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WOW Classic SOD: Check Out These Gold Farming Locations & Items For Phase 3

Posted: Mar 26, 2024

In this guide, we will discuss the potential best farms for WOW Season of Discovery Phase 3. It's not Phase 3 yet, so I don't know how these farm upgrades work and how incredibly popular it is. There are so many things to consider that it's difficult to determine what is the best option. So let’s take a look together.

Un‘Goro Crater

One of the very biggest and best farms that we are going to see in Phase 3 is most likely going to be in Un‘Goro Crater, and it is going to be the Devilsaur’s nest. Now, the Devilsaur’s are Level 50 to 55 Elites, they are going to be the hardest thing to kill in Phase 3, mainly because if you’re on a PVP server, you are going to have to fight other players while you’re killing an elite that is a higher level than you.

WOW Classic SOD: Check Out These Gold Farming Locations & Items For Phase 3

While you won’t be able to use the Devilsaur gear until next phase unless they change professions and add like another tier to them or something, you almost definitely be able to craft it. So, a big thing that every leather wearer is going to want to do is going to craft their Devilsaur Armor and have that ready for Phase 3.

There are like 4 Devilsaur spawns on about a 30-minute timer, and it is going to be insane. There’s going to be a lot of Rogues going on where they just sit in stealth or Druids sit in stealth, and then they just try to steal your corpse skinning.

Bay Of Storms

Next, we have Bay of Storms fishing. While this is plausible right now, it’s very difficult to do because you have to have every piece of gear in the game. But once you have 300 fishing and you upgrade it, you’ll be able to fish a lot of the pools in these areas. This includes the essence of water farming with the very rare fishing pools.

Essentially, they’re called pools of Elemental water. They’re very shiny and glowing, and you get Essences of Water, which are going to be in high demand. But we will definitely talk about why in a little. So, those are the 2 most plausible farms because they’re really Level 50 zones.

Next, I want to talk about Gathering and what we’re going to be looking at there. When you’re Gathering in Felwood, this is huge for Gromsblood. Felwood is a sort of Level 50 zone. Obviously, it has 48 to 55 because some mobs are higher up, but this will be a relatively safe area to farm some Gromsblood.


Then, if we head to Azshara, this is where you’re going to be getting Dreamfoil and some Mountain Silversage herbing. You can also head over here to Blasted Lands. This is a decent one for herbing as well.

WOW Classic SOD Azshara

But the hardest thing and the most interesting is going to be if we can do those max level Gathering. So, like Winter Spring, Azshara, Ungoro, is also one that I forgot to mention at the Level 50 Gathering. But if we can do Winter Spring, Azshara, Eastern and Western Plaguelands, you’re going to make a lot of WoW SOD Gold doing those if you can find spots where you’re not getting murdered by mobs.

Essence Farming

Then onto Essence farming. There is a very interesting item that every Mage is going to want, and Mage being as popular as it is. But this is a very big driver for the essence of fire, air, earth and water. So, essence of water you can get by fishing as there you can also farm it at these water Elementals at Irontree Woods. That’ll be a really great place to sort of mob farm. The Essences of most of the Essences other than that are in Silithus.


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