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WOW Classic SOD: A Quick Guide For Rogue To Complete The Gnomeregan Raid In Phase 2

Posted: Mar 14, 2024

There is a Rogue Gnomeregan dungeon raid guide covering all you need to know jumping into the raid. It Includes details on talents, consumables, buffs, and enchants essential for Gnomeregan in WoW Season of Discovery Phase 2. My aim is for you to feel comfortable and confident once you step inside Gnomeregan.

WOW Classic SOD: A Quick Guide For Rogue To Complete The Gnomeregan Raid In Phase 2

Talents & Runes

The first thing we’re going to be covering is the talents and runes. I feel like this is the best spec you could go into normal Rogue with at the moment. So what you’re going to want to do is put 26 points into Assassination and 5 points into Subtlety.

As for the runes, you’re going to want to use Deadly Brew for the chest, Mutilate for the hands, Shadow Step for the waist, and Venom for the legs. For the feet, use Master of Subtlety. This build, mixed in with the poison damage, is going to be really good for the mobs in normal case, especially since they have such high armor value. So this is a great spec and talent to run.


Next, I'll be covering the consumables and buffs you’ll be needing. In WoW Classic, we will be stacking up on lots of consumes. So be prepared to spend some gold unless you are farming these materials. The first consumable that you will definitely be needing is Elixir of Agility. This is going to increase our agility by 15 for 1 hour, so it’s definitely essential to bring.

Elixir of Agility

We’re going to be bringing an Elixir of Ogre's Strength. This is going to increase our strength by 8 for 1 hour. But if you do have additional gold lying around, I definitely recommend you picking up the Scroll of Strength III, which is going to increase the strength by 13 for 30 minutes. If you got that extra WoW SOD Gold, definitely go with the scroll. Then, we’re going to be needing an Elixir of Fortitude. This is going to increase our HP by 120 for 1 hour, so that’s definitely really good.

Another item that we’re going to be needing is a Nature Protection Potion. So this is going to absorb 1350 to 2250 nature damage for 1 hour, so we’re definitely going to be preting these on some pulls. So just pay attention to your raid, and if your raid leader suggests you pop these, definitely do. We’re going to be bringing a Rumsey Rum Black Label. This is going to increase our stamina by 15 for 15 minutes, so it’s definitely good to pop these before any boss pulls.

Then we’re going to be bringing a Dragonbreath Chili. So it occasionally bleaches flames an enemy struck in melee for the next 10 minutes. I believe it’s a 5% crit, so definitely bring these Dragonbreath Chilies with you and make sure you pop them before any boss pull. Next, you’ll be wanting to bring a couple of Thistle Teas. Then you’ll be needing at least one Free Action Potion for the last boss - Thermaplugg’s second phase.

WOW Classic SOD Dragonbreath Chili

Moving on over to the most important, you’ll definitely be wanting to bring either Shadow Oil or Solid Sharpening Stone. Depending on your budget, I recommend you buying a Shadow Oil because it’s 100% better than a Solid Sharpening Stone. So you’ll be wanting to apply this to your off-hand. But if you do not have a feral, that’s giving you Wild Strikes, you’ll be also applying this to your main hand.

World Buffs

When it comes to World Buffs, securing the Spark of Inspiration is a must. It's obtainable in Orgrimmar for Horde players and Ironforge for Alliance. The Darkmoon Faire buff is crucial, found near Thunder Bluff for Horde and Goldshire for Alliance. However, obtaining the Darkmoon Faire buff from the opposing faction side requires caution due to frequent camping by opposing factions in the area.


Moving on to enchants, let's focus on the gear pieces. Starting with the cloak, apply Lesser Agility. For the chest, opt for Lesser Stats. When it comes to the bracers, go for Strength. Choose Agility for the gloves. As for the boots, you have a choice between Minor Speed and Lesser Agility. I mostly recommend the Lesser Agility, but the decision ultimately depends on your preference.

As for the ranged weapon, we’re going to want to apply Sniper Scope. And most importantly, for our daggers, we’re going to want to apply Dismantle. Now, Dismantle is way better than Striking for Naran, so make sure you definitely stick with Dismantle.


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