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Lost Ark: Feast With Friends - November Update

Posted: Nov 16, 2022

One of the events Lost Ark plans to update in November, which is called Feast With Friends, is officially released today, November 16th.

Early this morning, South Korean studio Smilegate released patch notes for the event. The patch notes are 7,000 words in length, mainly introducing the latest Lost Ark content drop, new classes coming soon, new progression events, optimized content, and in-game economic changes specially designed for cheaters.

In 2019 Lost Ark was released for the first time in Korea. Lost Ark officially launched to Western gamers earlier this year as Smilegate reached a publishing deal with Amazon Games. Once the game was released, it gained a large number of fans from all over the world. It is also because the game is very popular, so players often meet some bot problems when playing. The recent cheater purge that resulted in the banning of over a million Lost Ark accounts is a concrete manifestation of this problem.

Going back to the patch notes we just mentioned, it is mainly a specific introduction to the newly launched Lost Ark Reaper advanced class. As for Feast With Friends, which is released today, Smilegate mainly pre-announced its upcoming two new progression events, Punika Powerpass and Hyper Express. The Punika Powerpass will be available until January 18. The Hyper Express will run until February 8th. Since the Summoner advanced class will not be released until next month, you may wish to complete the above two time-limited content first.

Lost Ark's November update also includes a simplification of the game's UI. At the same time, the mechanism used to transfer Tripod Skill Tree upgrades to gear has also been further simplified. This means that you don't need to infuse every piece of your gear with the effects you want. Because the system will automatically send these enchantments to the Skill Book. All in all, compared to the other new gifting mechanics available in strongholds, Lost Ark is very friendly to new and experienced players alike.

Feast With Friends

About a month after the Mystics and Mayhem update, Feast With Friends will officially land on major platforms. So, I reckon Lost Ark's November update release tomorrow will still revolve around the regular content updates Smilegate has made to Lost Ark since the game's release. However, from today's release today, it is not difficult to guess that Lost Ark is still making efforts to combat cheaters. For example, to address inflation caused by bot accounts generating gold, the Lost Ark developers will be removing gold from Rapport and Welcome Quest rewards.

According to the data displayed by the Steam API, Lost Ark is very popular. Nearly 250,000 people have played Lost Ark in the last 24 hours. To keep these players entertained, the South Korean developer will definitely be pushing fast on content updates, especially considering the recent launch of the Lost Ark Season 2 Ark Pass.

If you are also following all the relevant news about Lost Ark, then you can pay attention to our web first, Once there is real-time information about Lost Ark, we will publish it on our website immediately. Of course, to help you progress through the game faster, IGGM also has cheap Lost Ark Gold for sale. Come and buy now!


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