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News Tag: Throne and Liberty Crossbow

  • Throne And Liberty: A Complete Guide To Crossbow Weapons! - Skill & Weapon Combinations

    Posted: Dec 11, 2023

    In this guide, we’ll take a look at Crossbow in Throne and Liberty. Crossbow is a weapon that makes for great combat with its fast movement capabilities and high attack speed. 

    Constant attacks characterize it and constantly attacking opponents with additional projectiles. It can also take advantage of the height difference of the terrain and use the long-distance attack range to carry out unilateral attacks.


    Here we will introduce all the skills of Crossbow in detail.

    Elastic Roll is a skill that consumes physical energy to defend against enemy attacks. When you block a rage attack, you have a chance to push the enemy away. But if the target hits a wall, it will knock you unconscious.

    Then switch to Slowing Projectile skill. It damages the target and slows its movement. At this time, you can recast the skill or use another active skill to attack with a slow bomb. However, if an active skill is in use, Slowing Projectile will not be applied, and the skill’s secondary weapon attack will always be activated.

    Extreme Rapid Fire is a skill that performs 3 consecutive high-speed attacks on a single target.

    Nimble Leap is a mobility skill that moves in a specific direction. After moving, the attack speed and attack distance of the skill will increase for a short time.

    Deadly Mark is a skill that identifies a target, causes additional damage over a period, and stacks the damage caused. This skill deals with additional damage equal to a portion of the cumulative damage when the mark disappears.

    Multishot is a skill that performs a long-range attack in a specific direction. Each attack has a certain probability of pushing the target away.

    Mobility skills reduce the cooldown of moving your location.

    Selfless Infiltration is a skill that removes all self-imposed restrictions and movement speed reducing effects. After use, it will no longer collide with other monsters and characters for a short period. In addition, the movement range, dodge and movement speed of movement skills are increased, and the probability of secondary weapon attack is increased.

    Thorn of the Wild Wind is a skill that generates additional projectiles when attacking with projectiles within a certain period.

    Mana Reduction is a skill that consumes life force to restore a certain amount of mana. Note that if there are not enough lives left to consume, it will not be used. Therefore, it is very important to spend Throne and Liberty Lucent in advance to prepare enough health potions.

    Recoil Shot is an attack skill that restores the number of casts after each cooldown. If used immediately after using a mobility skill, it will cause more damage.

    Ruthless Fire is a skill that uses both hands to determine a path to launch arrows. It deals with damage to the first target along the way. The damage gradually increases with repeated attacks on the same target. Also, the number of attacks increases based on the probability of secondary weapon attacks.

    Wind Thief is a skill that produces a debilitating effect when used, causing damage and reducing movement speed. When hit by a debuff, your movement speed increases. If you hit an additional target with the movement speed reduction debuff, the target’s attack speed is reduced and your attack speed is increased.

    An active skill is a skill that is always applied, even if not used individually, as long as we register it in the quick slot. Crossbow has effects tailored to your fighting style.

    Weapon Combination

    Finally, I would like to introduce to you two weapon combinations that are very suitable for a Crossbow.

    For Crossbow and Dagger, the damage done to the target increases with Deadly Mark. Then we can add the additional effects of Storm Bolt and Poison Injection to the attack skills. After using the long-range throwing knife to reduce the target’s movement speed, use Ruthless Fire to attack quickly.

    For the combination of Crossbow and Longbow. Combined with Longbow’s Mark of the Abyss and Crossbow’s Deadly Mark, which deals increased damage to targets, and by activating Storm Bolt to generate extra bullets, you can effectively defeat weakened enemies from a distance.

    There are a variety of weapons to choose from in Throne and Liberty, so enjoy your adventure with your own combination of weapons!

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