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WOW Classic SOD: Check Out These 5 Essential Tips To Prepare For Phase 2

Posted: Jan 20, 2024

Phase 2 for WoW Season of Discovery is right around the corner on February 8th. I thought it would be a good time to give you 5 things you can do to be prepared and hit the ground running for the next level cap. Some of these ideas are just for convenience, while some of them will make you some serious gold. So, let’s roll!

WOW Classic SOD: Check Out These 5 Essential Tips To Prepare For Phase 2

1. Grab Flight Paths

For my first suggestion, you should grab the flight paths if you are a Horde player. There are tons of people out there who are offering summons for 50 Silver to 1 SOD Gold. The reason why these flight paths are important is that it connects the Horde flight path throughout the whole continent of the Eastern Kingdoms.

That way, you can get from Undercity to Booty Bay or Grom’gol if you wish to do so on one trip. You’ll be using these flight paths pretty often anyway as you’ll be leveling in Arathi Highlands, Stranglethorn Vale, Badlands, and potentially Swamp of Sorrows. Also, don’t forget to grab your other flight paths as well, like Desolace, Tanaris, and Arathi Highlands.

2. Farm Goldthorn

My next tip goes to the Flower-Pickers, and that is to farm as much Goldthorn as you possibly can. Goldthorn will be an extremely high commodity because it is a main material for a lot of potions that will be used in the next phase, not only for leveling, but also for the next raid. Some of the potions Goldthorn is used for are Arcane Elixir, Elixir of Agility, Elixir of Fortitude, Greater Mana Potions, Lesser Stoneshield Potions, and Restorative Potions.

A lot of useful stat elixirs as well as useful raid consumables like Stoneshield and Restorative Potions. Luckily for you, Goldthorn can be found in quite a few different areas. Stranglethorn Vale, Swamp of Sorrows, Badlands, and Feralas, just to name a few zones where you can find this herb. You can actually farm this herb in Razorfen Downs and Scarlet Monastery as well.

3. Fish For Winter Squid

Another profession suggestion I have is Winter Squid for fishing. Now, you can actually fish this item in Phase 1, but it’ll be much easier in Phase 2. Winter Squid can be cooked into Grilled Squid, which actually gives you 10 Agility for 10 minutes, a huge food for the min-maxers. Now, the interesting thing about Winter Squid is that it can only be consistently farmed in the winter months. You should be able to farm this squid until about March 20th.

WoW Classic SOD Grilled Squid

However, I would farm this squid as much as possible because by the time the next level phase comes out past Level 40, you’re going to have tons of squid to sell. You’re going to make a ton of gold for Phase 2, and it’s not even going to be the winter month, so it’s not as obtainable. You are going to have a high monopoly on this squid. My favorite spot to farm this squid is at Steamwheedle Port in Tanaris, but you can also use Feralas or Stranglethorn Vale.

4. Have Dungeon Group

My next tip is to have a dungeon group ready. Chances are the fastest way to level will be spamming Scarlet Monastery once again. And with the gear we’re getting from BFD, you could realistically start spamming Graveyard at Level 28 or even Level 26-27. If you’re a Healer, try to form a decent composition for a good XP per hour ratio. I know you want to play with your friends, but leveling is more important. So obviously, classes like a Mage, Priest, Warrior with Windfury would be optimal choices for people to have in your group.

5. Save Wicked Claws

My last suggestion is to save your Wicked Claws. You can actually make quite a bit of gold off of these claws for one sole purpose: the Wolfshead Helmet. The helmet requires 8 of them, and this helmet is BIS for all Feral Druids. With an enormous increase of Feral Druids in the game, whether they’re main or alts, you could make some serious gold off of these claws.

Another reason you can make some serious gold is that it’ll actually be a kind of difficult to farm these claws. Most of the drop rate and places for these claws are high-level areas. The only opportunity you really have is some Raptors in Dustwallow Marsh or Stranglethorn Vale. So for the first month of this next upcoming phase, you could make gold by selling these claws.


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