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WOW Classic SOD: How Can A Solo Warlock Quickly Through The Cathedral Dungeon In Phase 2?

Posted: Feb 18, 2024

As we reach the conclusion of soloing Scarlet Monastery Cathedral Dungeon in WoW Classic Season of Discovery, there are a few things we need to be aware of. Regarding the solo experience in the Cathedral wings, there isn't much deviation from what one encounters in the Graveyard, Library, or Armory sections.

About The Dungeon

You can start this venture at Level 39, aiming to capitalize on the BFD World Buff. However, you may encounter a setback of losing the World Buff upon leveling up and exiting combat. Despite this setback, I maintain that attempting Cathedral at Level 39 with the World Buff proves advantageous over attempting it at Level 40 without it. The additional 3% hit chance conferred by the World Buff significantly enhances combat effectiveness, particularly in sustaining drain life spells. Hence, for those still in the leveling process, I encourage you to consider this approach.

WOW Classic SOD: How Can A Solo Warlock Quickly Through The Cathedral Dungeon In Phase 2?

Talents, Runes & Consumables

When it comes to soloing talents, runes, and consumables in Cathedral, a crucial tip for Level 40 players is to avoid taking the Affliction ultimate talent. It proves to be ineffective and merely wastes a valuable global cooldown, especially considering the superior mana restoration provided by Life Tap. Instead, consider allocating your spare talent point towards bolstering your stamina or enhancing your Curse of Weakness, a spell with significant utility.

As for consumables, prioritize acquiring Mighty Troll's Blood Potion and armor Scrolls for added survivability. So preparing some WoW SOD Gold in adavnce is a good idea.

Trash Mobs

Now, regarding tactics for clearing your path to the end boss, it's essential to be strategic, particularly against challenging Trash Mobs with high physical damage. Employing Curse of Weakness against Scarlet Meridion, Scarlet Centurions, and Scarlet Monks can significantly mitigate their threat. Scarlet Champions pose a particular challenge due to their potent holy damage purge, inflicting around 450 instant damage. While their normal hits aren't exceptionally high, underestimating them can lead to unexpected setbacks. I learned this the hard way when I neglected to use Curse of Weakness and ended up wiping against a Champion and a Centurion.

Furthermore, Scarlet Abbots are formidable adversaries due to their formidable healing abilities, especially when multiple are present. Focus your efforts on eliminating Champions and Abbots promptly to minimize their impact on the encounter. Additionally, while traversing through Trash Mobs, I discovered the importance of identifying suitable boss-killing spots, particularly if the encounter proves challenging.

Boss Fight


In terms of bosses, Fairbanks presents minimal challenge. Simply interrupt him when he casts, and you should emerge unscathed. It's crucial to clear all side rooms before confronting the final boss. Surprisingly, the final boss proved to be easier than expected. Even when an additional mob respawned at the beginning of the fight, it posed little difficulty. If faced with a similar situation, remain composed and ensure your healing abilities are active.

Scarlet Commander Mograine

During the encounter, maintain a constant application of weakness on Scarlet Commander Mograine and keep your damage over time effects active on other targets. In phase 1, consider utilizing Agony to expedite the process, as Mograine's attacks lack significant potency. In phase 2, efficiently interrupt High Inquisitor Whitemane's casts with a column ability to maintain control over the battle.

Throughout phases 2 and 3, prioritize maintaining optimal health and mana levels before transitioning to the final phase at 50% HP. Achieve this by conserving damaging spells and ensuring drain life and siphon life are active. Upon Mograine's resurrection, promptly reapply drain life and siphon life, along with weakness, and focus on eliminating him first. The remainder of the fight essentially mirrors phase one, making it relatively straightforward.


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