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WOW Classic SOD: The Best Strategies To Help You Accumulate Gold In Phase 2! - Open World, Solo Dungeon & AFK Gold Farm

Posted: Mar 18, 2024

Fellow adventurers, are you busy taking advantage of Discoverer’s Delight Exp Buff to level up and take on new challenges after the level cap? The new collection of epic equipment, mounts, and consumables discovered in Neron raids may surprise you, but the hidden costs of these loots will definitely leave you overwhelmed.

This is where my Gold Farming Guide for WOW Classic SOD comes in. I’ve been exploring and testing a range of gold farming methods in Azeroth, so in this guide, let’s reveal the best gold makers in Season of Discovery Phase 2!

We’re going to look at three of my current favorite open world gold makers to get consistent gold to pay for all your expenses. We’ll then discuss solo gold farming in some of the most challenging dungeons. Finally, we will delve into the secrets of AFK gold makers to help you make huge WOW Classic SOD Gold profits without putting in too much effort. Now, let’s get started!

WOW Classic SOD: The Best Strategies To Help You Accumulate Gold In Phase 2! - Open World, Solo Dungeon & AFK Gold Farm

All Open World Gold Farming Methods

Let’s start by looking at open world farming.

Ogres Of Feralas

My third favorite place is Ogres of Feralas. The mobs here will melt like butter so you can always keep your world buffs going.

This is a safer farming spot than most open world farms. You can earn 6-8 gold per hour here, mainly because of their Mageweave and random Greens drops.

In addition, you also have a good chance of getting high-level crates, such as White Bandit Mask crate, which may bring a profit of 9 gold.

Come here when there are fewer people, it’s a very pleasant farming spot. But remember, as the number of people here goes up, your profits will go down very fast.

WOW Classic SOD: Ogres of Feralas

Witherbark Troll

Next, let’s talk about Witherbark Troll farm, which is similar to Ogres of Feralas in that the major drops are Mageweave and raw gold.

Fortunately, it’s far less crowded, but the captured mobs are scarier. Mageweave Cloth, Troll Tribal Necklace and Greens are relatively common drops here.

Basically, you get 7-9 gold every hour on this farm, and if you use a fast-killing character like Hunter like me, your profits can be even more. Of course, any crates you acquire can net you additional gold.

Firemane Dragonkin

Now let’s talk about my favorite open world farm, Firemane Dragonkin, which is amazing for a level 30 range character.

Besides some perfect greens, I also got several Waylaid Supply crates from this farm, easily earning 8-10 gold per hour.

The only downside to farming Firemane Dragonkin is that running away is bad if someone decides to fight you, so I had to throw in a reward here.

Solo Dungeon Farm

Now that we’ve discussed open world farming, let’s talk about my favorite solo dungeon farm.

The first is Cathedral farming. You need a Mage or Hunter. Mage can do a 10-minute full clean, and Hunter can do a 12-minute full clean. You can earn around 25 gold per hour, and you’ll also can sell additional epics and valuable Greens on Auction House.

Another one of my favorite solo dungeons is Uldaman. The 30 gold per hour payoff is powerful, and you also can obtain a variety of rare and expensive items. And running this dungeon only takes you three or four nights to get Mage or Hunter to level 40.

WOW Classic SOD: Solo Dungeon Farm

AFK Gold Farming

Killing mobs for gold is great, but what if I told you that there are even more profitable gold makers hidden in your favorite city? Let’s talk about some exciting ways to farm AFK gold.

Using Auctionator Addon

The first lucrative AFK gold makers were just for crafting items. I’m sure you already know that. However, if there was a way to instantly check every profitable craft and every Waylaid Supply crate in the game, it would make this method of farming much more efficient. And this addon can do this.

First, you need to grab Auctionator from CurseForge. This is a very simple auction application. You need to import all content lists from Shopping List tab. Then run the list by pressing the search button, export the results and copy them to the data import section of the worksheet to get the latest price data.

Now you can easily learn which crafts are profitable and which ones should be avoided, even for Waylaid Supply.

As for the crafting itself, I definitely recommend crafting a variety of items to keep sales going. In my case, I usually focus on Cooking, Engineering and Tailoring.

That being said, Alchemy is also a huge profit driver, but very few players have that profession. As you upgrade more alts, be sure to consider choosing a profession to maximize profits rather than minimize raid performance. If you are serious, you can make hundreds of gold profits every day. Therefore, I highly recommend this approach.

WoW SoD Best Addons For Fast Leveling and Gold

Crate Gambling

Finally, let’s move on to another AFK gold maker, Crate Gambling. It’s a fun and risky way to make money, especially on a server with a large population like Crusader Strike.

If you are a Hardcore fan, you probably know about Wastewander Water Pouch, which is a quest item that drops from Bandits and is used in most quests that people do, such as Water Pouch Bounty.

There is a repeatable aspect to this quest, in that you can turn in five Pouches to receive a Care Package. Care Package will almost always include Moonberry Juice and maybe some Pumpkin. It also has a slight chance of getting a Healing and Mana Potion.

But the real draw is that it may include Scroll of Strength III. This is the scroll used by Top Parsing Warriors on the largest servers, who are willing to pay up to 15 gold per scroll on raid reset day.

Remember, this is not a gamble for the faint of heart. Sometimes you need hundreds of Care Packages to get even one Scroll.

The above is what I know about the best gold makers in WOW Classic SOD Phase 2. I would love to know what your current favorite gold making method is. If you have a better way to farm gold, please share it!


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