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WOW Classic SOD: How To Complete Tremors Of The Earth And Reap The Loot In Phase 2?

Posted: Feb 19, 2024

As we all know, Tremors of the Earth is one of the most difficult quest in WOW Classic. However, the rewards you can get from this quest are very tempting, especially Blazewind Breastplate.

This is a leather chest armor that provides +23 Agility, unmatched by most other quest rewards in the game, especially with SoD Phase 2’s level cap of 40. Below is your detailed guide on how to fully complete Tremors of the Earth in WOW Classic SOD.

WOW Classic SOD: How To Complete Tremors Of The Earth And Reap The Loot In Phase 2?

Before The Start

If you try this quest in Season of Discovery Phase 2, you will find that even though Tremors of the Earth can be started at level 40, it is quite difficult to complete.

You’ll quickly discover that this quest is for players at level 50, while the level cap for SoD Phase 2 is level 40. Therefore, unless you spend WOW Classic SOD Gold to improve your character’s overall stats and bring along a team of relatively skilled players, you may have a hard time completing it.

Defeat Boss Tho’grun

The first important step in completing Tremors of the Earth is to collect an item called Sign of the Earth. This item will allow you to get certain objectives later in the quest chain, and collect it initially, although it is difficult and relatively luck-based.

In WOW Classic SOD, the way to get Sign of the Earth is to defeat this NPC named Boss Tho’grun. This ogre roams around Badlands with no specific stopping place. Just need some luck and you can find him at some point during your travels in Badlands.

We recommend picking up Tremors of the Earth first and putting it in your quest log. This way, if you encounter the boss Tho’grun, you’ll be able to kill him quickly, loot Sign of the Earth, and turn it in to Garek.

WOW Classic SOD: Tremors Of The Earth Map

Activate Black Dragons

After giving Sign of the Earth to Garek, you’ll get the next objective in the second part of this quest chain, which is to find and defeat the two Black Dragons roaming Badlands: Blacklash and Hematus.

However, before you have a chance to kill these two Black Dragons, you need to free them. You can do this by activating several pillars around the area. The locations of the three Runestones and their exact coordinates are:

  • Pillar of Amethyst [80, 64]
  • Pillar of Diamond [84, 33]
  • Pillar of Opal [73, 66]

WOW Classic SOD: Defeat Black Dragons


Activating these three Runestones will give you access to two dragons, which are level 50 enemies that shouldn’t be taken lightly. Therefore, I recommend that you bring a team to complete this task.

For a team composition, we recommend that you choose a team consisting of three heavy DPS players, a tank, and a healer to ensure everyone’s survival.

If you did this in Season of Discovery Phase 2, you should all be at level 40. But if you’re doing this later in the season, it’s recommended that your team members be anywhere between 40 and 50 levels.

Blacklash and Hematus can be found in Badlands [81, 50]. Head there, defeat the two dragons, and loot their corpses for Chains of Hematus and Blacklash’s Bindings.

Since these two quest items are what you need to bring back to Garek. If you kill these two dragons and forget to loot their bodies, you’ll need to complete the entire mission again. So don’t forget to loot them.

Wow Classic SoD Phase 2 Most Overpowered Items Farming - Blazewind Breastplate


Once you’ve successfully defeated and looted both level 50 Black Dragons, return to Garek and claim your rewards. This mission has some of the best rewards of its level in the game, but most players who target it do so to get Blazewind Breastplate.

So if you’re playing a leather-wearing class, you might want to take that really nice item and keep it as part of your gear.


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