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WOW Classic SOD: How To Stay Ahead In Phase 2 Gnomeregan Raid? - Fire Mage Level 40 Guide

Posted: Feb 17, 2024

This guide will illustrate how I achieved the second-highest DPS globally in the WoW Classic Season of Discovery Phase 2 Gnomeregan raid as a Fire Mage.

WOW Classic SOD: How To Stay Ahead In Phase 2 Gnomeregan Raid? - Fire Mage Level 40 Guide


You should put 29 points in Fire for this build:

  • Improved Fireball (5 points)
  • Ignite (5 points)
  • Incinerate (2 Points)
  • Pyroblast (1 point)
  • Burning Soul (2 Points)
  • Improved Scorch (3 points)
  • Master of Elements (3 points)
  • Critical Mass (3 points)
  • Blast Wave (1 point)
  • Fire Power (4 points)

Also, you should put 2 points in Frost for this build:

  • Elemental Precision (2 Points)

The rationale behind this is the challenge Fire Mages face with hit accuracy. To address this, until you reach 5% hit with your equipment, you'll require assistance from the Elemental Precision talent in the Frost tree.


For runes, you should choose from the following 5:

  • Living Bomb
  • Hot Streak
  • Living Flame
  • Spell Power
  • Burnout


You're primarily stacking 5% hit, spell power, spell crit, intellect, and MP5.

While leveling, I recommend doing BFD every 3 days as it gives you great experience and most of the items will be pre-BiS going into Gnomeregan.

When you hit 40, I highly recommend purchasing these items off the Auction House:

  • Red Mageweave Pants
  • Star Belt,
  • Dreamweave Gloves
  • Dreamweave Vest

The Blood Moon event in STV will give you the Bloodrot Cloak (cape) and the Emberblood Seal (ring).

Besides, the Mage quest line will give you the Celestial Orb (offhand) and the Ragefire Wand.

You can get all of these items in just a few hours and then go straight into Gnomeregan.

Single Target Rotation

  1. Cast Pyroblast before the pull
  2. Living Bomb on CD
  3. Living Flame on CD
  4. Scorch x 5
  5. Instant Pyroblast on Hot Streak procs
  6. Fire Blast always just before death
  7. Scorch to fill

Multi-Target Rotation

  1. Cast Pyroblast before the pull
  2. Living Flame to target with the highest health that's near the most amount of mobs (For example, the chicken on the menagerie fight is a great Living Flame target.)
  3. Living Bomb every target on CD
  4. Scorch to fill

Ideally, you would maintain 5 stacks of Scorch on every target and Living Bomb for the highest DPS. I recommend a weak aura to track your Living Bomb uptime and Hot Streak procs.


Choose Gnome for Alliance because of the increased Intellect and Troll for Horde because of Berserking, which gives you Haste.


I suggest opting for Tailoring and Engineering to acquire the helmet and hit belt.

However, it's important to note that these items are presently quite costly if purchased from the auction house. You would require approximately 250+ WoW SoD Gold solely to obtain the materials needed for crafting the tailoring helmet.

As for the 20 spell power Sigil of Innovation from Enchanting, I advise against it at the moment. This is because the spell power it provides doesn't stack with Arcane Elixir. We're optimistic that this will be addressed in the near future.


Here are some consumables you must bring:

  • Firepower
  • Lesser Arcane Elixir
  • Lesser Wizard Oil
  • Sagefish Delight
  • Greater Mana Potions

Currently, Firepower and Lesser Arcane Elixir are stacking, so make sure to grab both.

That's all for my Fire Mage level 40 guide tailored for WoW SoD Phase 2.


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