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Lost Ark: Pet Ranch Preview

Posted: Aug 17, 2022

Posted: Aug 17, 2022

Source:  IGGM

Lost Ark is still bringing players a lot of interesting playable content at a steady update frequency. The August update is also just around the corner, and just recently, it was confirmed that it will land on August 24 and is themed around the Arkesian Sun, where players will have fun with Pet Ranch and a new Stronghold location.

Pet Ranch is a newly launched mechanism. Before the official experience, players need to have a basic understanding of it. In Lost Ark, pets are a favorite casual game for many players. In Pet Ranch, players can train these little guys to become powerful and generate valuable resources.

Unlocking the Pet Ranch is not difficult, players need to reach Stronghold Level 15 and unlock the Stronghold Farm, the Cave, and have a Pet.

Cookie Workshop

At Pet Ranch, pets can relax and regain Morale, which will be used to make Jam cookies in the Cookie Workshop. These Jam cookies will be used in the process of upgrading Legendary Pets. With the strengthening and upgrading of pets, these Jam cookies obtained can be exchanged for considerable rewards and items.

Legendary Pets

Once a Pet has been upgraded to Legendary, several features are unlocked. Legendary Pets are granted a (random) powerful skill, and at random intermittent intervals, one of 3 effects granted by the skill will be applied to you while in combat.

At the same time, the appearance of Legendary Pets can also be customized. Players can unlock more slots in the process to store more cute skins.


Pet Ranch will bring you many unique rewards, you will have the opportunity to get:

1. Vitameow - a consumable vitamin that gives vitality to Pets, recovering 10% of a Pet’s Morale.

2. Arcane Battery - a battery booster created by the Nebelhorn Lab in Arthentine. When a booster is applied, 3 extra Jam cookies will be produced every 10mins in the Cookie Workshop.

3. Pet Expertise Potion - a potion created by the Vern Magick Society to increase Pet Expertise.

4. Pet Customization Potion - a morph potion for Pets, which can be used on Legendary Pets to unlock the reskin feature.

5. Pet Growth Token - a mysterious enchanted token produced by the Vern Magick Society, used when upgrading Pets.

If you want to get these rewards in Pet Ranch as soon as possible, IGGM can help you speed up the process; you can buy Lost Ark Gold here, and we will bring you a thoughtful service.

IGGM will continue to bring you the latest Lost Ark information, and you are welcome to visit at any time.


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