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Lost Ark: Ark Pass Rewards

Posted: Oct 15, 2022

Ark Pass

This week, Lost Ark is about to receive a new round of updates. If players log in to the game after the update, they will get the following rewards. That includes three passes per person, one freebie, two pay-offs, and perks.

For completing the adrenal pass levels of any level, you will be rewarded with the entire country. So players need to work hard to complete all the missions during the game.

Meanwhile, players can get the Ark Pass for free without paying anything. The pass can also provide players with some useful rewards, such as Pheons, Honing Material Selection Chests, Pirate Coins and even a legendary Card Pack. It is worth noting that the advance rate, calculated by the Ark Pass, is included in all your earned from the roster. And the benefits you get from it are also rewarded by your roster.

Amazon also reminds players that the original $3,500 gold crystals and the new $2,500 platinum and red quartz coins will be available for purchase in the In-Game Store from the day the update is officially released. The best-selling items also include the Early World War II and the Deluxe Ark Passes, and will run until December 14, 2022. Players can also get their quest progress until January 18, 2023.

You can take part in any the game content sharing in with our players anytime, we hope our web could become your best assistant. If you want to buy cheap Lost Ark Gold, our web is your proper choice as well.


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