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News Tag: Last Epoch Gold

  • Last Epoch: Trying Out These Mods Will Drastically Improve Your Quality Of Life!

    Posted: Apr 10, 2024

    Do you often feel that some troublesome little things in Last Epoch affect your gaming experience? Do you want to get some mods to improve your quality of life? If so, then don’t miss this guide.

    Here, we will share some quality of life mods to help you automatically pick up shards, glyphs and gold dropped in the game, making your game easier. We’ll also guide you through the installation process, which is actually pretty simple.

    Before jumping in, I must remind you that since they require external mods to be installed, you can only use them in full offline mode. If you want to play online, this won’t help you. Now, let’s get started!

    Recommended Mods Available

    First, let me show you what these mods actually do. In Last Epoch, you actually get some quality of life improvements. But keep in mind that these mods also allow you to basically cheat your own game in a single player. You can maximize your character level, change mastery, increase stats or drop any item you want.

    However, I will not discuss these cheating options. Because in my opinion, they ruin the mastery experience. By using these cheats, you lose all the fun in the game and therefore you will get bored with Last Epoch quickly. So what’s the point?

    So the quality of life mods I use are: auto-pickup shards, glyphs and gold, disable material pickup notifications, auto-store materials, enhance item tooltips. You can also automatically pick up filtered items. But personally, I don’t like this option because I found that the loot filter in Last Epoch didn’t filter out enough items in order to allow auto pick up of items.

    Auto-Pickup Mod

    Back to shards and the gold pickup mod. With Auto pickup mechanic you can’t see Last Epoch Gold popping up on the screen at any time, so it makes the screen less cluttered.

    Disable Material Pickup Notifications Mod

    I also disabled material pickup notifications. If you decide not to disable these notifications, the quick UI pop-up for picking up shards will cause a significant drop in FPS. So if you decide to use auto-pickup, I highly recommend turning this feature on.

    Auto-Store Materials Mod

    Auto storing is also very helpful in preventing the extra unnecessary step of going into inventory and clicking Store Materials. Now you won’t even see that you are picking up these materials because you won’t be notified. This also means your inventory will fill up quickly.

    There are very few options for this feature and I like the ability to store material every 10 seconds.

    Enhance Item Tooltips Mod

    We then made an enhancement to the item tooltip, which shows which loot filtering rule applies to that specific item.

    There are many uses for this mod. One is when you want to organize your collection, or say you updated your loot filter and want to see which items are worth keeping, or you might want to see if the loot filter is working as expected? This is a neat feature.

    Legendary Potential Filter Mod

    Then we have my favorite QoL mod in Last Epoch, which is showing whether you already own a unique item and, if so, what legendary potential it has.

    Because over time you will collect many unique items, and you just want to remember what legendary potential you already have. This feature can make our lives easier and help us clean up some junk, especially since the developers did not add legendary potential as a filter option.

    Will Mods Be Banned?

    Maybe this sounds good to you, but you might be worried about whether this could get you banned from Last Epoch. The answer is no. If you play in full offline mode, then you don’t have to worry about being banned!

    How To Install?

    So that being the case, how do you install these mods?

    First, we need to download the required files. All mods require Melon loader, so even if you decide to skip some mods I’m using, you’ll still need to download Melon loader.

    Next, we install Melon loader by running the exe file. In the installer, we click “Select” in the automatic click and point to Last Epoch game folder where the game is installed.

    There we select Last Epoch exe file. Then we uncheck “Latest” in the version options and select version 0.6.1. This is an important step, as this mode may not work with the latest versions of Melon loader. Finally, we click Install.

    Once the installation is complete, we’ll go to Steam to make sure we launch the game in full offline mode. Go to your library and go to Last Epoch page. Click the gear preference button on the right side of the screen and click Properties.

    In the general window we have “Launch Options”. I selected it as “Always offline” because I didn’t want to have to answer this question every time I launched the game.

    Next, you should launch the game at least once before installing any more mods. This ensures that all required files are created for Melon loader.

    Also, we must also unpack the downloaded mod file. We copy the mod’s dll extension file and return to the game’s installation folder.

    Now we can find the new folder created by Melon loader inside it. What we need here is “Mods” folder into which we will paste the mod’s dll files. Once we repeat this for all the mods we want to install, we can now launch the game.

    Default enables item tooltip enhancements. We can’t turn them on and off from the game panel. However, auto pickups must be turned on manually.

    Now you have the mod installed and ready to use. But to uninstall mods you need to delete dll files from mods folder or completely uninstall Melon loader to remove all of them.

    Anyway, I hope you found this Last Epoch mod guide useful. While our options are currently very limited, I’m sure the modding community will make more mods over time. Looking forward to seeing you in the game!

  • Last Epoch: Unleash The Power Of Detonating Arrow Marksman To Conquer Boss Fight

    Posted: Apr 09, 2024

    Today, our focus will be on the Detonating Arrow Marksman of Last Epoch. With simple item swaps, no need for any passive or specialization point adjustments, you can boost your damage against bosses significantly. This offers the perfect balance for smooth Monolith runs coupled with remarkably rapid boss takedowns.

    Melee Detonating Arrow

    This is a Melee version of Detonating Arrow, and we can use Jelkhor's Blast Knife to accomplish this, which also grants additional specialization points for Detonating Arrow. By utilizing Eye of Reen and Julra’s Stardial, you can take the boss damage potential of this build to another level.

    Eye of Reen provides an 84% chance to gain a stack of Reen’s Ire for 5 seconds on Melee crit, synergizing with the build's high critical strike chance. Each stack increases the Melee critical strike multiplier, amplifying the build’s damage and fire damage over time.

    The focus lies on maximizing the Melee critical strike multiplier. By using the Traversal skill, we gain increased attack speed and double the effect on the Legendary Potential. For example, a 25% increased attack speed, using Shift would grant 50%, leading to over 1,000% critical strike multiplier potential when combined with Eye of Reen. Equipping 2 Julra's Stardials doubles this effect.

    While the Jelkhor's Blast Knife can be equipped at Level 36, this build becomes fully viable once you’re able to equip these knives. Prior to that, you can use a bow for a ranged version of the build.

    Eye of Reen requires a level of 70, meaning to utilize Legendary Potential, you'll need to clear Tier 3 Temporal Sanctum with a capable character. This build setup cost a large amount of Last Epoch Gold and requires the Core of the Mountain, only obtainable from Tier 4 Lightless Arbor.

    Mana Management

    Now, the biggest thing with this build is managing your mana. Automated Bombardment has an additional 70% chance for that Trap Sprinkler node to activate at the cost of 11 more mana. It also allows Explosive Traps to have a chance to throw at enemies within a nearby distance, and we can have the addition of Acid Flask with this build as well.

    We can go in and just expend our entire mana pool and allow that damage to kill the boss all in one go. You’ll use Shift for mobility, or you can use it defensively to keep your character alive, and then you throw out a number of traps in the field that you want to develop with this build.

    Skills & Specializations

    Shift and Shuriken are a very popular combo for Marksman. Shift has a reduced cooldown and a chance to grant us increased movement speed, which can synergize with our passive tree, providing additional damage. The major function of Shuriken is to increase their duration and boost our armor while active. We can Shift, become invulnerable, cleanse ailments, and gain armor simultaneously.

    Through these specializations, we can also gain Haste and cause Blind on enemies, enhancing our survivability. With Acid Flask, the efficiency of this build is greatly improved since it activates automatically.

    Detonating Arrow is the skill we aim to trigger through explosive traps, primarily to deal massive damage. Lightning Tendrils penetrate a significant 60% of lightning resistance, while increasing the arming time of Detonating Arrow enhances its damage upon detonation.

    Gear Recommendations

    The best recommendation would be to swap Eye of Reen in for bosses, and if you have the Julra's Stardial with throwing attack speed on it, you would swap that in as well. For general Echo, you’ll actually want to run something with throwing damage and minus throwing attack mana cost. This will help your mana conservation and just give you a smoother experience through the Monoliths.

    The Devotion is also a good option, adding some additional lightning damage and lightning penetration. Alternatively, you can also run the Apostate's Sanctuary, as this will give you more damage to bosses and rare enemies.

    Foot of the Mountain will grant you a stack of Mountain's Endurance whenever you aren’t moving. This allows 100% of dodge rating to convert to Endurance Threshold, and you can get an enormous amount of Endurance Threshold, and you can easily hit this 60% Endurance cap even when you are moving. Pair that with some solid armor and a high chance to dodge.

    The final Mountain item that we use in this setup is Peak of the Mountain. This just supplies an enormous amount of critical strike chance to the build and allows you to proc the Eye of Reen stacks even faster. Getting some Legendary Potential on the best pieces to swap for bosses that’ll help take the build to another level. And overall, the character is actually very tanky.

  • Last Epoch: How To Successfully Clear All 3 Dungeons? - Lightless Arbor, Soulfire Bastion & Temporal Sanctum

    Posted: Apr 01, 2024

    There are three dungeons in Last Epoch. Although it may be a little less compared to other MMOs, each dungeon is unique, with its own independent theme, mechanics and rewards. But all dungeons have one thing in common, Scheme.

    In each dungeon, you explore a large area where you must find one of two available exits. Each exit provides perks unique to that dungeon and increases enemy health and damage. You repeat this exploration process twice and then must face the dungeon’s boss.

    In this guide, let’s talk about each individual dungeon in Last Epoch and its mechanics. Don’t forget, to successfully pass all dungeons, it is crucial to reserve enough Last Epoch Gold.

    Lightless Arbor Dungeon

    First up, we have Lightless Arbor Dungeon. The unique mechanic of this dungeon is Crystal-like lantern that helps you deal with the ever-present darkness.

    Crystals have a limited amount of light. Each time you take a hit, the light resource is consumed proportionally to the amount of health you gained from the hit.

    You can recover the light resource by defeating the large orange crystals you find while exploring the dungeon. When your light runs out, you’re basically screwed. Because when enemies aren’t illuminated by your crystals, they deal more damage and take significantly less damage.

    The boss of Lightless Arbor has two stages. In the first phase, you can’t actually deal direct damage to the boss. Instead, this phase requires you to burn the kindling located on either side of the area.

    First, you need to destroy the wall protecting the kindling, and then you can burn the kindling while near it. During this stage, mobs will spawn and the boss will cast an AOE attack. After burning two kindling, the boss will collapse and you can approach them.

    Here, you can actually directly damage the boss’ heart, which is located in the center of the arena. This phase will revolve around avoiding the two major attacks and dealing with the mobs the boss spawns.

    The attack of the boss in this copy is actually very simple. First, he has an AOE attack, which requires you to be close to the boss. He then has a beam attack that you can easily dodge by moving to the other side of the boss. There is also a third attack, which forms a cone-shaped AOE in front of the boss towards you, so you’d better keep moving.

    Lightless Arbor is basically the gold sink in Last Epoch for rewards. After defeating the boss, you can enter the vault room. At the vault door, you can choose the rewards you want to purchase.

    The trick is that every time you choose not to purchase a reward, the next reward will be more expensive than the others. You can now see some items on the screen that are unique to that dungeon and cannot be obtained outside of the dungeon.

    Soulfire Bastion Dungeon

    Next, let’s talk about Soulfire Bastion. The unique system of this dungeon is your permanent immunity barrier.

    Since Soulfire Bastion’s enemies and environmental hazards deal Necro and Fire damage, you can switch between barriers that prevent both types of damage.

    You can tell which type of damage an enemy is using by the color: green is Necro damage, while red is Fire damage.

    At lower levels or when your build is overwhelmed, it’s not as important to take advantage of this mechanic. But in tier 4 of the dungeon, you have to utilize this mechanic correctly to survive.

    Soulfire Bastion boss also requires you to use the correct barrier. You should change the barrier based on the color of your flooring. It always starts with Fire damage. Both will mainly project a circular AOE that shrinks towards the boss. Therefore, I recommend using teleport or other Traversal skills to dodge AOE and avoid damage.

    This boss has few other attacks and is easy to avoid. So just focus on the colors of the floor and AOE circles.

    Now, speaking of rewards, Soulfire Bastion has a gambling-based reward system. Souls can be obtained by killing enemies in the dungeon, and can be exchanged for items at the end of the dungeon through gambling.

    It’s important to note that switching barrier types in a dungeon also requires the use of soul currency, so the fewer you switch, the more you save.

    Temporal Sanctum Dungeon

    Finally, we have Temporal Sanctum. The unique mechanic of this dungeon is traveling between two different eras.

    Some areas on the map were inaccessible when the gates were closed in one era, but open in another alternate timeline. So basically you’ll be constantly switching between eras, trying to find your way through the dungeon to one exit.

    The boss Julra in Temporal Sanctum also requires you to switch between eras to avoid taking damage.

    The first clear sign of an era of transition is the screen-wide AOE. This attack takes a moment to charge up, so you don’t have to switch immediately, but don’t wait too long or you’ll die. Once Julra attacks, she will enter another era with you.

    Next, she projects a beam of light that rotates clockwise. You can dodge damage by keeping your character in the gaps between the beams.

    Defeating the boss will net us the unique reward of all dungeons in Last Epoch: the ability to craft legendary items.

    Legendary items are a combination of unique gear and Exalted Items. Legendary items retain all stats of unique items and have the affixes of Exalted Item added. This is your invincible best partner in Last Epoch dungeons.

    That’s all for Last Epoch dungeon guide. I hope it’s useful for you. Good luck!

  • Last Epoch: Master The Tier 4 Boss Mechanics Of Lightless Arbor To Success

    Posted: Apr 01, 2024

    Welcome to this Lightless Arbor dungeon guide of Last Epoch! Today, I will show you the mechanics of both bosses in the Lightless Arbor dungeon with this Last Epoch guide. I will encompass fundamental principles to enhance your success, irrespective of the dungeon tier you’re tackling.

    Lightless Arbor is known for dropping Unique Mountain items, collectively known as the Mountain Set. Items like Peak, Foot, Face, and Core of the Mountain are highly sought after and serve as BiS gear for many meta and powerful builds in the current game meta.

    About The Dungeon

    You’ll need to clear each tier in order to unlock the subsequent one. These tiers are going to have modifiers that increase enemy damage and health as you progress further. In this guide, we’re going to focus on Tier 4.

    Tiers 1 through 3 are easy, and you should be able to clear the tiers as your character progresses and reaches higher levels. You may need a meta character or a powerful build to clear this dungeon successfully.

    Navigate The First Floor

    To progress through the dungeon, focus on locating 2 corners: either the lower left or the upper right. In these corners, you’ll find 2 doors leading to the next floor. Identifying the lower left corner early, marked by a special corner, indicates that the door to the next floor will be along that edge of the map.

    Disregard the middle and right sides of the map, focusing solely on running along this edge until you find one door. After finding the first door, assess its modifiers, aiming for the lowest modifiers to enemy damage and health to increase success chances. Proceed to compare the modifiers of the second door before choosing your path forward.

    Use The Burning Amber

    Upon reaching the next floor, advance until you encounter a root wall. Destroying it grants access to Kindling inside. Approach the Kindling to initiate its burning process, indicated by its health bar increasing until it is full.

    Alternatively, use the 'D' button to send your Burning Amber onto the Kindling, accomplishing the same outcome. This method is recommended, especially for dealing with boss mechanics. Locate the door in the pathways and proceed through it.

    Bypass Blockades

    Identical to the first floor, subsequent floors may feature blockades such as rocks or fallen tree parts. Aim to locate the lower left or upper right corner to proceed and navigate around blockades accordingly.

    The doors will always be positioned in these corners, streamlining your search process and reducing your time spent. Upon reaching the upper right corner, continue along the edge, searching for potential openings.

    Select The Next Door

    After locating a corner, proceed along the edge, keeping an eye out for any potential openings where doors may be located. Assess the modifiers of both doors carefully, prioritizing lower modifiers for increased success chances. After selecting the preferred door, proceed through it to advance to the next floor.

    Dungeon Boss Fights

    Upon entering the pass-through room before the final bosses, you can interact with an NPC if desired. Although no door is shown on the mini-map, it will always be located in the northern direction. Clicking on it and selecting 'proceed' will bring you to the boss fight, where the battle begins as soon as you enter.

    Mountain Beneath Exterior

    It's advisable to head to the left side initially. Break the root wall and use Amber to ignite the Kindling. Move to the right side of the map afterward. If your damage output allows, break down the root wall on the right. Wait on the right side for the large AOE attack, which occurs first on the left side.

    Time your movement or use traversal skills to dodge the attack. Utilize the 'D' key to manage the Kindling: return it to your character and then send it to the next pile. Dodge falling projectiles while waiting for the next AOE.

    Avoid getting stunned, which is common in this encounter. Move to the left side to avoid certain mechanics. Return the Kindling to progress to the next area. If using a ward build, ensure it's replenished or wait for cooldowns.

    Mountain Beneath Interior

    The next boss encounter begins immediately and includes one-shot mechanics, so stay alert and prioritize safety. Aim to position yourself opposite to the single beam, as it splits and targets your character.

    Maneuver around obstacles, dodge spinning orbs, and approach the boss cautiously to avoid the impending AOE attack. Successfully navigating these mechanics is essential for clearing Tier 4. Clearing Tier 4 offers advantages, including unique item drops exclusive to this difficulty level.

    If you're not seeking these specific items, consider farming a lower difficulty level for easier gameplay. Despite potentially lower drop rates for other items, the lower difficulty modifier makes progression smoother.

    Vault Of Uncertain Fate

    After acquiring the Vault of Uncertain Fate, another entrance will appear, not shown on the mini-map. It leads to additional chests beyond the dungeon, which you can accept or decline. You can do this repeatedly until you run out of gold. There's no time limit, but accepting can be costly, so ensure you're prepared to spend the necessary Last Epoch Gold.

    These modifiers are applied immediately, and you can continue declining or accepting as desired. The items from these chests are random, although you can influence them with modifiers. Exiting the dungeon leads to the next zone, Corrupted Lake, or you can use the map to navigate elsewhere.

  • Last Epoch 1.0: A Thorough Guide On How To Craft The Hungering Souls Warlock

    Posted: Mar 28, 2024

    Hi, gamers! Welcome to this brand new Hungering Souls Warlock build guide for Last Epoch 1.0. It capitalizes on elevated ignite probabilities and bonuses derived from multiple Hungering Souls projectiles and the Chthonic Fissure, ensuring a thrilling and dynamic gaming experience.

    You can strike a lot of enemies around you with Hungering Souls and pretty much use additional abilities to stock ignites around yourself. It can also survive well thanks to low-life mechanics and Profane Veil by itself. Let’s go forward and see what exactly is needed for the build to work and what we need to aim for.

    Build Overview

    When discussing how the build operates, our primary focus lies in leveraging Hungering Souls as our major method of igniting adversaries. To enhance this approach, we employ Soulfire, a distinct Relic that grants an extra opportunity to ignite targets with fire and necrotic abilities. By altering Hungering Souls, it ignites enemies instead of poisoning them, resulting in a higher likelihood of igniting them and amplifying spell damage.

    To survive better, we are using the low-life setup that contains Frostbite Shackles, Shackled Last Steps of the Living, and Exsanguinous. That way, we can get a lot of constant willpower which is so easy to regenerate, especially if they’re hiding in the Profane Veil.

    Active Skills

    Hungering Souls: This is our primary skill. We can acquire Soul Swarm to increase the number of projectiles, and Domain of On Death since we're not particularly concerned about the width of the cone. We cast our Hungering Souls in sequences. Enabling us to cast continuously without interruption, with only 3 mana costs.

    We opt for the Descent into Madness because our focus is primarily on damage over time. Nodes such as Life Hunt significantly enhance our casting speed, while Lament provides additional willpower when casting Hungering Souls directly.

    Infernal Shade: With this skill, we just need to take our basics. Hellfire will help us to share fire resistance. We can take Hellfire for additional maximum Shreds, and Blaze Shade can help too with dealing more damage to the enemies, especially when we’re just using a Profane Veil to stack Shreds itself.

    We’re also taking Lingering Flames for Shreds to stay on the ground because it will rise their effectiveness overall. 5 Points into Duration will help a lot as well and is definitely recommended, together with Increased Area, because that way they can overlap and hit more enemies.

    Chthonic Fissure: Torment curse is used mostly for every clearing since we don't really achieve that good with Hungering Souls. We use Mantle of Flames to boost our ignite chance, complemented by the supportive abilities of Pyrochasm and Ash Cloud. Fell Fire serves to facilitate the spread of our ignites, while Fragile Crust addresses mana concerns. This setup enables us to utilize Chthonic Fissure efficiently for swiftly clearing packs of enemies.

    Transplant: The most important part is Violent Emergence because that way we’ll be able to kill our enemies with the kill threshold of 15%. That way, we can pretty much just finish all the bosses with the blink, and it works well. We’re also getting the Bone Armor because it’s a strong bonus together with Apostacy for Bone Armor duration. Acolyte’s Fervor will provide frenzy for 3 seconds and is definitely recommended too.

    Profane Veil: This is a surviving skill. We’ll need Spirit Plate for protecting us against damage over time. 3 points on the Eternal Blasphemy to move faster around and we have higher duration. Unholy Reveal is also good because then we can cleanse all ailments. Penetrating Gaze is also a nice bonus, and we can get Infernal Deliverance because we are using Shreds. That way we can just stack our Shreds with Profane Veil and it works well in a combo.

    Passive Trees

    Next, let's talk about our passive tree that starts from Acolyte. We’re just taking Blood Aura and Blood Pact because that way we’ll lose our health more often. We’re also getting Forbidden Knowledge because stacking intelligence is the best way to get Willpower retention. The Manon of Mortality and Natural Preservation will stack our Willpower retention even higher.

    Moving to the Warlock, 5 points into Spiteful Decay will help with base damage over time and health. Chaos Flame is very important just to get a ignite chance of fire skills. Occultist' Mind is completely amazing, so try to get it as fast as possible because that way you will get a lot of manas from Intelligence.

    Infernal Lash is the most important skill in the tree because that way we are getting a lot of ignite chance and we can just use Scorched Reach for additional fire damage.

    Then let’s turn to the Lich. Dance with Death will just boost our damage together with Mental Cacophony just to get more mana and Willpower retention. That way we can reach the maximum amount of damage through our passives and to get a lot of intelligence for high Willpower retention.

    Gear Setup

    When discussing our gear, the pivotal one is the Cuirass of Perseverance, emphasizing the importance of stacking elemental damage over time and the chance to ignite. These stats are paramount for our build's effectiveness. For our helmet, the Boneclamor Barbute stands out, particularly when augmented with additional levels of Hungering Souls for enhanced utility.

    In our low-life setup, Exsanguinous, Last Steps of the Living and Frostbite Shackles form the cornerstone. Exsanguinous depletes our current health to convert it into missing health, subsequently converted into Willpower. This synergizes with Last Steps of the Living and Frostbite Shackles, granting a continuous buff of 15% of missing health gained as Willpower per second.

    Soulfire relic is essential and should be equipped in the belt slot to ensure our Hungering Souls ignite rather than poison. It grants an extra chance to ignite with fire and necrotic skills, aligning perfectly with our build. For the belt, we use the Praetorian Belt to prioritize elemental damage over time, health, and potentially cleanse attributes.

    Ashes of Mortality serves as a valuable ring, offering cast speed, Willpower retention, and fire damage. It can also aid in Willpower mitigation, particularly when augmented with increased damage over time.

    The secondary ring we choose the Abyssal Ivory Ring of Hope, which focus on providing Void Resistance and critical strike avoidance, while also emphasizing increased elemental damage over time and a chance to ignite for additional DPS amplification. You have the flexibility to decide which items best suit your needs base on the amount of Last Epoch Gold.

    Idols & Blessings

    Talking about idols, we will need Vigorous Large Immortal Idols with elemental resistance and health, so that will help us to cap our Elementals. Throne of Ambition is a nice boost to our whole DPS kit because they’re doing a lot of fire damage and they are hitting enemies very often. That’s why it’s so easy to just maintain the maximum amount of stacks when they are fighting the boss or the rare enemy.

    For the remaining small idols, we can choose for Blighted Small Eterran Idols to bolster our physical resistance and damage over time, along with Void Resistance and damage over time. This diversification helps us shore up our resistances effectively.

    Last, for blessings, these choices are my recommendation:

    • Grand Flames of the Black Sun
    • Grand Survival of Might
    • Grand Bulwark of the Tundra
    • Body of Obsidian
    • Grand Light of the Moon


    That’s for today’s Hungering Souls Warlock build. It is very fun to play it and I think it is potential, depending on the situation and on corruption that you’re able to push. Ignite now is not the best damage over time, but it still can deal with most of the enemies.

  • Last Epoch: Maximize The Potential Of Wraithlord Necromancer - Endgame Build Guide

    Posted: Mar 22, 2024

    Prepare for an exciting new guide on crafting the WraithLord Necromancer in the Last Epoch. This guide will be unveiling thrilling combos and sharing the tricks you can not miss, all aimed at unleashing staggering amounts of damage with the Necromancer. Without wasting time, let's just dive in!

    Gear Setup

    Relic: In our setup, a significant highlight arises from a particular relic - Ambitions of an Erased Acolyte, especially when the corruption level surpasses 2,000. This Relic, being a waiver item, cannot be directly crafted onto, but upon granting waiver status, its stats come into play.

    Helmet: When selecting gear, our focus will be on the helmet called Wraithlord's Harbour, which emphasizes intelligence, critical avoidance, and increased health, while also boosting the levels of the WraithLord. Following a specific guide, having plus 4 ranks to Wraithlord is considered acceptable.

    Comparing intelligence and Wraithlord, both offer similar stats, but prioritizing intelligence provides a slight edge in warding retention. With close to 1,200 warding retention, we can enhance survivability. While intelligence contributes to direct minion damage and skill levels, making it ideal for offense, opting for more defense may favor intelligence for increased ward retention.

    Gloves: Moving on to the gloves, they enable us to stack uncapped cold resistance. The Frostbite Shackles may be familiar, often appearing in a variety of styles, especially Marksman's gloves. For optimal performance, aiming for tier 7 or at least tier 5 versions is crucial when crafting these gloves.

    Belt: A standout feature of the build is the Jungle Queen’s belt, which offers up to 16 potion slots and the ability to summon zombies while consuming potions. To optimize efficiency, I suggest limiting the number of zombies summoned. Ideally, one should refrain from exceeding tier 4 for the Summon Zombies effect, ensuring that only 3 zombies are summoned with each potion use.

    Boots: Similarly, our Last Steps of the Living boots play a vital role in granting additional warding based on missing health. Of utmost importance is the experimental affix, particularly for acquiring the minions teleportation spell. This traversal spell, facilitated by the experimental effect attached to the boots, is indispensable for the setup.

    Weapon: Our weapon called Reach of the Graves serves to enhance the spell damage of our minions while also boosting casting speed, thereby amplifying overall damage output. You can also reserve some Last Epoch Gold to obtain better gear and ensure a smoother gaming experience.

    Idols & Blessings

    Now, briefly going through the idols and blessings. Half of the idols we choose are Stout Lagonian Idols with cold resistance and also increased health, while the other idol are opted to go for Large Immortal Idols with increased health and also health percentage together with more ward retention and also increased health. It also went for 1 idol for the chance to apply for Marked for Death, which will increase our minion’s narcotic damage.

    In terms of the blessings, we’re going quite defensive with the Grand Echo of Solarum for increased void resistance, Grand Survival of Might for increased critical strike avoidance, Grand Body of Obsidian for increasing armor, and also Grand Resolve of Grael for increasing physical resistance together with Grand Grace of Water for additional ward decay threshold and also posing usage. You’ll be getting more warding and also more threshold.

    Skill Rotations

    When it comes to skill rotations, a key strategy is to accumulate a significant amount of warding before entering a dungeon. This ensures higher survivability, as warding is continuously replenished by defeating monsters along the way. Utilizing gloves that grant warding upon monster kills further bolsters this approach.

    The rotation is straightforward: teleporting around while buffing the Wraithlord with both Infernal Shade and Dread Shade. The latter is particularly crucial as it provides a 100% critical chance.

    During combat encounters, we can consistently use potions to summon zombies, capitalizing on the damage boost. This method not only buffs his minions but also enhances overall damage output, especially in endgame scenarios.

    When facing bosses, strategically summons the Wraithlord directly at the boss spawn location, simultaneously using potions to summon zombies and boost damage output before the boss even appears. This approach maximizes damage potential, allowing for a more efficient defeat of the boss.

    However, it's essential to exercise caution with minion summoning post-boss spawn, as the Wraithlord may prioritize consuming minions over dealing damage. To optimize damage output, it's best to focus on dealing damage while the boss is present, rather than summoning additional minions after its arrival.

  • Last Epoch: Follow These Valuable Strategies For A Smoother Gaming Experience

    Posted: Mar 21, 2024

    Check out these 9 strategies designed to optimize your journey in Last Epoch! Last Epoch offers a unique and enjoyable gaming experience. Take the time to explore its features and immerse yourself in its world.

    Whether you're a newcomer to the game or simply seeking to expand your knowledge, delve into this guide and uncover valuable insights of its engaging gameplay and depth. Remember to invest in Last Epoch Gold to fully enjoy the game!

    1. Enable Health Bars

    Let's start with the first tip: enabling health bars. Make sure to activate health bars for both yourself and your enemies. This simple adjustment allows you to easily track your own health status and that of your adversaries, significantly boosting your chances of survival during gameplay.

    2. Utilize Runes Of Removal

    If you happen upon an item boasting desirable suffixes that you'd like to transfer to another item, employ the use of Runes of Removal. These handy tools allow you to safely extract the desired suffixes from the original item, converting them into versatile shards that can be applied to different gear.

    If you find yourself falling short of your forging potential during this process, don’t worry! A simple solution exists: utilize a Rune of Shattering to dismantle the item and retrieve any remaining shards.

    3. Leverage Glyphs Of Hope

    When it comes to upgrading or crafting gear, it's essential to integrate Glyphs of Hope into your process. These glyphs play a pivotal role in preserving forging potential, while concurrently enhancing multiple modifiers. An example scenario involves increasing poison resistance to Level 5 at no additional cost, demonstrating the efficiency of utilizing Glyph of Hope in gear enhancement efforts.

    4. Be Cautious With Glyphs Of Chaos

    Exercise caution when employing Glyphs of Chaos to modify items, particularly noting that Tier 5 affixes are immutable. It's crucial to bear in mind that these glyphs not only change affixes but also upgrade them concurrently. Therefore, it's prudent to carefully consider the potential consequences to prevent getting trapped with undesirable modifiers.

    5. Prioritize Monolith Blessings

    As you advance towards the endgame, make it a priority to acquire blessings from the Monoliths completion situated on the right side of the map. These blessings provide invaluable defensive or offensive enhancements like cold resistance or life bonuses, greatly bolstering your character's prowess.

    Conversely, the left side Monoliths completion primarily caters to item acquisition and drop rates, offering supplementary benefits that are advantageous but should be considered secondary in importance.

    6. Utilize Quest Rewards

    Maximize your gaming progress by utilizing the quest reward feature accessible through the map interface. By reviewing these rewards, you can strategically prioritize quests that offer valuable benefits such as passive point bonuses and idol slot unlocks. Should lore or quest completion be of secondary importance to you, consider bypassing quests with less desirable rewards to accelerate your progression towards endgame content.

    7. Use External Resources

    To locate the items you need, access the dedicated website and proceed to the designated items section. Explore the various categories available to refine your search, whether you're seeking powerful swords or other types of equipment. By targeting specific items through this streamlined approach, you can enhance and optimize your overall gameplay experience to suit your preferences and playstyle.

    8. Equip Holy Aura Passive

    For Paladin enthusiasts, it's imperative to ensure the Holy Aura passive is not just acquired but also actively equipped within a designated skill slot to fully harness its benefits. Even though it's categorized as a passive ability, Holy Aura necessitates direct activation within the skill slot to exert its influence and bolster your character's capabilities effectively.

    9. Leverage Lenses For Prophecies

    Circle of Fortune players can benefit from using lenses. If you want to find a specific item prophecy or you want to do a specific content prophecy, then use lenses. Original lenses are effective at changing item types, while larger lenses can alter the content of prophecies. Use them strategically to customize your Prophecy rewards according to your preferences.

  • Last Epoch: A Deep Dive Into The Merchant's Guild - Location, Mechanics, Rewards & More

    Posted: Mar 16, 2024

    Last Epoch is an action role-playing game that emphasizes collecting loot, so you'll probably get rid of a lot of unnecessary stuff eventually. What if you could trade an item for Gold instead of squandering it because it doesn't fit your build or class? The idea behind the Merchant's Guild, an item faction that lets you purchase and trade goods for Last Epoch Gold and Favor, is exactly that.

    Where Is The Merchant's Guild Located?

    Similar to the Circle of Fortune, your initial encounter with the Merchant's Guild occurs in Act 9 when you first venture into the Upper District of Mak'elka. 

    There, you'll meet Zerrick, a dubious figure with connections to various factions in the city, including the Merchant's Guild. Zerrick will task you with a quest titled "Merchants and Fortune Tellers," directing you towards The Bazaar in Maj'elka.

    How To Become A Member Of The Merchant's Guild? 

    After arriving at The Bazaar, make sure to find Nama, the Faction Leader, to learn more about the Merchant's Guild and to join their ranks.

    Apart from reaching this stage in the storyline with your initial character, there are no prerequisites for joining the Merchant's Guild. You don't need to pay Gold, expend Favor (at least not yet), or defeat a specific number of enemies to demonstrate your skills. Simply have a conversation with Nama!

    The Mechanics Of The Merchant's Guild Faction

    The Merchant's Guild is the simpler of the two factions in Last Epoch, focusing entirely on the buying and selling of items using Gold and Favor.

    Upon entering The Bazaar, you'll notice various trade stalls scattered throughout the area, each offering a specific category of items, ranging from weapons to armor and accessories. Interacting with these vendors allows you to purchase items using Gold and Favor.

    Similarly, you can set up your own trade stall to sell items, earning Gold for each sale but requiring Favor to list items for other players to buy.

    Favor is obtained by defeating monsters, with stronger enemies yielding more Favor. Side quests, particularly in the late game, also provide significant Favor rewards.

    Once you've accumulated a substantial amount of Favor, return to Nama to exchange it for Reputation. Increasing your Reputation unlocks higher ranks within the Merchant's Guild, each offering unique rewards such as access to better items with powerful affixes.

    What Kind Of Rewards Can Be Unlocked By Different Ranks In Merchant's Guild?

    At Rank 1, you will gain the ability to sell all items and unlock the option to purchase Normal, Magic, and Rare Items from players or the Bazaar.

    At Rank 2, you'll be able to buy Set Items.

    At Rank 3, you'll gain the ability to purchase Unique Items, excluding those with Legendary Potential.

    At Rank 4, you'll have the option to buy Idols.

    At Rank 5, you'll be able to purchase Exalted Weapons.

    At Rank 6, you'll gain access to buying Unique Weapons, including those with Legendary Potential.

    At Rank 7, you'll have the option to buy all Exalted Items.

    At Rank 8, you'll be able to purchase all Unique Items, including those with Legendary Potential.

    At Rank 9, you'll gain access to buying Legendary Weapons.

    At Rank 10, you'll have the option to purchase all Legendary Items.

  • Last Epoch 1.0: How Does Endurance Defense Mechanic Work? - Endurance Explained & Enhancement Tips

    Posted: Mar 16, 2024

    Endurance is a defense mechanic in Last Epoch. Since many players don’t know much about it yet, in this guide, we will focus on discussing how this Endurance mechanism works.

    Before jumping in, I want to remind you that this guide is only for the first cycle after the release of Last Epoch 1.0, so some information will change as the game mechanics change later.

    Endurance Mechanic Explained

    Endurance is a layer of defense inherent to all Last Epoch characters that reduces damage done to health below a certain threshold by a certain percentage. By default, a character below 20% of their maximum health takes 20% less damage. The cutoff below this damage reduction is called Endurance Threshold.

    Endurance mitigates many damages and works on hits and damage over time. You can view Endurance Threshold in-game by hovering your mouse over the health bar.

    A common misconception is that when you are hit, your Endurance must be below your Endurance Threshold in order for Endurance to reduce the damage to the hit. But that’s not true.

    If you are above Endurance Threshold and an incoming hit puts you below Endurance Threshold, endurance will only mitigate the portion of the damage below Endurance Threshold.

    For example, let’s say my health is 300 and my Endurance Threshold is 200. If I take 150 points of damage, stamina does not affect the first 100 points of damage. The last 50 points of damage are reduced by 20% to 40 points, for a total of 140 points of damage taken.

    Another thing to note is that Endurance doesn’t work well with Ward. Endurance only reduces damage done to health, which means you can’t play a low-health Ward build and constantly benefit from being below your Endurance Threshold. Regardless of your current health, damage done to your Ward is not mitigated by endurance.

    How To Enhance Endurance Defense Layer?

    However, if you don’t choose to invest in Last Epoch Gold to improve your endurance, it’s not a very useful layer of defense.

    If you have 1000 health, the damage to the bottom 200 health is reduced by 20%, meaning it takes 250 raw damage to kill you from your Endurance Threshold.

    All in all, your effective health is 800 plus 250, or 1050. Therefore, for a purely health-based build, endurance will only give you 5% effective HP by default.

    There are two ways to make endurance a stronger layer of defense: increasing Endurance and increasing Endurance Threshold.

    Increasing endurance means increasing the percentage by which endurance reduces damage taken. For example, giving the “+15% Endurance” affix will reduce the damage you take from 20% to 35%. Endurance is capped at 60% and cannot be increased.

    Increasing your Endurance Threshold is primarily accomplished through modifiers, which increase it by a fixed amount. So if you have 1000 health, then +70 Endurance Threshold will increase your Endurance Threshold from 200 to 270. Fortunately, Endurance Threshold has no cap, although there’s no point in raising it above your maximum health.

    Why Increase Endurance To 60%?

    So, is it worth investing in endurance? If you’re a Ward-based build, there’s no reason to invest anything in durability.

    If you are a health-based build, my opinion is that you should at least invest in increasing endurance to 60%, even if you choose not to increase Endurance Threshold above its base value.

    Why should you get 60% Endurance? Let’s do the math. If you have 60% Endurance, and your additional Endurance Threshold is zero, then the bottom 20% of your health gets 60% damage reduction.

    When you have 1000 HP, the bottom 200 becomes 500 effective HP, for a total of 1300. At 20% Endurance, it only has 1050 effective HP. Therefore, increasing from 20% Endurance to 60%, effective HP increases by approximately 24%.

    Given that doing so only requires three Non-Exalted suffixes on gear, or a suffix and an Empowered Monolith Blessing, it’s almost certainly worth it. In my opinion, until your Endurance reaches 60%, you could prioritize the endurance percentage suffix over the health suffix.

    Endurance Threshold Suffix vs Flat Health Suffix

    So how do we judge whether Endurance Threshold is appropriate?

    For example, T5 Endurance Threshold suffix on the glove provides an Endurance Threshold of 56-75. For comparison, T5 flat health suffix on gloves also provides 56-75 health. Which one of them is better?

    Let’s start with some basic math. 60% damage reduction is 2.5 times effective HP. When endurance is 60%, each point of health protected by endurance is actually worth 2.5 health points.

    So, +1 Endurance Threshold essentially replaces 1 health with 2.5 health, for a net value of 1.5 health. Ignoring all other context, you can think of +100 Endurance Threshold as equivalent to 150 extra health.

    Also, +100 Endurance Threshold is actually even better than having 150 extra health, since reducing damage is preferable to just having more health, even though both have the same effective HP. This is because it’s easier to restore 1000 health than 2000 health.

    By this logic, Endurance Threshold is better than health point by point because it has better synergy with healing, regen, and leech. Unfortunately, it’s not that simple.

    Health itself has several advantages. The most obvious benefit is that health actually has a multiplier. There are many places where you can gain “increased health” through equipment and passives.

    On the other hand, there is no “increase Endurance Threshold” modifier in the game. If you have 50% more health, then +1 health is actually +1.5 health, which in itself is enough to close the gap in effective HP with Endurance Threshold.

    But since your base Endurance Threshold is 20% of health, every 1 health is an additional 0.2 Endurance Threshold. If you have 60% Endurance, then an Endurance Threshold of 0.2 is actually 0.3 Health.

    All in all, health is increased by 50%, endurance is increased by 60%, and the +100 health modifier is fixed at +195 effective HP.

    On top of that, health has the advantage of avoiding stuns. In Last Epoch, the chance of being stunned is based on damage taken plus the sum of your max health and current Ward, so having more health makes you less likely to be stunned.

    However, many incoming attacks will occur when you are close to your maximum health, rather than when you are near or below Endurance Threshold. When you are near maximum health, increasing your Endurance Threshold may not prevent stun unless your Endurance Threshold is very high.

    Therefore, Max Health modifier provides more reliable protection against stuns than Endurance Threshold modifier.

    So, would you rather have a T5 Endurance Threshold suffix on your glove or a T5 flat health suffix?

    Endurance Threshold provides less life because of the lack of multipliers. However, Endurance Threshold may be more useful when considering its synergy with health regeneration.

    Personally, I prefer Endurance Threshold modifier over the flat health modifier. Because I usually have enough layers of defense to slow down incoming damage, allowing me to reliably recover if I take significant damage.

    Another thing to note is that T6 and T7 Endurance Threshold modifiers are significantly stronger than T6 and T7 flat health modifiers.

    Generally speaking, T6 modifier is about 50% stronger than T5, and T7 modifier is about 100% stronger than T5. Health seems to follow this pattern, but Endurance Threshold does not.

    T6 Endurance Threshold is about 80% stronger than T5, and T7 is about 150% stronger than T5. Why this happens, I don’t know. The upshot of this is that Exalted Endurance Threshold is actually a valuable stat, especially on slots that can’t roll percentages or mix health, such as Rings and Relics.

    That’s all I want to cover about Endurance mechanic in this guide. Hope this helps. Looking forward to seeing you in the game.

  • Last Epoch: The Best Endgame Unique Belt That Fire Build Can’t Miss! - Immolator’s Oblation

    Posted: Mar 14, 2024

    Until now, you could get dozens of legendary items in Last Epoch, but the truly powerful ones only appeared in the endgame. Among them,  Unique Leather Belt called Immolator’s Oblation is one of the key items you can get in the endgame, and it is crucial for all players who focus on fire builds.

    In this guide, we’ll focus on explaining what Immolator’s Oblation does and how you can find and obtain this Unique Belt. Without further ado, let’s jump right in!

    Immolator’s Oblation Belt Explanation

    Immolator’s Oblation Belt requires players to be level 46, plus it comes with four Potion Slots and five additional modifiers. Below are all the modifiers of this Unique Belt:

    • (46-100%) Chance to ignite yourself when using Fire or Necrotic Skill.
    • (+4-6) Spell damage per stack of Ignite Fire or Necrotic Skill (max 40).
    • (4-6%) When you directly use Fire or Necrotic Skill with each stack of ignite, you have a chance to gain Frenzy for two seconds.
    • (10-16%) Increases Ignite duration.
    • (100%) Potion has a chance to cleanse all Ailments.

    Immolator’s Oblation Belt is a very useful piece of gear for any character who specializes in fire skills. So if you want to try wearing it in Last Epoch, I recommend spending some Last Epoch Gold to level up your build to be ready for the boss to fight ahead.

    How To Get Immolator’s Oblation Belt?

    There’s only one way to get Immolator’s Oblation Belt, and that’s by defeating the specific boss of Last Epoch. You can’t find it any other way, so you’ll need to farm this single boss until luck favors you and the boss drops the belt.

    The boss you need to fight is Cremorus, the final Fire Lich boss of Soulfire Bastion Dungeon. This dungeon is located in Felled Wood area of Imperial Era in Last Epoch, and players will need Soulfire Bastion Key to enter the dungeon.

    Collect Soulfire Bastion Key

    It’s important to remember that you’ll need a key every time you want to run a dungeon. So if you want to beat the boss, you need to keep finding Soulfire Bastion Key until you get Immolator’s Oblation.

    Soulfire Bastion Key can be obtained by completing Monolith of Fate, Arenas, and as drops from random enemies and bosses. Once you have one, you can head to the dungeon and enter.

    Select Dungeon Tier

    Before you get started, however, you need to choose which Dungeon Tier you want to complete. Immolator’s Oblation Belt only drops from Fire Lich Cremorus boss in Tier 3 and 4, so simply completing a Tier 1 or 2 dungeon will not drop the belt.

    To reach Tiers 3 and 4, you need to complete the dungeon once on each previous level. This means you need to complete all three first tiers to reach Tier 4.

    Of course, this also means that you need to find at least four Soulfire Bastion Keys to have a chance of getting Immolator’s Oblation drop from Fire Lich Cremorus boss.

    Drop Rate

    It’s important to note that you don’t get the belt immediately after defeating the boss, you may need to try several times to get it. For reference, Immolator’s Oblation has a 12% chance to drop at Tier 3 and an 18% chance at Tier 4. So, try it a few times. Maybe you will be the lucky one!

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