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WOW Classic SOD: A Step-By-Step Guide To Get This Cozy Sleeping Bag In Phase 2!

Posted: Feb 17, 2024

With the launch of Phase 2, a lot has changed in Season of Discovery. Besides new Runes, Raids, Weapons, and Gear, Phase 2 also introduces a new item, Cozy Sleeping Bag, which increases your XP gain by a small amount.

The sooner you get Cozy Sleeping Bag in SoD, the more valuable XP boost you get. But some areas this questline will take you through can be tricky for lower-level players.

This questline is well worth completing as soon as possible, not only because of what Cozy Sleeping Bag does, but also because of the other rewards you can earn along the way. Here, I will detail the step-by-step guide to get this Cozy Sleeping Bag in Phase 2.

WOW Classic SOD: A Step-By-Step Guide To Get This Cozy Sleeping Bag In Phase 2!

What Does Cozy Sleeping Bag Do?

Cozy Sleeping Bag is a permanently reusable item in SoD, but has a cooldown of nearly 3 hours. When used, your character summons a Sleeping Bag at the feet of the game world. When you step onto Sleeping Bag, your character will automatically fall asleep after a second or two.

If you stay in Sleeping Bag for one minute, you’ll gain Well-Rested buff. This increases XP you earn by 1%.

This effect stacks up to three times, giving you a total of 3% bonus XP after three minutes of rest. The buff lasts for two hours and starts counting down when you leave Cozy Sleeping Bag.

While this isn’t a huge XP boost, it’s better than nothing. Also, if your party or raid members don’t have their own Cozy Sleeping Bag, they can still get this buff by walking onto any other party member’s Sleeping Bag.

Questline Rewards

It’s worth noting that Cozy Sleeping Bag Questline has many other bonuses.

First, each of the tasks in this series will award a flat amount of XP, so the earlier you start, the more you can earn.

Each step of the quest chain also provides WOW Classic SOD Gold and material rewards. Includes some decent potions, materials, weapons, a 12-slot bag, quality ammo suitable for the character going into Phase 2, and something called a Student Fodder.

Student Fodder is a new item that is consumed when used. In the process of this quest line, you will get eight Student Fodders to help you level up quickly. It gives you about 20% of your Rested XP bar, which will increase XP you get from killing mobs by 100%.

It’s important to note that the later you use Student Fodder, the more useful it becomes. Because generally leveling up after level 30 takes longer than early leveling, but Rested XP bar buff you get remains the same.

How To Get A Cozy Sleeping Bag?

Alliance and Horde players will start Cozy Sleeping Bag quest in different locations, but will eventually converge on the same quest line.

Start Locations

For Alliance players, head to Alexton Farmstead in Westfall and find Charred Remains in its northwest corner.

For Horde players, you’ll need to head to Barrens, then south of Camp Taurajo, and interact with Charred Remains.

Alliance and Horde players will need to complete the other factions’ starting quest.

How to get the Cozy Sleeping Bag in WoW Classic SoD Phase 2?

Heading To Stonetalon Mountains

After this first step, both factions will visit the same locations from now on.

For Alliance players, you will need to head to Stonetalon Mountains. Although the area itself isn’t particularly challenging, there are Horde guards on the northwest border of Barrens.

Horde players can easily access Stonetalon Mountains without too much worry unless you are on a PVP server.

Anyway, head north along the main road in Stonetalon Mountains until you reach above Sun Rock Retreat on the world map. Looking to the southwest, you can see an alternative path leading to the mountains. Follow the trail for a few minutes until you find another camp and note.

Then head northwest and to the edge of the cliff where you can look for a small mound of dirt on the hillside. Carefully climb Cliffside to reach the mound and interact with it to get the last note of Cozy Sleeping Bag quest.

Find Stonewrought Dam

Next, comes the most hard part for Horde players. Because not only does it require entering enemy territory, it also requires them to travel to one of the most heavily fortified areas in the region.

Alliance players simply head to the center of Loch Modan and Stonewrought Dam to find a new platform on a ledge with a telescope and a makeshift camp. Jump over Dam’s ledge and interact with the note here to continue the mission.

Horde players should do whatever they can to find their way to Loch Modan. Once you’ve passed through Dun Algaz from Wetlands and crossed the border, head east to Dam. There are a lot of guards and other players here, so be prepared to run if you can’t easily avoid them.

Head to the center of Dam and jump from the north side to the new ledge, interact with the note here to continue.

Jump On Thoradin’s Wall

For Alliance and Horde players, this last step in the quest chain isn’t particularly bad.

Players need to travel to Arathi Highlands or Hillsbrad Foothills to reach the center of Thoradin’s Wall. Then, head north until you see an enormous gap in the wall with a cart next to it.

You need to jump into the middle of the car and then follow the sloping side of the car to the top of the wall. Then turn south and prepare to jump up the wall to reach the end of the wall.

This is where you get your Sleeping Bag. Enter the tower, look to the right, interact with the bag here, and find that all the notes have been used up. You can then pick up your Cozy Sleeping Bag below the mission submission and don’t forget to use it as much as you can!


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