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Lost Ark Team Had To Extend Downtime Due To Their Negligence

Posted: Nov 15, 2022

This Wednesday, the Lost Ark team will officially adjust the skills tree effects. In order to avoid players being greatly affected by this adjustment, the team has been reminding players through various channels to prepare for the update in advance.

Just last night, the team also reminded players via an in-game message. However, due to a momentary negligence, Pheon was accidentally added to this message. It is also because of this vulnerability that today's extended downtime has been extended.

The adjustment of the Skill Tree Transfer System will be a major overhaul of Lost Ark. Because of the updated Skill Tree Transfer System, all the Skill Tree Effects will be automatically applied to players' equipment instead of their characters.

In order to avoid the loss of players, the Lost Ark team revealed a small part of the patch notes in this regard in advance and gave players a week to prepare. During this one-week period, players will only need to store the Skill Tree Effects that have been applied to their equipment and store them in the inventory. After the Skill Tree Transfer System is updated, apply it to their characters. If you haven't migrated all of your Skill Tree Effects before the official release of the full patch notes, this means that during the downtime, all of your Skill Tree Effects applied to gear will be lost.

Notice Skill Trees

The thoughtful Lost Ark team reminded players of the upcoming adjustments to the Tripod System through an in-game message last night. It was supposed to be a kind reminder. But due to their oversight, the message was sent with 10 Pheons inadvertently attached. Many players took advantage of this. They can claim this unexpected currency distribution on each character. Specifically, these 10 Pheons can be claimed as long as they simply delete one character and create another.

The team originally planned to remove Pheons claimed by players, but overturned this decision considering that players may have claimed them without their knowledge and the bug did not have much impact. Still, the team is actively working on solving the problem. They deleted all unclaimed "Notice: Skill Trees" emails. At the same time, they continued to extend maintenance downtime.

So far, the Lost Ark team has completed emergency maintenance in all areas except North America - West. And North America - West remains down for an extended period of time.

The above is the latest information about Lost Ark. We will update the article on our web,, as soon as the patch notes for the latest Lost Ark update are live. Instead of waiting, you might as well take a look at other services on our website. For example, you can buy cheap Lost Ark Gold and check news and guides of various games here. Don't hesitate, act now!


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