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Last Epoch: Patch 1.1 Harbingers Of Ruin Brings New Contents And Many Changes!

Posted: Jul 10, 2024

With the release of Last Epoch Patch 1.1 Harbingers of Ruin, some players have already started to experience the new challenges and new game mechanics in the new patch. From the new Evade Skill to the bosses and encounters of additional Harbingers and Nemesis, there is a lot of new content for players to explore slowly.

This guide will take a detailed look at some of the new content added in Last Epoch Harbingers of Ruin and explain how the new game mechanics work. In addition, this update also makes several changes to skills and passive abilities. Let’s take a look!

Last Epoch: Patch 1.1 Harbringers Of Ruin Brings New Contents And Many Changes!

New Contents

Starting A New Cycle

As of the day before the official release, Last Epoch has officially started a new cycle. This means that all of your existing characters will be classified as “Legacy” characters, and any shared storage associated with these characters will be moved to the old version.

The good news is that the items can be taken out by any character with the same optional challenge set, and the items can be retrieved, but it should be noted that you cannot add new items to it.

Essentially, characters from the previous cycle will retain all the access they had before, just moved to Legacy. So you need to create a new character to participate in the current cycle.

It is important to note that your legacy characters will still have a normal storage room that can be used to store and access items, but if your storage room is related to the optional challenge set of the previous cycle, it can only be removed.

Harbingers Of Ruin

Harbingers of Ruin is not only the name of the new patch but also the new enemies that will appear after you defeat any of the timeline bosses in any of 10 Monolith Timelines. These powerful timeline bosses absorb the power of the supreme boss that spawned them, and will drop Harbinger Eyes when defeated.

It is important to note that each Harbinger is guaranteed to drop Harbinger Eyes the first time it is defeated, but it is not guaranteed to drop Harbinger Eyes after that. If you just want to enjoy the battle, you can turn off Harbingers in Boss Rewards Echo Panel.

Nemesis Encounters

Another new enemy type you encounter in Harbingers of Ruin is Nemesis. They are initially found floating on the bodies of people killed by Harbinger, and can be found in any Campaign or Monolith of Fate.

When you approach these remains, you’ll be presented with a window that shows a list of loot you can get from Nemesis, which includes Last Epoch Gold and some special items. In addition to this, it will give you three options - Banish Nemesis, Challenge Nemesis, and Empower Nemesis.

Of the three options, the third one is probably the most confusing - why would you want to empower Nemesis? Don’t worry, I’ll explain it to you.

Empowering Nemesis means that the next time you encounter Nemesis, you may encounter the same Nemesis, but it will appear as a time rift instead of a corpse next to the armor. In addition, it will provide higher Affix Tiers, Forging Potential, or Legendary Potential for your loot.

Nemesis will sometimes offer you Egg of Forgotten as loot. Whether you drop a Nemesis or empower it, it will become random loot, and you can replace it with a unique item that is exclusive to you, but it will lack a bit of legendary potential. If you choose to empower a Nemesis, you can turn it into legendary potential.


When you start Last Epoch Harbingers of Ruin, all classes and their variants use Evade. Evade allows the character you control to leap a short distance to avoid powerful attacks from bosses and enemies.

Not only can Evade be used by all classes, but it can also be used at various levels, even from level 1. This makes it very easy to use for some new players. It also has two chances to recharge, only a 4-second cooldown, and most importantly, it doesn’t consume any mana.

As your character level increases, the cooldown of Evade gradually decreases at a rate of 0.5% per level. However, this does not mean that the use of Evade is mandatory for all builds. A build with high mobility may not need Evade. But many players prefer stronger movement abilities, and some high-level players are not satisfied with the mobility of high mobility builds, so the developers created Evade.

Gameplay Changes

Boss Changes

In previous games, bosses gained variable damage reduction in damage taken from you, which has now been replaced by Ward Breakpoints. Each boss has a little breakpoint on their health bar, and once these breakpoints are reached, the boss gains Wards based on their maximum health.

Wards decrease over time, but otherwise function the same way as the player’s Ward. Most bosses have two Ward Breakpoints, but some major bosses may have more.

Additionally, bosses will receive 50% more effective health for Stun and Freeze Effects you cast, and Freeze Chance will also take Ward into account.

Ward Changes

The player’s Ward is calculated using a different formula than before, in order to balance builds that provide players with less Ward, while also suppressing any abnormal values ​​that generate numerous wards very quickly.

Last Epoch Ward Changes

After learning about these new contents and changes, are you eager to enter Last Epoch Patch 1.1 Harbingers of Ruin to find out? I hope you can have fun in the new patch!


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