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Lost Ark: A Quick Guide Of Hanumatan Guardian Raid

Posted: Feb 23, 2023

This article is a quick guide of Hanumatan, the angry monkey. We’ll go over mechanics you need to know and give some tips. Learn various tests reading the article. Let’s get into it.

Battle Items

You should prepare these battle items:

  • Number 1: Flare
  • Number 2&3: Pheromone Bomb
  • Number 4: Destruction Bomb

Buff Stacks

Before you meet the monkey, you should know that you can get buff stacks up to 40. It can be gained by hitting the monkey, and it can be lowered by getting hit by the monkey.

This buff gives you a more crit chance and lowers your cooldowns, so dodge attacks to sustain the buff.

Also, using pheromone bombs will allow you to sustain the buff you already stacked.

Lost Ark Hanumatan Guardian Raid

Three Part Destruction

Fighting Hanumaten, a total of three destruction has to be done to prevent dangerous attack.

Destruction moments appear after specific patterns, so you need to know which one comes out before the destruction timing. You don’t need to memorize them at all, so don’t worry.

As you encounter the boss, stay behind or beside the boss to dodge basic patterns. By the way, if you want to kill the boss more easily, using Lost Ark Gold to equip yourself will help you a lot.

1st Part Destruction

First part destruction: the boss slams the ground and the blue effect comes out. Counterattack the boss. Then the destruction mark appears. First destruction requires low destruction rates, so just use one or two skills that has destruction effect on it.

If your party has failed destruction or not, a second chance is given. If the boss reaches a certain HP, the stagger bar appears below the boss and the boss attacks four directions. Stagger the boss for free DPS, soon the boss leaves.

So, number two should throw pheromone bomb as stagger begins. Using the pheromone bomb, Hanumaten comes back, slamming the ground. Get out of the fog and then come back in.

Lost Ark Hanumatan Guardian Raid 2

2nd Part Destruction

Moving on the second part destruction. The boss charges energy for a skill that looks like soulfists ult. Don’t attack the boss as it’s a reflected pattern.

Soon, the blue effect comes out. Counterattack the boss and destruct the monkey. Second chance is given afterwards. The boss creates dangerous zones with wind, ice or flame.

Dodge those attacks and stagger the boss. Counterattack right after the stagger. Then a second chance is given.

3rd Part Destruction

Third part destruction. The boss roars and grabs players at front. If someone got grabbed, counterattack after three normal attacks. Keep some distance before three normal attacks. Destruction mark appears after the counterattack.

Number four should throw the destruction bomb right away. If destruction is done well after the grab pattern, the next pattern becomes a lot easier. Three punches in a row and counterattack

However, if you failed the grab pattern or if the pattern was skipped, this happens. The boss punches five times in a row with flame or ice. Run toward the front doging flame or ice. Counterattack the fist after the fifth punch for free DPS timing.

Last destruction must be done to safely defeat the monkey. Number four must throw the destruction bomb if the grab pattern was skipped.

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Turn White

Then, the monkey will turn white. Smash spacebar to solve the imprison pattern and kill the monkey.

If party DPS is above average, there will be no other mechanics, but basic patterns.

Green Symbol Pattern

However, if DPS is low, one simple mechanic is added. White monkey draws green symbol that move around. Step on the moving symbol to survive.


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