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WOW Classic SOD: These 5 Key Tips To Help You Succeed In Phase 3! - Ultimate Prep Guide

Posted: Mar 25, 2024

If you want to get a head start on Phase 3, it’s never too early to start preparing for SoD Phase 3. We’ll cover everything you need to do to maximize your character ahead of Phase 3, where everything from reputation, gold farming, and BiS gear will be revealed.

With my ultimate preparation guide, you’ll know how to plan your class and spec, what to invest in, how to plan your Pre-Questing route, and more. So, without further ado, let’s get started.

WOW Classic SOD: These 5 Key Tips To Help You Succeed In Phase 3! - Ultimate Prep Guide

Plan Your Character

The first thing you need to do before entering Phase 3 is to plan your class and spec.

Although I liked the gameplay of Shadow Priest in Phase 2, I planned in Phase 3 that Priest should be in my dungeon clear group as a healer. So now I focus on maximizing my BiS Healing gear instead of buying more Shadow gear.

Also, I don’t think Melee Hunter’s DPS in Phase 3 exceeds Ranged Hunters. Therefore, I plan on leveling and raiding like Marksman, so the setup I do in Phase 2 will have max Agility, rather than a mix of Strength and Agility.

Once you’re on the path to maxing out your Phase 2 gear, I definitely recommend making a level 60 upgrade template and fully understanding all the new items. This way we can start to understand what items we will be farming for crafting Pre-BiS in Phase 3.

WOW Classic SOD: How To Easily Obtain Pre-Raid BIS Gear?

PVP Rep Items

If you’re stacked with gold, the biggest key will be all those PVP rep items, which means you’ll have to go straight back to Warsong Gulch like you did in the previous phase.

If you have a Warsong Honor rep, you will get new PVP Rings. If you reach Warsong Revered rep, you’ll also get a new bow and sword. These items are available for purchase now, so you can place them on your instant Pre-BiS the moment you reach level 48.

Personally, I would even try to raise my faction reputation to Exalted. This is because at level 50, if you reach Warsong Exalted, you get your new Bracers with insane stats. And for Warsong rep, it plays an important role in Phase 3.

Don’t forget that you can also easily maximize your Arathi Basin reputation with Blood Moon Coins in just a few days.

Additionally, I would also recommend maxing out your PVP rank now as well. It won’t be downgraded, and the developers will most likely give us new rewards. What do you think of these level 50 PVP Sets? Is this a good idea or should we wait until level 60 before doing PVP rank?

Why Should We Reserve Enough Gold?

Next, we have to talk about gold farming and why, for Phase 3, you need at least 300 WOW Classic SOD Gold.

Realistically, gold sinking in Phase 3 won’t be as bad as in Phase 2 because we won’t need new mounts. But we still have to look forward to a new epic crafting quest chain, which will cost us at least 50 gold coins.

Another significant reason to stock up on gold is that BoE items in Phase 3 are more expensive than ever in PVE, with epic items like Flurry Axe, Edgemaster’s Handguards, and Warden Staff, and even Stockade Pauldrons among them.

WOW Season of Discovery Gold Making Guide

Invest & Flip

The real reason to stockpile more gold is to make enormous investments and snipe for cheap recipes to flip on the auction house.

I like to focus on items that sell quickly. So I invested in Reagents for Superior Mana Potion, specifically Blindweed. I also invested in Gromsblood, which is a safe assumption, since warriors are going to be better in Phase 3 no matter what, and they’re going to need a lot of Mighty Rage Potion.

Another quick sell item I’m looking for is Truesilver Ore. We can make them into bars in the next phase for various Blacksmithing and Engineering items. Once you make Truesilver Ore, their prices soar. It sells for at least 12.5 silver, so anything below that you can buy risk free.

We also discussed Dust. Many players turned to Enchanting in Phase 2 to get Sigil, so it makes sense to invest heavily in Dream Dust. Although it is cheap, everyone wants to maximize their enchanting. Along the same lines, you’ll make real money by selling these items to them.

Another investment for me would be to buy Bolt of Runecloth early on, at close to vendor prices. They are one of the most requested items in Phase 3.

We must remember that investment is only part of the potential profit. When Phase 3 arrives, we’ll also be able to flip the recipe for huge amounts of money. Some key recipes are already dropping in the world, which means you can sell them right away when Phase 3 arrives, or you can keep the rare recipes for yourself and craft rare items in the first week for huge potential profits.

Also, stocking up on vendor recipes is a very smart idea. Certain recipes will be more concentrated in Phase 3, including Elixir of Shadow Power and Elixir of Greater Defense, which are must-haves in major cities.

There is also an even rarer recipe, which is Major Healing Potion Recipe. As several high-level NPCs around the world will be removed until the start of Phase 3. This means that if you have them all before the new patch arrives, you may be the first player in your server to craft a Major Healing Potion.

Another safer method is to store Cooking Recipes. You can acquire key recipes, such as Undermine Clam Chowder and Nightfin Soup, and then sell them for high prices.

WOW Classic SOD: Invest Rarest Cooking Recipes

First Day Plan

Now let’s talk about our day one plan, what steps we will take to maximize our time on day one to get into the raid and clear it out as quickly as possible.

Pre-Questing Route

The first key is to plan your Pre-Questing route. You can get a huge pre-quest boost on day one by completing high XP quests.

Leveling Route

In addition, you also need to start planning your leveling route for level 40-50. I recommend that you start contacting friends as early as possible to form your dungeon clear group. Trust me, you don’t want to wait until the last minute with no one to play with.

WoW Classic SoD: Fast Leveling Guide

Stock Up On Consumables

Finally, it’s never too early to start stocking up on key consumables. Since I know I’m going to need a few hundred bottles of Superior Mana Potions, I’m going to start stocking up as early as possible until the last day of Phase 2.


So if you want to be fully prepared for Phase 3 now, you could organize your gear, improve your reputation, and reserve enough gold.

Hopefully, you can use some of this gold to invest wisely, which will bring you untold wealth. I’d definitely love to know what your priorities are in preparing for Phase 3. Have a nice day.


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