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Lost Ark: How To Complete Fragrance And Fish Quest

Posted: Feb 22, 2023

For now, Lost Ark is still trying to stick to more "lore-friendly" cosmetics, and will allow you to devise some astonishing outfit combinations. Note that we are ignoring the infamous Penguin Suit here. Of all the MMOs, Lost Ark is probably one of the few that's still experimenting with this kind of stuff. If you have a keen interest in Lost Ark fashion, and want to acquire the materials needed to craft these unique outfits, you'll need to complete certain quests.

If you want to get those rare materials, completing quests is a great way to do it. There are many quests in Lost Ark, one of which is Fragrance and Fish, which rewards you with much-needed resources and Lost Ark Gold. So, you should want to get this quest done as quickly as possible.

Lost Ark Fragrance and Fish Quest

What To Do To Complete Fragrance And Fish Quest?

If you want to start the Fragrance and Fish quest, you first have to sail to this place: Panda Island in the north of Anikka, also east of Pleccia.

After you reach Panda Island, you will find that there are two NPCs, one is Chungshu from the eastern area and the other is Puppa from the northern area. Since you're about to get the Fragrance and Fish quest, you'll want to head to Chungshu. Next, a mysterious Stone Tablet will appear for you to read. And this Stone Tablet will also guide you to visit the following three secret locations, which are a place behind a Stone Lantern, a place past the panda, and a place that crosses with the cliff. Here, there is a little secret, that is, you can use your mount, if you want to shorten this quest.

1. A Place Behind A Stone Lantern

Lost Ark Behind A Stone Lantern

First of all, the first hidden location you must visit is "behind a Stone Lantern." This Stone Lantern is very mysterious, and it is in the northeast of Chungshu. If you look at it from the world map above, it's actually a dead end. It doesn't matter, as long as you keep going along the path past the Stone Lantern, you will be able to meet a NPC.

2. A Place Past The Panda

Lost Ark Past The Panda

If you're going to find this secret area called "past the panda," you'll need to get to the west side of Panda Island first. Once you reach this location, near some trees, you'll find a lonely panda cub there. Then you just have to walk past the panda cub and into the woods, you will complete the next part of the quest.

3. A Place That Crosses With The Cliff

Lost Ark Crosses With The Cliff

Just south of the panda cub is the final location, which will lead you to a second hidden location. However, you will only be able to successfully reach the final secret area if you make the jump. In Lost Ark, there are many hidden mechanisms, and this is one of them. After you've reached the last secret area, it means you're about to complete the Fragrance and Fish quest. If you complete the quest, you'll get the following rewards, which include 6x Epic Lavish Guardian Stone Fragment Chest, x12 Epic Splendid Shard Chest M, 22x Splendid Destruction Stone Fragment Chest, 405 Experience, and 8,273 Silver.


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