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WOW Classic SOD: The 4 Tips To Help You Grind XP Better In Phase 2!

Posted: Feb 23, 2024

Leveling up in WOW Classic can often feel like a grind, but to encourage players to start alts, Season of Discovery makes it relatively quick. Thanks to runes and gear, characters have much higher power levels than normal WoW, which helps grind XP faster.

In WOW Classic SOD, several new options add variety to the leveling experience, such as new leveling Raids and items that provide reusable XP boosts. Here I will share four tips to help you farm XP quickly in Season of Discovery Phase 2. Without further ado, let’s get started!

WOW Classic SOD: The 4 Tips To Help You Grind XP Better In Phase 2

Selectively Complete Close-Range Quests

In WOW Classic SOD, the easiest and most interesting way to level up is to complete missions and follow the story that unfolds in each area. But many tasks can be so scattered and take so long to complete that the meager rewards aren’t worth the effort.

Generally speaking, the best way to level up is to complete quests, but it’s important to focus on completing quests that are grouped in similar locations. This will also help you maximize your WOW Classic SOD Gold and XP earnings in a short period.

In Shimmering Flats, for example, players from both factions can access nearly a dozen quests with nearby requirements. Players can complete this set of missions efficiently by moving clockwise around the central track of Shimmering Flats.

If a quest takes you to a distant location, ignore it until that location becomes your next central quest hub.

At the end of Alliance Stonetalon Mountains questline, players must travel to the borders of Thousand Needles and Feralas. But unless you’re high enough to pick up some other quests in the same area, it’s not worth it.

Complete Blackfathom Deeps

Although Blackfathom Deeps is no longer the highest level dungeon in Season of Discovery Phase 2, it still has a lot of content worth playing as you level up.

BFD has been changed to be more suitable for the leveling player group. For example, it now provides a large amount of XP to each player who defeats the boss, which is equivalent to the mid-level 30 mission XP reward.

However, since BFD’s difficulty is adjusted for level 25 players, these XP gains won’t be as large the closer you get to level 40. But it’s worth making it part of your regular leveling path in SoD.

WOW Classic SOD: Blackfathom Deeps Guide

Get Cozy Sleeping Bag

A huge fresh addition to WOW Classic SOD Phase 2 is Cozy Sleeping Bag quest chain.

This quest chain either starts in the southern Barrens in Phase 2, or in Westfall for Alliance. It takes players through Kalimdor and Eastern Kingdoms, following a series of notes. Finally, as the notes are used up, players will also get their own Cozy Sleeping Bag.

This item can be used every few hours, and you’ll gain a small XP boost if you walk on it and sleep in it. You gain 1% XP gain for every minute you spend in the sleeping bag, up to a maximum of 3%. This means that the sooner you get this item, the more you will benefit from it.

Also, this quest chain also rewards a number of useful items, most notably a new SoD item called Student Fodder.

You will receive eight Student Fodders, which provide 20% Rested XP when consumed. This will increase XP gained from killing mobs by 200%. I recommend you use it at level 30 so that you can upgrade to level 40 more easily.

How to get the Cozy Sleeping Bag in WoW Classic SoD Phase 2?

Grind Suitable Dungeons

Besides completing quests in the world, grinding dungeons is the fastest way to level up in SOD Phase 2.

But since each phase brings new areas to explore, they tend to be very crowded. It will be difficult to complete your quest when dozens of other players are all fighting over the same enemies.

During the launch of the new phase, dungeons can become a very viable alternative to world exploration. This is especially true if you completed as many tasks as possible in the previous phase. Because this may reduce your options when new phases are unlocked.

In dungeons, you don’t compete for shared monster XP. All you have to do is choose dungeons to grind in based on your level, which can make you level up significantly faster.

Common dungeon grinding paths for Alliance players include Deadmines, Stockade, Razorfen Downs, and Scarlet Monastery until level 40.

Horde players have access to Ragefire Chasm, Wailing Caverns, Razorfen Downs and Scarlet Monastery. It may get repetitive, but it’s a reliable way to gain XP.

Those are my top 4 tips for farming XP in Season of Discovery Phase 2. Hopefully, this guide will help you reach Phase 2 level cap as quickly as possible.


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