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Lost Ark: The September Update brings Gunner Advanced Class Machinist

Posted: Aug 01, 2022

After bringing the Arcanist class in July, Lost Ark is still committed to allowing Western players to experience as much exciting content as the Korean version, so, just recently, the game officially released the update roadmap for August and September, We will see more interesting events, challenging Legion Raid and brand-new advanced classes in the coming time.

Machinist will be the fifth Gunner Advanced Class after Deadeye, Gunslinger, Artillerist, and Sharpshooter. It is a robot character with advanced machine guns and technology. Based on the setting of this class, Machinist seems to be able to bring very accurate strikes and great damage.

It is worth mentioning that in the September update, the Machinist will arrive in Arkesia with the circus-themed Kakul-Saydon Legion Raid, players will need to face Commander Kakul-Saydon's evil attack, and there is no resurrection available. This Legion Raid mechanism will be different from the previous Valtan and Vykas, and players need to assemble a team of four to complete the challenge of three gates.

At the same time, in September, we will also see the improvement of Lost Ark's backend technology, and players can interact with players on different servers in Strongholds and add friends from different servers. And will see Trixion Training Grounds improvements and PvP balance tweaks.

Lost Ark in August will also bring a series of interesting updates before Machinist lands. Pet Ranch will provide players with a good place to interact with pets and will bring rewards such as Jelly Cookies; in the Maharaka Festival Event, players can collect leaves of Maharaka to obtain items such as good luck and unique mounts.

All in all, Lost Ark in August and September will continue to improve the playability of MMO content, and players can also experience more diverse Legion Raid and PvP fun in it.

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