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WOW Classic SOD: One Thing To Do Before Phase 2 Starts To Get A Head Start! - Reputation Grind To Exalted

Posted: Jan 19, 2024

The developers have finally announced that Season of Discovery Phase 2 will arrive on February 8th. This also gives players more time to prepare for its arrival.

To help you prepare for the next SoD phase of WOW Classic, allowing you to level up faster and dive deeper into exciting content, we’re going to cover the single most important thing to do before Phase 2 goes live. Mastering it can help you get a head start before moving on to the next phase! Without further ado, let’s get started!

One Thing To Do Before SOD Phase 2

The only thing you should do is to upgrade this faction reputation to Exalted!

There are two dominant factions in Ashenvale that provide reputation and rewards to PVP players. Horde can gain a reputation through Warsong Outriders, while Alliance players can be matched through Silverwing Sentinels.

Not only because you get these good items to help you upgrade your character to 30+ early, but when you reach level 40, you will also get generous WOW Classic SOD Gold as well as some exclusive items as a reward!

If you want to unlock exclusive rewards and move up the rankings as quickly as possible, here’s what you need to do.

WOW Classic SOD: One Thing To Do Before Phase 2 Starts To Get A Head Start! - Reputation Grind To Exalted

Reputation Grind To Revered

To do this, you need to travel to Ashenvale and pay attention to this Battle for Ashenvale Progress prompt on the map screen. When the progress of each faction activity reaches 100%, the activity will start!

In this case, there are three Lieutenants on each side, and killing one of them in these map locations will net you 400 reputation points!

Reputation gain depends on your faction’s performance in this event, but is usually around 400 to 2,000 Reputation! You can do this until your faction reputation reaches Revered!

WOW Classic SOD: Reputation Changes In Phase 2

Reputation Grind To Exalted

From here, things get a little trickier. Because the only way to gain a reputation at this point is to actually play WSG and go back and find those Warsong Outrider Marks.

You’ll get 1 WSG point when you lose, and 3 when you win! You need at least 3 points to return, which gives you 100 faction reputation!

Good Tip To Help The Grind

Here’s a good grinding tip that you can do every week on every reset.

When you reach Revered in a faction, you will only grind for WSG. But in fact, you should also take part in Ashenvale event that resets every week and select quest items from the elite mobs spawned during Ashenvale event.

Marking a monster and killing it is enough to earn a special WSG Mark to begin your faction’s quest! You just click on the marker and accept the task, now you can return to it!

For Alliance, the name of the quest giver is Felore Moonray. You can find her in Ashenvale.

For Horde, the quest giver’s name is Kazragore, and he can be found in the inn at Splinter tree Post.

WoW Classic SOD: The Simplest Way To Farm Reputation

After the weekly reset, you’ll earn 1,000 reputation points every week! If you start now, you can complete it 4 times before Season of Discovery Phase 2, which will be a no-brainer for 4,000 reputation!

We hope you found this WOW Classic SOD tip helpful and enjoy the upcoming Season of Discovery Phase 2!


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