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Lost Ark: The May Update will bring the first Legion Raid

Posted: May 09, 2022

Posted: May 09, 2022

Source:  IGGM

Lost Ark has received praises from players since its release in February, and recently, it will receive its biggest update since its launch. Just last month's Roadmap, Lost Ark's production team combined players' gameplay and feedback to release the plan to bring the first Legion Raid in the May update, and now, this plan is finally going to become a reality.

Titled "Destined for destruction", the May Update brings a slew of new content, mainly two raid missions and a new Advanced Class.

First and foremost, the headline content of the May update is Legion Raid-Valtan, a difficult eight-player raid where players need to work together and strategize to defeat enemies to complete the mission. According to Amazon Games, the raid will feature two checkpoints to check players' progress, which means the clearance won't be particularly smooth. Normal Mode requires players to reach level 1415 to try, while Hard Mode will require players to reach level 1445. High risk often leads to high reward. Legion Raid-Valtan also introduces a new rare item called "Relic," which players will be able to use for more armor and weapon bonuses.

Deskaluda Guardians Raid is also a new challenge for players to face. Participating players can choose to fight alone or in teams, and have the opportunity to obtain rare Relic gear.

In addition, Destroyer Advanced Class will be released in May. As the Advancement of Warrior, Destroyer has a huge hammer weapon and a burly appearance. Because of the high HP, defense and shield mechanics in many of his skills, The attack is very good and can cause huge damage to the enemy. Destroyer will be the fourth Warrior senior class after Berserker, Paladin, and Gunlancer.

The specific May update instructions will be available on the Lost Ark official website.

The content reveals in this update is really fascinating, and Lost Ark will be even better with the introduction of more new content. If you are also a Lost Ark player, you must not miss the wonderful Legion Raid. IGGM will also continue to provide you with cheap Lost Ark Gold to support you for a better gaming experience.


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