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Lost Ark's Reaper Class Is Coming Soon

Posted: Nov 10, 2022

Posted: Nov 10, 2022

Source:  IGGM

On November 16, Lost Ark will launch a new class called Reaper. She is the third Assassin advanced class after Deathblade and Shadowhunter. If you like fast thumping and fast escape combat, this new class is well worth your attention.

The biggest advantage of Reapers is her stealth capability. The class also has three attack modes that you can learn and control: Normal, Chaos, and Persona. Therefore, to maximize your stealth advantage, you need to learn to switch between these modes flexibly.

If you use Normal Mode, you need to spend a lot of time. If you use Persona Mode, you can access stealth-focused abilities such as Shadow Illusions and stealth attacks. You can trigger this mode in two ways, one is to fill up your Persona meter and the other is to find a way to hit enemies. After Persona Mode triggers, you can release Chaos Mode by filling up your Chaos meter. Although Chaos Mode only lasts 9 seconds, your crit rate, attack speed, and movement speed will be greatly increased during this time.


If you want to build your Reaper, you can use the game's class Engraving System. The first thing I would recommend is the Hunger class. This class can help you fill Chaos meter faster. You can also increase the attack power of your Reaper when the Chaos meter is filled. The other is Lunar Voice. If you use it in Persona Mode, it will greatly increase the base damage of Reaper's Swoop ability.

In addition, Reapers, like other classes, can also freely choose two Awakening Skills.

1. Lunar Eclipse: When you cast this ability, Cadenza summons a huge shadow area. Then you can pull and destroy enemies with the help of a shadow clone.
2. Solar Eclipse: When you cast this ability, you can melt into the shadows with the help of Requiem, inflicting devastating blows on enemies, knocking them into the air with the final blow.

The release of Reaper, like the previous Advanced class, will bring some additional surprises to players. First, if you can complete the Punika questline, you can get a new Powerpass. With the Powerpass, you can use Reaper in endgame content. The launch of Reaper also brought the Hyper Express event to players. If you participate in this event, you will get additional upgrade materials. This way, your item level can also quickly rise to 1,445.

Finally, I have another good news for you. Next month, Amazon and Smilegate RPG will release another Advanced class called Summoner. Let's look forward to it together!

For more information about Lost Ark, please head to At the same time, you can also buy cheap Lost Ark Gold here. If you encounter any problems during the browsing process, feel free to contact us 24 hours online customer service!


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