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Spring Fever Time event will bring Silver rewards to Lost Ark players

Posted: Apr 19, 2022

Now is the perfect time for Lost Ark players to get rich. Spring is here, and while your life may not change much, if you’re a Lost Ark player, you’ll be able to get a lot of glorious rewards through the game’s Spring Fever event. The developers are dropping a bunch of goodies to celebrate the event, and it’s not just some event-specific cosmetics either.

A character on the players’ roster will earn a whole bunch of rewards by hitting the “Fever Time” button:

*[Masterwork] Master’s Moist Omelet (Bound) x3

*Regulus’ Light Currency Chest x3

*Phoenix Plume x10

But that’s not all reward. In a blog post, the items can be claimed once Saturday and Sunday between 3:01 AM PT / 10:01 AM UTC and 2:59 AM PT / 9:59 AM UTC, when the event clock will reset. The event will run every weekend until mid-May. So players must try their best to grab spring gifts!

And players can earn 600,000 silver every weekend, as each Regulus’ Light Currency Chest contains 100,000 silver. On Lost Ark subreddit, most players are thrilled with getting free money. But there are others who prefer to get battle items or chests.

Smilegate is planning some major updates to Lost Ark this spring, including two new classes and a brand new continent. In April, players will try out a new Martial Artist Advanced class called Glaivier. It equipped her with a spear and a glaive, and can switch between two different skill sets (Concentration and Flurry).

In May, players will get a new Warrior Advanced class called Destroyer. It’s essentially a tank, and the destroyer has many skills to throw him into the heat of battle along with his massive hammer. The new continent of South Vern, with flowing waterfalls and green pastures, joins Punika as the second Tier 3 continent. will keep you up-to-date with the latest news, and you can also get the most affordable Lost Ark Gold to strengthen yourself.


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