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WOW Classic SOD: A Complete Mage AoE Leveling And Farming Guide - Talents, Runes, Gear, Rotation, Race & Grind Spots

Posted: Jan 19, 2024

Looking to tackle hordes of mobs on your own, amass SOD Gold, and become the quickest leveler in WoW Season of Discovery? While some might think it's too good to be true, I say, welcome to the Mage AOE guide!

WOW Classic SOD: A Complete Mage AoE Leveling And Farming Guide - Talents, Runes, Gear, Rotation, Race & Grind Spots


You'll be putting all of your points into Arcane for this build.

  • Put 5 points in Arcane Focus, which is the most important talent because it increases the hit chance of your Living Flame.
  • Put 5 points in Arcane Concentration. Arcane Concentration to proc Clear Casting will let you cast spells for zero Mana.
  • Put 3 points Improved Arcane Explosion for more damage.
  • Put 1 point in Arcane Resilience for more armor.
  • Put 1 point in Arcane Subtlety.
  • Put 1 point in Arcane Meditation for the 5% Mana regeneration.
  • Put 1 point in Wand Secialization.
  • Put 1 point in Improve Mana Shield.


The 3 runes you'll be using for this build are Living Bomb, Regeneration, and Living Flame.

Living Flame is easy to get at level 7, but Living Bomb and Regeneration you might want to level your character to level 12 first. Or you can get some help and bring along a higher level friend who can help you get it sooner.

You may even have some luck asking someone nearby for help. But be warned, if you go to get this rune, you have to kill level 14 mobs in order to get it.

Rested XP is a very helpful addon that has all the rune locations built into it. I highly recommend downloading this addon if you're interested in where you can get all the runes for your class.

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We're primarily stacking intellect, stamina, and spell power.

While you're leveling, I recommend purchasing green of the Eagle Gear off the Auction House to give you more stamina and intellect.

At level 25, proceed to aim for the BiS gear in the raid:

  • Rakkamar's Tattered Thinking Cap
  • Jagged Bone Necklace
  • Invoker's Mantle
  • Flowing Scarf
  • Twilight Invoker's Robes
  • Fingerbone Bracers
  • Rod of the Ancient Sleepwalker
  • Black Fingerless Gloves
  • Invoker's Cord
  • Soul Leech Pants
  • Extraplanar Spidersilk Boots
  • Signet of the Twilight Lord
  • Lorekeeper's Ring
  • Invoker's Void Pearl
  • Rune of Perfection
  • Deadlight


Cast Regeneration before the pull. You only need one tick of it, so there's no need to channel the full duration. Living Bomb 5 to 6 different targets and then cast Living Flame. Jiggle the targets back and forth to make sure all of them have the Living Flame debuff while casting Arcane Explosions. If you do this right, you should heal back all the damage that you're taking and kill all the enemies before they start running away.

Now let's talk about pulling 2 different camps together. Cast Regeneration before the pull. You should Living Bomb 2 to 3 targets from one side and start running towards the other side. Use Frost Nova when these mobs get close to you to stall them in place and reset the leash. Cast Living Bomb on 2 to 3 more targets from the other side and then run towards the middle. Then, Living Flame and do the jiggle back and forth while Arcane exploding. This technique is a little more advanced but it will allow you to pull more enemies so you can level up quicker.


Troll for the Alliance because of the increased intellect and troll for the Horde because of Berserking, which essentially gives you more haste.

Grind Spots

Most of the easy hyperspawn spots are in the Alliance side, so Horde might have some trouble.

Here's a list of all the grind spots that Mages can use to level up quickly in classic World of Warcraft.

  1. 10-14 Murlocs (Elwynn Forest)
  2. 14-20 Crabs (Westfall)
  3. 20-25 Knowles (Wetlands)

Just remember that some of these farm spots in the open world might be contested by other Mages, so you might have to try and layer hop or just take turns farming with them if the spot is in a hyperspawn location.


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