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WOW Classic SOD: Farm These 8 High-Value Items To Help You Get Gold Easily!

Posted: Jan 20, 2024

Today I want to show you 8 items that you can currently farm in Phase 1 to sell immediately or store up gold for Phase 2. These items all have fairly high values and high sell-through rates, and have proven successful for me in crafting gold.

Note that this is just a quick note. This list is in no particular order. They are all more valuable than the others and are all worth farming.

WOW Classic SOD: Farm These 8 High-Value Items To Help You Get Gold Easily!

Tender Crocolisk Meat

Number one on the list is Tender Crocolisk Meat. They currently cost 11 silver on my server. It can be used to craft Heavy Crocolisk Stew that quickly restores Stamina and Spirit.

You can get Tender Crocolisk Meat by killing and looting Crocolisks in the nearby Marsh area. You can also farm it in Stranglethorn Vale, but the level is probably too high at the moment.

WOW Classic SOD Tender Crocolisk Meat


In the second place is Fadeleaf. This item currently costs 16 silver and will probably only increase. Since it is used to craft Blinding Powder, this is an item that Rogue build requires for the blend of abilities they will unlock in Phase 2.

Fadeleaf is found throughout Arathi Highlands. In Swamp of Sorrows, it’s in the same area as Blindweed west of Sunken Temple, but more concentrated in the eastern 1/3 of the area. They spawn in multiple areas and you need to have 160 Herbalism to collect this herb. So you need to be Tauren to find this item.

WOW Classic SOD Fadeleaf


Third is our Swiftthistle. The current price on my server is 23 silver. The value of this item will not decrease for the time being, as it can be used to make Thistle Tea, which helps Rogue regain energy. Therefore, this item should be farmable and profitable throughout Season of Discovery.

And the supply of this item may drop in Phase 2, so start stocking up on these items now to get WOW Classic SOD Gold easily!

You can get Swiftthistle by collecting Briarthorn, or Mageroyal or buying it from Auction House. But when you buy Swiftthistle in bulk, the price can easily reach several gold.

You can also choose herbalism and farm Briarthorn and Mageroyal. Because Swiftthistle is not a standalone herb in its own right, it does have a chance to drop from Briarthorn and Mageroyal. However, Briarthorn has a slightly higher chance of dropping it than Mageroyal.

WOW Classic SOD Swiftthistle

Large Fang

Fourth, we have Large Fang. This item will be used to craft Great Rage Potion in Phase 2. This item currently costs 14 silver on my server. Because people are trying to stock up on Large Fang in order to blow up the auction house when Phase 2 releases, its price may increase slightly.

To farm Large Fang, focus on the creatures with the highest drop rate per kill. My best advice so far is to go to Stranglethorn Vale and get it from Raptors. Therefore, we recommend combining this farm with an already profitable location, as we did in Phase 1.

WOW Classic SOD Large Fang


Ranked fifth is Goldthorn, which currently sells for 30 silver a piece. This item will be used in many valuable ultimate recipes in Phase 2, such as Elixir of Agility, Greater Mana Potion, and more. So now farming it and storing it is basically just easy money.

The trick here is that you need 170 Herbalism to collect these herbs, and the only way to get that level in Phase 1 is to go through Tauren and have Herbalist’s Gloves.

WOW Classic SOD Goldthorn

Grave Moss

In sixth place is Grave Moss, worth 23 silver. It can be used to create a Shadow Protection Potion and Elixir of Coalesced Regret. But over time, the value of this item is bound to decrease.

Still, farming it while it’s still widely used is a reliable way to earn some gold before Phase 2 releases.

This item is easiest to farm in Duskwood. However, this may be difficult for Horde players, as it is located in Alliance zone.

WOW Classic SOD Grave Moss

Wild Steelbloom

Now comes the final herb on this list, Wild Steelbloom at number seven. Its current market value is 10 silver. It is used in some current Elixir of Greater Defense productions.

This item will continue to have value and may even increase in Phase 2, because it will be used in some valuable recipes. I have found the most success in cultivating this herb in Stonetalon Mountains and Stranglethorn Vale.

WOW Classic SOD Wild Steelbloom

Heavy Stone

Now our last item is Heavy Stone, which is currently worth 19 Silver. This item is used to craft Heavy Weightstone and Heavy Sharpening Stone. And players also need Heavy Stone to improve their Blacksmithing level in Phase 2. So, keeping some of them in the bank can help you make money easily.

You can apparently get Heavy Stone from Iron Ore. However, Iron Ore also has a lot of value at the moment, at 6.5 Silver. And as players require large amounts of Heavy Stone to upgrade to the next stage of Blacksmithing, its value will only rise.

WOW Classic SOD Heavy Stone

You can now focus on farming this list of 8 items in order to make a healthy profit. Good luck!


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