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Last Epoch: Find Out Reasons That You Have To Play Patch 1.1 Harbingers Of Ruin

Posted: Jul 09, 2024

Posted: Jul 09, 2024

Source:  IGGM

Many people are looking forward to the release of 1.1, which shows how popular this game is.

So far, many people think that Last Epoch is the best ARPG. There is a reason why Last Epoch is popular, let's take a look at the reasons why you have to play it.

Last Epoch: Find Out Reasons That You Have To Play This Amazing Game


Last Epoch Game Screen

For most players, this game is very simple and easy to understand. DND 3.5 and Path of Exile 1 are already recognized as one of the most complex versions of Uber Splat games. However, Diablo 4 and DND 4 Edition are considered being the simplest and most accessible versions. Last Epoch is like previous DND 5th Edition. Many people think that this is a great version because the number of DND players has accelerated in this version.

Playing Last Epoch gives me a very wonderful experience. When you play this game, you can know exactly what you should do in the game and you will not feel confused at all. This game is not as difficult as POE 1 nor as simple as Diablo 4.

In the game, you can slowly to look at your character, skills, items, and even your Last Epoch Gold acquisition situation. You can carefully determine your position in the game and then determine which location we should go. This is really great for many ARPG players.

We hope that Last Epoch can be known by most people, so that people can understand that this ARPG is a game that can be played without a game guide. We can easily play the game. It sounds easy, but it is not. Most other games need a game guide to really play.

For example, Path of Exile 1 is like A Song of Ice and Fire and Game of Thrones. It is very complicated and we need to spend time to understand it. But Diablo 4 is like Shrek. The plot is very simple. Basically, you can know what happened in the story after one play.

But Last Epoch is like Lord of Rings trilogy. We all know that Lord of the Rings trilogy has movies and books, so it is very rich. Last Epoch is very story-based like Lord of the Rings, but it is very intuitive. If you want to study it, there is still a little depth.


Last Epoch Monoliths

Last Epoch is not like other ARPG games. Last Epoch has no battle pass since at least 1.1. We have to earn some rewards in or outside the game. You just need to find monoliths in the game to fight new Pinnacle boss in 1.1, and get looted through these.

Other than that, there are no daily quests or world events that must be completed at a specific time. This is also why people like POE. Although POE already has Kirac’s Vault Pass and challenge system, I can still join and play whatever I want at any time.

I like this very much. We can do everything at our leisure. We don’t have to be tied to the game. We can enter and exit at will. I can play any game content when I want.

And in Last Epoch, you don’t have to worry about missing anything. Seasons or leagues added in the previous cycle of Last Epoch have also been added to the core game. So you don’t need to worry about your favorite mechanic or item disappearing in the next cycle.

Of course, future updates will only be limited to the content within the cycle, but currently we are completing the initial update for the basic construction of Last Epoch. When I was playing the Path of Exile, there were many mechanics that I really liked, but they will not appear in the next cycle or season or league.

For example, Crucible, which can forge mechanics and forge monsters, and Crucible passive weaponries are very popular, but these parts have all been deleted. There are also some items that I didn’t have time to experience that were deleted in next DLC.


Last Epoch Classes

In addition to the above two reasons, Last Epoch not only has class diversity but also has very clear fantasies. Although classes of Last Epoch are limited and you can’t create what you want with any class, this is a disadvantage, but it’s not a big deal.

Last Epoch has five groups of classes, each class has three masteries associated with it, and each mastery has a set of skills and different fantasies. We can find items for a specific class or fantasy or mastery additionally at a completely different time depending on our Mastery in class.

In game Last Epoch, each skill we can use has a unique skill tree, so we build differently in the skill tree. Currently, this game world is not meta. But as mentioned before, everything you build in this game is truly your own thing, and you don’t have to rely on a guide to complete it.

You can directly choose the stuff you like and start building from the skill tree. There are also some skills in the game that are very interesting. For example, there is a skill that can summon a lot of squirrels, and there is a skill that can summon a lot of bees. Don’t you think these skills are interesting? Don’t you want to try it?

I am looking forward to the release of 1.1. I believe it will bring us more surprises and fun. The above are the core features of this game that I think, and it is precisely because of these features that many people like the game Last Epoch.


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