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Lost Ark: Skill Build for Control Glaivier

Posted: May 12, 2022

Posted: May 12, 2022

Source:  IGGM

As a newly added character of Lost Ark, there are still many players who are hesitant to use this character. But with the right build, whether it's PvE or PvP, Glaivier can be very powerful. Its common builds are Pinnacle and Control, and Control Glaivier Build can achieve more efficient damage attacks.

Because Pinnacle Glaivier's output mainly depends on the characteristics of Crit, players need to use more gear to strengthen the damage ability, but this means that players need to spend more on gear. While Control Glaivier relies more on short cooldowns between each attack, which means more waves of damage to enemies in a short time. If you're a player who likes a fast-paced attack style, choosing Control Glaivier Build will be a smart choice for you.

Control Glaivier's skills all contain high damage and AoE, here are the recommended skills and Tripods:

1. Chain Slash: Chain Slash has high damage and short cooldown, and is one of the main skills we use in a cycle. It can be used in conjunction with the Fatal Strike, Final Decision, and Brilliant Spear Tripods to further increase AoE and damage, up to a damage radius of up to 8 meters.

2. Flash Kick: As the main movement skill, combined with the Excellent Mobility, Weak Point Detection, and Corkscrew Tripods will be able to extend the movement range up to 11 meters.

3. Half Moon Slash: This is one of the most efficient heavy attack skills. Using Flurry Expertise, Final Decision and Blade of Tornado Tripods together will greatly increase the damage value and can increase the damage of Flurry Expertise to multiple targets.

4. Raging Dragon Slash: As a skill with a high hit rate, all we need to do is to increase its damage. Use the Quick Prep, Quick Slash, and Awaken Tripods to reduce cooldown and increase critical strike by 25%.

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