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The method of unlocking Hall of Silence in Lost Ark

Posted: Apr 03, 2022

Posted: Apr 03, 2022

Source:  IGGM

Lost Ark provides a ton of fun and challenging end-game content for the MMORPG fanbase, one of which is Boss Rush. Boss Rush has two modes: the Tier 2 Hall of Silence and the Tier 3 Hall of the Sun. Both modes pit players against 15 waves of bosses they encounter during their Arkesia adventures. Here, gives you the method to unlock and tackle the Hall of Silence.

As with other end-game content, you’ll need to meet some requirements to solve Hall of Silence or the Tier 2 Boss Rush mode in Lost Ark. You need to be level 50 or higher to run or join Hall of Silence. You also need an Item Level of 802 or higher to enter the Yorn and Feiton Hall of Silence. So you’d better prepare enough Lost Ark Gold to level up quickly.

After completing these two requirements, in order to enter the Hall of Silence, you will need to interact with the giant, glowing green [Boss Rush] statues found in some major cities. But you need 1 Entrance Ticket: Hall of Silence for each run. You can get them from Chaos Dungeons or by trading Sylmael Bloodstones for Ticket Chests at Guild Vendors. You can run Boss Rush mode alone, with friends, or with a matchmaking system.

There are 15 waves of time-limited bosses:

*Wave 1-4: 1 minute per wave, 1 boss enemy.

*Waves 5-9: 1 minute 30 seconds per wave, 2 bosses.

*Waves 10-15: 2 minutes 30 seconds per wave, 3 bosses.

Before you fight, all will spawn in the yellow “setup area” circle. Here you can still equip Battle Items, Potions and change builds. But when you go out and start fighting, you can’t modify them. When you die, your character will automatically respawn after a period, and the respawn timer increases with each wave. If the timer is at 0, you will lose the Boss Rush, but it will still reward you based on the last wave you completed.

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