo Farming?

Posted: Jan 29, 2024

In this new guide, we will talk about solo farming Spider’s Silk in WoW Classic Season of Discovery. This farm can be done by every class, and you can do this even while leveling. The mobs we are killing are between Level 17 up to Level 20. I have leveled my Hunter from Level 18 to Level 22, and that brought me a decent amount of gold. The mobs are hyper-spawning, and there is plenty to kill even if you’re not alone.

WOW Classic SOD: How To Do This All-Class & Leveling-Friendly Spider’s Silk Solo Farming?


Let’s dive into the location of this farm. It is in Stonetalon Mountains, south of Sun Rock Retreat, which makes it easier for the Horde. This small valley is filled with a lot of spiders since there are 3 quests for the spot. The mobs respawn very fast. Most players will ask why I farm Spider’s Silk in this spot. The drop rate is only 3% to 5% from these mobs. This really has to be admitted.

However, this spot has 2 advantages. First of all, we have almost instant respawn, which means we don’t have to move very much. The second advantage is that these mobs are low level, so we can kill more in 1 hour with almost no downtime.


I found that the most WoW SOD Gold comes from Spider’s Silk, but the prices may vary on your server. So make sure to check your auction house first or wait till the prices go up before you sell them.

The second item is very niche, the Small Venom Sacs. This item is used in First Aid to skill up from 80 to at least 115. Depending on the day, I sell them from 1 to 3 silver. But if they are too cheap at the auction house, you can craft Anti-Venom with them and sell it to the vendor.

WOW Classic SOD Anti-Venom

The third group of items we are looking for are greens to disenchant and sell the materials at the auction house. But I sold the greens to the vendor for a lower amount of gold just to make sure the gold per hour is not too high.


I farmed this on my Hunter for an hour. After 30 minutes, I had to run back and sell stuff to get more backspace. I included this time running back and forth into the hour of farming because your inventory will fill up quickly. I still managed to kill more than 260 mobs in 1 hour.

From 1 hour of farming, I made 2 gold and 60 silver, raw by selling the gray, white, and green items to the vendor. The 12 Spider’s Silks I sold for 40 silver a piece, that’s 4 gold and 80 silver. The Small Venom Sacs I had 25 of them, and I crafted them into Anti-Venom and sold them for 20 silver to the vendor.

So this comes to totally 7 gold and 60 silver for 1 hour of farming. Disenchanting the green items probably brings you more gold, but I wanted to give you the lowest amount of gold by just vendoring everything.

It can be seen from this. The Spider’s Silk farming is well worth a try in WoW Season of Discovery.


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