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WOW Classic SOD: Is Farming Winter Squid A Viable Option To Bring Wealth For Phase 3?

Posted: Mar 12, 2024

In WoW Classic Season of Discovery, there's a inherent risk in farming gold through items or investing in future phases, as uncertainties may lead to unforeseen changes. Today, we're focusing on Winter Squid. Sufficient information has been provided for you to form your own conclusion.

WOW Classic SOD: Is Farming Winter Squid A Viable Option To Bring Wealth For Phase 3?

About Winter Squid

In Phase 3, these will be used to cook Grilled Squid. This is the best agility food available, unless something changes, which it might do. The Grilled Squid recipe comes from the vendor in the area of Tanaris, so it is pretty easy to get.

It requires 250 cooking, so from Phase 3, the recipe will not be hard to come by, and it’s not a problem to craft if you have the ingredients. But unless you planned ahead, you won’t have the ingredients because you won’t be able to catch Winter Squids after the Spring Equinox, which this year falls on the 20th of March. We’re expecting a hard Winter Squid fishing cutoff on March 20th or quite possibly the reset just after it.

Winter Squid should be replaced with Summer Seabass, it seems to be used to make some kind of junk food that no one uses, but it's another option to level up your cooking. If you just choose to trust Winter Squid, you're falling behind those who have already caught and stockpiled it. However, you can catch a lot of fish in about a week.

Situations Prediction

On the other hand, maybe the developers want to reward those who are smart enough to reserve in advance. And if they do, that must be a good thing for SOD Gold making. As much as what we do is preparing. I think there will be 3 situations.

  1. They leave it as it is for Phase 3, but put in a new food or make the fish viable for Phase 4.
  2. They just don’t remove the Winter Squids.
  3. They double down, and not only are Winter Squid unavailable, but it’s going to be a supply crate item.

So, on the balance of probability, I’d say if you have the time and inclination, spending some time fishing in Ashara this week could be a good plan. But if you do, I’d probably only hold them for the one phase. If this is indeed the case and the Winter Squid shortage persists, I would expect this to be just a phase.

WOW Classic SOD Winter Squid

Fishing Tips

If you decide to get your fishing this week, I have a few tips for you. First, you need to max your fishing. And then, using a +100 lure, if you have anything to add further skill, then that’s really useful. Just like a Big Iron Fishing Pole. That will help a lot of the escaping fish.

The best time to fish leaves is in the afternoon, between 12:00 and 18:00. And the best place to go for these is Ashara. You should be able to get 33% Winter Squid this week if you fish in Ashara at the right time of day and at the right spots. The Ashara location is harder to reach and you may die on the way, but you should be rewarded with a higher fish drop rate.

When fishing, I recommend using the add-on Better Fishing. You can keybind your cast and interact with the bobber. The add-on works better in this space for classes of water walk in, as you can position yourself in such a way that the bobber won’t fall out of range anymore.

The other option is if you believe, now could be a right time to invest Winter Squid. Just remember, whether you fish them for yourself or buy from the auction house, don’t panic sells on the first day of Phase 3. And come the 22nd of March, if these are still fishable again. Just wait, cook them up, and sell them in a couple of weeks into Phase 3.


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