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News Tag: TL Quests

  • Throne And Liberty: Which Quests To Prioritize In TL?

    Posted: Dec 25, 2023

    Delving into the realm of quests within Throne and Liberty, it’s essential to discuss the priority system, completion strategies, and the diverse categories of quests available.

    About Quests In TL

    There are several types of quests in the game, different in significance, rewards, type, difficulty, and conditions for completion.

    The most challenging quests, as experience has shown, are necessarily the most critical in the game and don’t offer as many rewards as contract or guild quests.

    I highly recommend not spending time on additional quests at the start. You can always return to them later, especially since it will be much easier with a higher level and stronger character.

    You will come across quests that you simply can’t complete solo. Fortunately, there aren’t many of these, but they exist. You’ll need to find a group for quests like searching for notes in a dungeon designed for a group of six players—nearly impossible solo unless you’re a tank with excellent equipment. Being well-equipped means having enough Throne and Liberty Lucent.

    Hence, it’s crucial to find a consistent group and active guild for battles, territory captures, and raids.

    Which Quests Should You Complete First?

    After understanding the quests in TL, you may be curious about what types of quests should be completed first? This question is simple.

    Purple Quests

    Follow the storyline and complete only the quests marked with a purple icon.

    These quests offer a lot of experience and good TL Items, including gear parts, accessories, and weapons. Equipping your character with this will be vital.

    Additionally, you’ll receive equipment enhancement stones, accessories, and weapon upgrade stones to strengthen your character.


    Upon leveling up, you’ll receive extra contract points that need to be completed daily.

    New contract points won’t be added if you reach the maximum. I highly recommend completing contracts, as their rewards are essential for your character.

    Completing contracts can yield not just Sollant and Exp but also equipment upgrade stones and skill enhancement books, which you’ll need a lot of. I suggest choosing contracts that offer skills enhancement books if available.


    Next on my list are events.

    Sometimes, events are more crucial than any quest because participating in events rewards you with paper used to create skill enhancement books. This is a significant aspect of Throne and Liberty.

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    Guild Quests

    Next, I think it’s guild quests immediately after events since they are crucial for guild growth.

    For example, coins for restoring lost experience and guild coins for buying Mana potions are only obtainable through these quests. The more actively you participate, the more rewards you’ll receive.

    For example, ranking first among participating runs yields Mystic Keys enabling access to spheres scattered throughout the game world, providing significant experience and occasionally opening portals that yield substantial experience upon closure.

    Additional Quests

    After events and guild quests, I start completing additional quests if you have spare time.

    These quests offer various rewards ranging from Exp and Sollant to new character transformations and titles. Often, these quests have specific conditions like finding something at night or waiting for a whale and hopping on it to find a waiting toy.

    There are many such quests, and sometimes their descriptions aren’t immediately clear, especially if you’re playing on Korean servers.

    Boss Tower Runs

    I’d also add boss tower runs to these quests.

    But spending time on it at the beginning of the game, I highly not recommend. If you do not understand both tactics, these runs will probably be very challenging and time-consuming. It’s better to start boss tower runs after reaching the maximum level and having much better equipment.

    Raid Quests

    Lastly, don’t forget about raid quests.

    In raids, you can update equipment and weapons that aren’t obtainable elsewhere.

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