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Lost Ark’s latest update brings more bug fixes to the game

Posted: May 06, 2022

Posted: May 06, 2022

Source:  IGGM

A new Lost Ark update rolled out recently, and while it doesn’t contain much new content, developer Smilegate has confirmed that it’s in the works. But this game patch won’t add any new classes to Lost Ark, nor will it make traveling and exploring new areas and raids possible.

But it’s a good thing for players who have been suffering from annoying bugs in the game. Because it brings more bug fixes. Here, IGGM brings you the latest Lost Ark update understanding and the official patch notes.

This can frustrate for players looking to see what’s new in Lost Ark next. While Smilegate said the most exciting patch, scheduled for May 2022, will arrive in the second half of the month. It has confirmed this to include Destroyer Advanced Class, Trial Guardian Raids, and Quality of Life adjustments.

However, other changes to Lost Ark may not arrive on time, with Smilegate revealing that Valtan’s Legion Raid and Deskaluda will be delayed when needed. They explained their data suggests that a large enough portion of the game’s active players will be at or near the item level required to engage in higher-level end-game content by May.

However, the developers are still committed to bringing a better experience to players, and they have also brought a series of fixes to bugs in the game. Here are the official patch notes:

Unlocking character slots will no longer reduce the remaining number of Character Slot Expansion tickets available for purchase. Because of this bug, players who previously could not unlock all character slots will now see the correct amount remaining.

*Fixed several broken entries in the emote list.

*Fixed an issue where Feiton Powerpass could not be used without completing various world quests on previous continents. Players can use the Powerpass as long as they complete the Feiton quest “Will”.

*Fixed a bug in the Rapport system.

IGGM will continue to bring players the latest news. If players want to have a deep understanding of the game, they can also read our game guide. Here also provides you with the safest Lost Ark Gold for sale to help you quickly improve your strength!


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