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Everything players need to know about Lost Ark Honing

Posted: Apr 12, 2022

Posted: Apr 12, 2022

Source:  IGGM

Lost Ark is a game that is very popular and can make you nervous at some point, because at some point you need to be under a lot of pressure. Some players will have plenty of Lost Ark Gold to make themselves powerful, so these moments are less likely to be in boss fights, and conversely, it may be more common in honing.

Providence is the first pieces of gear players can hone in the game. You can get it by farming Chaos Dungeons for individual pieces or by completing the Shushire storyline to get the full set at once. If you need to level up your items, you can hon your gear, and this can be done at any gear honing vendor in the major cities found on the hammer icon on the map.

These vendors will help players hone their gear. Each level of honing grants these items increased weapon power or defense, more vigor, and increases their item level. Initially, honing your gear requires a mix of 4 in-game honing materials, Harmony Shards, Harmony Leapstones, and Destruction Stone Fragments for your weapons, or Guardian Stone Fragments for your armor, and a small amount of Silver. Of course, this only applies to layer 1. The other layers require different materials and the amount of silver increases exponentially.

You can get the material you need for honing in several ways:


*Daily Activities

*Island Exploration

So while honing at the early levels is a relatively simple matter, once your Gear Levels hit 1300s, you’ll understand where all the memes about needing Silver are coming from. And it’s a good idea to store it in the first place.

IGGM will continue to provide you with more game news and guides, and you can also get the cheapest Lost Ark Gold here for even more fun!


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