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Lost Ark Skill Tree Transfer System Is Getting An Overhaul Next Week

Posted: Nov 11, 2022

Just next week, Lost Ark is getting a major update. This update will not only release a new Reaper advanced class but also make a major overhaul to the Skill Tree Transfer System (also known as the Tripod System).

As of now, the patch notes for this update have not been fully announced. The Lost Ark team still announced some details about the changes to the new system ahead of time. Among them, the most important point is that the effect of the Skill Tree in the new system will no longer be transferred to the equipment, but to your character. This means that all Skill Tree Effects on your gear will be removed immediately after the update.

In order to reduce the loss of players, the team specially reminded players to transfer the Skill Tree Effects in equipment to their Skill Tree Inventory in advance before November 16th. Otherwise, all Skill Tree Effects not stored in the Inventory will be lost.

If you don't know how to save Skill Tree Effects, you need to do the following:

1. Visit a Transfer Skill Tree vendor in a major city

2. Click the "Inventory" button

3. Select the Skill Tree Effect you want to save from the equipment

Skill Tree Transfer System

Please note that for repeated saving Skill Tree Effects, the system will transfer the highest level Skill Tree Effect first. Since new skills for certain classes will replace older skills in this update, players will be compensated for the Skill Tree Effects of those skills.

Finally, the team also specifically reminded players not to continue leveling up or buying additional slots. Because when the patch goes live on the 16th, the new system will not need the Skill Tree Inventory slot. At the same time, any crystals used to purchase additional slots will not be refunded when the system changes. However, all Skill Tree Effects stored in the extended Skill Tree Inventory slot will still be carried over to the new system.

Since Lost Ark has not officially released the updated patch content at present. If you want to know more details of this update, please pay attention to our web, As soon as there is definite news, we will update it on our website as soon as possible. You may wish to take a look at the other services on our website first. For example, here you can buy cheap Lost Ark Gold. In addition to this, we also provide free Lost Ark guides and news. Act now!


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