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Lost Ark: Naruni Island Soul Guide

Posted: Oct 14, 2022

Posted: Oct 14, 2022

Source:  IGGM

Naruni Island Soul

All Lost Ark players are working hard to complete the tasks in the game in order to make their characters in the best state. Not only will they farm rare artifacts and equipment, but they will also spend time finding collectibles. These include Island Souls, which players can collect through the Wall of Procyon in Lost Ark.
Naruni Island Soul is one of the easiest Island Souls that players generally reflect on. So, how to get Naruni Island Soul in Lost Ark? This guide will clear your doubts.

As I mentioned above, if you want to collect all the Island Souls, you first have to go through the Wall of Procyon. Then sail along the Central Procyon Sea, passing 17 different islands. Every island will have an Island Soul hidden, waiting for you to find it.

Therefore, you need to visit Naruni Island to find the Soul of Naruni. Simply put, when you land on the island, you first need to find an Environmental Researcher NPC. This NPC has a funny hat and a book in his hand. When you walk up to him, it will give you a quest called Naruni Go. As long as you complete this quest, you can get Naruni Island Soul.

To complete this quest, you only need to collect 101 Naruni. But you have to pick up all the Narunis on the island within the time limit. Therefore, I recommend that you study the game map in advance and choose to go to a place where has dense Naruni before collecting.

When you've finished collecting 101 Naruni, go back to the Environmental Researcher NPC and give him the 101 Naruni. As a reward, not only will you get some experience and items, but you'll also get one of the Island Souls you need, the Naruni Island Soul.

That's all for this guide. If you want to check more messages about Lost Ark, you can go to and there we have the latest news on any updates. Other than that, you can also buy cheap Lost Ark Gold there with good price and best online support, come to purchase!


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