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Lost Ark: Is It Still Worth Playing In 2023?

Posted: Feb 21, 2023

Posted: Feb 21, 2023

Source:  IGGM

Over time, MMO genre has lost much of its player base. This is mainly because MMO starts off with annoying “fetch’em” missions, and it doesn’t open up other new content, which makes players lose the novelty and don’t want to continue playing.

Lost Ark is also one of many games in MMO genre. Even though it has been frequently and unfairly banned for lack of player activity, it still maintains its remaining player base.

Lost Ark Reviews

That’s because Lost Ark has a lot of content to keep players hooked for hours on end, while the game also has endless quests to keep players engaged. It is difficult for players to complete a lengthy mission, especially Many Islands, One Legend, because the player is required to travel to various islands to complete the mission.

The Start Of Many Islands, One Legend Quest

Before starting to do the task, the player must go to a small island called White Wave located west of Arthetine.

Many Islands One Legend Lost Ark

After the player reaches White Wave Island, the player will see an NPC named Stranded Temma. Players must try to interact with this NPC and accept a quest called Lonely Island. Lonely Island is a quick quest that requires the player to talk to a Temma stranded on the beach, which will be completed much faster than The End Of The Trials quest.

Talk To Treasure Hunter Igran

Players need to go to Peyto Island alone, find Treasure Hunter Igran and ask for information about it, so that players can continue to complete the task of Many Islands, One Legend.

Peyto Island is on the west side of Anikka Island or the south side of Pleccia Island. No matter where the player starts from, he can find a suitable route. Treasure Hunter Igran is on Ship Deck Location on Peyto Island. Players need to find three hidden maps in order to talk to it.

Of course, if you want to find the three hidden maps as soon as possible, you can also get enough Lost Ark Gold from to upgrade equipment as soon as possible, complete tasks, and improve the game experience.

Find Hidden Map

The first hidden map is on Little Luck Island, and this small island is in the northwest corner of West Luttera. You can quickly find it on the map, it is just above the words “North Luterran Sea”. When players arrive at Little Luck Island, they need to simply interact with the palm trees on the island to get relevant information and dig out the map.

The second hidden map players can find on Outlaw Island. This island is in the northwest corner of Rethramis. Intuitively, it is located directly below the words Whispering Sea.

Lost Ark island quest

Players must conduct a comprehensive search of the island, until the prompt “Dig” pops up on the screen, the player can find it smoothly. Besides searching the map, players can also harvest some system rewards Loot Chests, which may be Harmony Shards that drop with a tiny chance.

And the third chapter hidden map is on White Wave Island, where many players first saw Stranded Temma. In the same way, players must conduct a thorough search on White Wave Island until the prompt “Dig” pops up.

Mission Accomplished

After completing the hidden map collection quest, the player can talk to Stranded Temma. Through a brief conversation with her, the player can learn how she came to White Wave Island, and the player can also get the following rewards:

  • Epic Splendid Shard Chest M x4
  • Epic Lavish Harmony Leapstone Chest x3
  • Epic Lavish Destruction Stone Fragment Chest x3
  • 85 Lost Ark Gold
  • 190 experience

The abundance of Many Islands, One Legend and other missions in Lost Ark has exploded players’ interest in it, and maintained the game community of Lost Ark. It proves that Lost Ark is also a game that players cannot give up in 2023.


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