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Last Epoch: What You Need To Know About Necromancers In Patch 1.1 Harbingers Of Ruin? - Strategies & Skills

Posted: Jul 08, 2024

No matter what game you play, the mention of Necromancers always brings to mind a densely packed undead army that obeys your every command, and Last Epoch is no exception. In a game that really loves to give you pets, you can use Necromancers to manipulate golems, wraiths, zombies, shades, and oodles and oodles of skeletons.

But because you need to command your undead army, you may not have the same relaxing leisure time as players with other builds. Necromancers can be as hands-on in battle as other Acolyte subclasses, only with bigger cheers and thick bloody chaos.

This guide will cover the detailed strategies and skills of Necromancers in Last Epoch, so that you can get a head start in Last Epoch Harbingers of Ruin when it officially releases on July 10.

Last Epoch: What You Need To Know About Necromancers In Harbingers Of Ruin? - Strategies & Skills

Necromancer Strategy

You can think of Necromancers as the least relevant of the other Last Epoch builds. It is built by filling every skill slot with summons, and you only need to invest in minions to increase their health and damage.

Combined with your high Intelligence attribute, you will cultivate your undead army into an invincible force, which is something that other builds simply cannot do. In addition, you will also have a few spells at your disposal, some of which will deal partial damage to enemies, some will increase the damage of minions, and even summon more undead to help you.

When building your Necromancer, you need to pay attention to each item that can provide a customized share of your spell damage. Almost all Acolyte and Necromancer skills can provide you with percentage-based increases, so you should try to increase your base damage first.

In addition, when in the Imperial Age, you will find that your minions look exactly like the enemies you encounter. But the good news is that you can’t cause damage to your allies in Last Epoch, so you don’t have to worry about hurting your minions until they win.

Necromancer Skills

Another benefit of Necromancer is that you don’t need to re-spec. In fact, you get one of your main damage spells, Rip Blood, right from the moment you select Necromancer.

This spell may not seem very useful at first, but as you progress to the later stages of the game, it becomes a powerful shotgun for clearing out large groups of enemies and restoring health. This also means you’ll have a ton of loot that’s very easy to pick up, including Last Epoch Gold.

Another reason that really makes this build popular with most players is Bone Curse, which curses the enemy, causing it to take more damage based on your spell damage. This means that your minions will get the same damage to enemies as you do, and essentially make your minions contribute to your spell damage stats.

Summon Skeleton will provide you with most of the undead army, while Summon Bone Golem will only provide you with a very powerful minion.

When you encounter a boss that will use a powerful area spell to wipe out your minions, this powerful minion will not fall down, which can help you prolong the fight and even turn the tide.

Additionally, Transplant allows you to quickly escape from the battlefield and avoid danger using positioning or movement spells. Similarly, Bone Curse and Transplant can be used by your minions, so don’t feel sorry for missing out on other summoning skills.

Acolyte Passives

There are many ways to make Acolyte easy. First, as before, you need to maximize Forbidden Knowledge, which will increase the overall stats of you and your minions. In addition, Blood Aura can deal more extra damage to everyone.

Investing a point in Mania of Mortality, Stolen Vitality, Crimson Gluttony, and Unnatural Preservation will give you higher defensive stats. If you feel that your Necromancer is dying too easily, you may want to try this method and improve it later.

If you don’t want to change your defensive stats, you can increase your health by Stolen Vitality and Crimson Gluttony.

Necromancer Passives

Once you become a Necromancer, you will immediately get another skeleton to join your skeletal army. You can then make your army more powerful by maximizing Risen Army to increase the attack speed and damage of the entire army.

Additionally, Cursed Blood increases the physical damage to you and your minions. You can invest 6 points into this skill. If you have points to spare, invest 1 into Blood Armour, 5 into Mortal Tether, and finally 1 into Unbound Necromancy. This will give you an extra skeleton, which means you can deal more damage to enemies.

If you just want to increase the base damage of your minions, you can invest all 8 points into Unearthed Arms and 5 into Frantic Summons. This will increase the overall speed of your minions. If you also invest 5 points into a River of Bones, their critical chance will be doubled.

During the game, you will gain Intelligence from Heresy. You may have already completed the game before maxing Cursed Blood, but if not, remember to max it.

After learning about the strategies and skills of Necromancers, are you looking forward to the Last Epoch Harbingers of Ruin, which will officially start on July 10? Looking forward to your new experience!


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