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Last Epoch: How About This Formidable Tempest Strike Storm Shaman Build?

Posted: Feb 22, 2024

If you're on the lookout for a build that combination of agility, strength and the devastating force of elemental attacks, then this meticulously crafted build of Last Epoch is made for you. I have every confidence that it will excel in the game and elevate your gaming experience to new heights!

Last Epoch: How About This Formidable Tempest Strike Storm Shaman Build?


First, let's discuss the skills in the build. I'm prioritizing Tempest Strike as our primary damage-dealer. While it may not directly deal damage, it serves as the main catalyst for our build. Additionally, I've included Gathering Storm, Fury Leap, Summon Storm Totem, and Earthquake to complement the strategy.

The core idea behind the build revolves around swift attacks and triggering on-hit effects. Within the Tempest Strike skill tree, we're focusing on maxing out Grand Cyclone and Thunderous Storm. These choices enhance our chances of casting Wind Tempest and Thunder Tempest. Ceaseless Typhoon, found on the right side, grants us the opportunity to cast Tornado whenever Wind Tempest is activated.

How It Works

When craft this build, you should also ensure you have sufficient amount of Last Epoch Gold. Now, let's delve into why this build has such incredible potential. Tempest Strike's rapid attack rate allows us to trigger Wind Tempest and Thunder Tempest frequently. Wind Tempest summons Tornado, which, in turn, can summon Storm Bolts and Storm Orbs. Moreover, our passive tree enables us to summon Storm Bolts through Tempest Strike and grants a chance to summon boulders from Avalanche.

It's crucial to note that all these effects are spells, allowing us to effectively scale their damage. Earthquake contributes to the build not only by dealing Lightning damage but also by providing 6 seconds of Haste and Frenzy, granting us increased movement and attack speed. When combined with other sources of attack speed like Warm Shelter and Ancestral Swiftness, our attacks will become exceptionally fast.

Regarding Tornado, besides its role in increasing our Lightning damage and casting more Storm Bolts, it offers benefits like Aspect of the Storm, boosting movement and attack speed, and enhancing mana regeneration. Similarly, Storm Totem focuses on passive bonuses such as increased shock chance, movement speed, and Lightning damage, while also creating a Lightning Nova upon destruction.

Last Epoch Tempest Strike

Gear Setup

In terms of the Last Epoch Items we use, our focus is on optimizing spell damage for Tempest Strike while ensuring adequate defensive capabilities. Here's a breakdown of our choices:

  • Helmet: Prioritize spell damage enhancements for Tempest Strike.
  • Amulet: Utilize the Imbued Omnis, although its rarity is uncertain, due to its significant benefits. Open to suggestions for alternative options.
  • One-handers: Opt for Tempest Maw for both weapons, emphasizing increased melee attack speed to synergize with the build's mechanics.
  • Chest Armor: Selected Primal Static Shell, which complements the build's strategy, particularly due to its +4 bonus to Tempest Strike and accompanying spell damage increase. Consideration given to the potential replacement of unique items with normal ones for easier stat customization.
  • Belt: Prioritize increased Lightning damage.
  • Rings: Focuson increased spell damage and Critical Strike Chance.
  • Gloves: Emphasize melee attack speed and including increased Critical Strike Chance. Considering the importance of mitigating damage from critical strikes in gameplay.
  • Boots: Opt for Stormtide to enhance movement speed, supplementing the already substantial mobility.
  • Relic: Choose implicit damage converted to health and prioritizing the Critical Strike multiplier, along with increased Critical Strike Chance.


For the idols, outside of the chance to cast boulders on hit, I just kind of stacked armor and health on all the small ones of Resounding Ornate Heorot Idol of Vigor. And I got a little more health and spell damage on the Vigorous Large Nomad Idol of Stars. I’m pretty sure some of these Idol slots are going to be used to min-max your resistances.


For the blessings, I choose Grand Body of Obsidian for the armor, Grand Bulwark of the Tundra for the armor, Grand Memory of Masters for the class-specific drop rate, Grand Resolve of Humanity for the all resist. Grand Hope of the Beginning for the prefixed Shard drop rate. Grand Mysteries of the Deep for the 50% chance to shred lightning resistance on hit.

Then I go for Grand Scars of Blood for the increased one-handed axe drop rate. I figured we needed 2 of them, so may as well go for the increased drop rate. Go for Grand Hunger of the Void for the spell Leech. I put Grand Vision of the Aurora because I was thinking that amulets are small, so they’re not going to take up as much space if you get more of them. And then I use the Grand Favor of Souls for the 100% increased Ornate Idol drop rate.

Last Epoch Blessings

Skill Tree

Our primary focus is on acquiring Harmony of Blades, with the remaining points allocated towards enhancing damage or health. While emphasizing buffs to Attunement, we also benefit from a 25% attack speed bonus while a totem is active, which significantly enhances our effectiveness. Points are strategically distributed to reach Thunder Strike, providing a 50% chance to cast a Storm Bolt with every melee attack. Although Complex's effect has changed, it remains valuable, offering area increase for skills and reducing damage from shocked enemies.

Limited adjustments were made, prioritizing effectiveness over extensive investment. 10 points are allocated, but these can be reevaluated if more crucial opportunities arise elsewhere. Key priorities include acquiring Boar Heart and maximizing the effectiveness of Rending Maw. To achieve this, we invest 8 points in Ursine Strength, granting a 16% reduction in damage from nearby enemies. Call of the Pack contributes to our survivability, facilitating progression towards Rending Maw.

Furthermore, Hunters of the Deep ensures sustained activation of Aspect of the Shark, providing an additional 10% melee attack speed boost. Finally, Bore Heart grants a substantial 15% damage reduction through Aspect of the Bore. These selections collectively create a resilient yet potent build, capable of delivering significant damage while maintaining survivability.


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