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WOW Classic SOD: A Quick Guide On How To Find This 5 Paladin Runes In Elwynn Forest

Posted: Jan 19, 2024

Let me guide you through Elwynn Forest to find some important Paladin runes in WoW Classic Season of Discovery: Seal of Martyrdom, Aegis, Inspiration Exemplar, Rebuke, and Crusader Strike! Please prepare for sufficient WOW SOD Gold in advance in case you encounter some difficulties in this adventure.

WOW Classic SOD: A Quick Guide On How To Find This 5 Paladin Runes In Elwynn Forest

Crusader Strike

In order to get Crusader Strike, you’re going to get a quest called Consecrated Letter in your starting area. Once you’ve picked up that quest, you’re going to head over to the Northshire. From there, you’re going to kill Defias. And then they’ll drop Librum of Judegment. Make sure to equip that librum because if you don’t, you won’t be able to get the next part done. Once you’ve equipped it, each time that you do Judgment, you’ll get a buff. After you do this 10 times, you’ll then get Crusader Strike.


Make your way to the end of Jasperload Mines. Once you’re at this mine, you’re going to head all the way over into the back where the spiders are at. Cast Purify on the Wounded Adventurer and then talk to them. After that, you’ll get Aegis.

Inspiration Exemplar

When it comes to find the Inspiration Exemplar rune, you can head over into the east of Jerod's Landing in Elwynn Forest. You’re going to find Adventurer Remains. Now the hard part about this quest is you’re going to need a friend, and it requires 2 in order to summon it. So good luck with that, but once you find a friend, you’ll then summon it. It’ll summon a ghost. You beat the crap out of the ghost, and it’ll drop the rune. Then you’ll have Inspiration Exemplar.


For the Rebuke rune, you need to head over to the Park district in Stormwind City. From there, talk to the bartender, Liv Bradford at this bar, and she’ll tell you about there is a patron that needs to be taken care of. Bust out your mallet and get ready to fight a drunk man Stuart over in the corner. Once you have beaten him, return back to talk with the Liv Bradford to let her know that her bar is now calm and safe, and then you’ll get the Rebuke rune.

Seal Of Martyrdom

To start the Seal of Martyrdom quest, first you will go to Brother Ramulus over in the Cathedral of Light in Stormwind City. Once you’ve talked to him, he’ll tell you about something weird going on in the basement. Head off into the basement to the lowest part over to the ledge.

WoW Classic SOD Seal of Martyrdom Rune

Once you’ve grabbed the note from there, you’re going to want to head all the way over to this little island that is in between Duskwood, Westfall, and Elwynn Forest. From there, you’re going to confront the Ada Gelhardt, and you’ll have to beat her up. Then, after you beat her up, make sure to talk to her, and you’ll get the Seal of Martyrdom.

Above are the 5 Paladin runes that you could find in Elwynn Forest. If you follow my step, you will get them easily.


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