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WOW Classic SOD: Which Mage AOE Farming Build Is The Most Worth Trying In Phase 2 & 3? - Arcane, Frost, Or Fire

Posted: Mar 26, 2024

Today we’ll be taking a deep dive into the best Mage AOE Farming Builds in WOW Classic SOD, focusing on Phase 2 and 3.

To be honest, I’m also curious about their performance and what kind of scenarios they can crush mobs in. Thanks to Runes in Season of Discovery, we now have a lot of options to play with and find the build that best suits our needs.

In this guide, I will show three different types of Mage AOE Farming Builds, Arcane, Frost, and Fire builds, in the same farming spot so that you can directly observe the differences between the builds.

Each build has unique advantages and strategies. From the powerful single-target damage from Arcane, to the unparalleled survivability of Frost, and the relentless AOE attacks of Fire build. So, let’s jump right in and discover which combination best suits your play style.

WOW Classic SOD: Which Mage AOE Farming Build Is The Most Worth Trying In Phase 2 & 3? - Arcane, Frost, Or Fire

Frost Mage

First, let’s talk about Frost Mage. Now Frost is probably the hardest Mage build to master because there are so many ways you can survive in different situations. For example, even though I forgot to use Ice Block, I still managed to defeat them because of my changing talents and accidentally pulling out extra enemies, which is nearly impossible with other Mage builds.

Typically, Frost Mage excels at dealing with hordes of enemies with its Blizzard Spell or a combination of Living Flame and Chill effects.

What’s cool is that in the next phase, Frost Mage will use Ignite, which means Frost Mage will become the strongest tank build and be able to take out hordes of enemies with Classic Bows again.

WoW Classic SOD: Frost Mage AoE Guide

Arcane Mage

I think Arcane Mage is the best option for grinding mobs that are the same level as you or lower, especially if you are confident in the location and have more WOW Classic SOD Gold to buy some decent gear.

Arcane’s biggest advantage is Arcane Power, which increases your Arcane damage and heals you for the same amount. Arcane will also deal massive damage to a single target if you use specific runes. It’s a good choice for places where you need to solo kill mobs and AOE others.

Currently, I’m using a specific macro that gives a decent amount of health almost instantly. This macro combines the use of Presence of Mind and Chronostatic Preservation before starting the life pool, so that when my life drops, I can use it to improve my survivability.

The rest of the rotation involves spamming Living Bomb, but make sure to activate Arcane Power before using Living Flame.

Another trick I’ve found useful is to cast Cone of Cold before Blink, which gives you enough time to cast Chronostatic again if necessary.

WOW Classic SOD: Arcane Mage Healer Guide

Fire Mage

Now, let’s talk honestly about Fire Mage. It’s obvious that Fire build is the weakest in terms of survivability. But overall, it can deal damage over time better than other builds, making it a splendid choice for farming dungeons.

It’s worth noting that a large portion of Fire Mage’s damage comes from Ignite, and Frost Mages will also get it in the next phase.

WOW Classic SoD Phase 2: Fire Mage Complete DPS Guide


In most cases in Phase 2 and 3, Frost Mages are the safest build for AOE grinding. However, it’s not the fastest.

I personally prefer Arcane because I don’t need Ice Block and it kills mobs faster. Also, Arcane Mages have insane single target DPS, making them great for grinding adds when you can’t use AOE. Finally, as mentioned before, Fire Mage is the go-to choose for sustained AOE damage in dungeons.

So, what is your favorite Mage AOE Build to use? Do you have any other interesting gameplay ideas? Please share it! See you next time!


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