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Last Epoch: How To Successfully Clear All 3 Dungeons? - Lightless Arbor, Soulfire Bastion & Temporal Sanctum

Posted: Apr 01, 2024

Posted: Apr 01, 2024

Source:  IGGM

There are three dungeons in Last Epoch. Although it may be a little less compared to other MMOs, each dungeon is unique, with its own independent theme, mechanics and rewards. But all dungeons have one thing in common, Scheme.

In each dungeon, you explore a large area where you must find one of two available exits. Each exit provides perks unique to that dungeon and increases enemy health and damage. You repeat this exploration process twice and then must face the dungeon’s boss.

In this guide, let’s talk about each individual dungeon in Last Epoch and its mechanics. Don’t forget, to successfully pass all dungeons, it is crucial to reserve enough Last Epoch Gold.

Last Epoch: How To Successfully Clear All 3 Dungeons? - Lightless Arbor, Soulfire Bastion & Temporal Sanctum

Lightless Arbor Dungeon

First up, we have Lightless Arbor Dungeon. The unique mechanic of this dungeon is Crystal-like lantern that helps you deal with the ever-present darkness.

Crystals have a limited amount of light. Each time you take a hit, the light resource is consumed proportionally to the amount of health you gained from the hit.

You can recover the light resource by defeating the large orange crystals you find while exploring the dungeon. When your light runs out, you’re basically screwed. Because when enemies aren’t illuminated by your crystals, they deal more damage and take significantly less damage.

The boss of Lightless Arbor has two stages. In the first phase, you can’t actually deal direct damage to the boss. Instead, this phase requires you to burn the kindling located on either side of the area.

First, you need to destroy the wall protecting the kindling, and then you can burn the kindling while near it. During this stage, mobs will spawn and the boss will cast an AOE attack. After burning two kindling, the boss will collapse and you can approach them.

Here, you can actually directly damage the boss’ heart, which is located in the center of the arena. This phase will revolve around avoiding the two major attacks and dealing with the mobs the boss spawns.

The attack of the boss in this copy is actually very simple. First, he has an AOE attack, which requires you to be close to the boss. He then has a beam attack that you can easily dodge by moving to the other side of the boss. There is also a third attack, which forms a cone-shaped AOE in front of the boss towards you, so you’d better keep moving.

Lightless Arbor is basically the gold sink in Last Epoch for rewards. After defeating the boss, you can enter the vault room. At the vault door, you can choose the rewards you want to purchase.

The trick is that every time you choose not to purchase a reward, the next reward will be more expensive than the others. You can now see some items on the screen that are unique to that dungeon and cannot be obtained outside of the dungeon.

The Lightless Arbor Dungeon Guide And Walkthrough In Last Epoch

Soulfire Bastion Dungeon

Next, let’s talk about Soulfire Bastion. The unique system of this dungeon is your permanent immunity barrier.

Since Soulfire Bastion’s enemies and environmental hazards deal Necro and Fire damage, you can switch between barriers that prevent both types of damage.

You can tell which type of damage an enemy is using by the color: green is Necro damage, while red is Fire damage.

At lower levels or when your build is overwhelmed, it’s not as important to take advantage of this mechanic. But in tier 4 of the dungeon, you have to utilize this mechanic correctly to survive.

Soulfire Bastion boss also requires you to use the correct barrier. You should change the barrier based on the color of your flooring. It always starts with Fire damage. Both will mainly project a circular AOE that shrinks towards the boss. Therefore, I recommend using teleport or other Traversal skills to dodge AOE and avoid damage.

This boss has few other attacks and is easy to avoid. So just focus on the colors of the floor and AOE circles.

Now, speaking of rewards, Soulfire Bastion has a gambling-based reward system. Souls can be obtained by killing enemies in the dungeon, and can be exchanged for items at the end of the dungeon through gambling.

It’s important to note that switching barrier types in a dungeon also requires the use of soul currency, so the fewer you switch, the more you save.

Last Epoch: Soulfire Bastion Dungeon Walkthrough And Rewards

Temporal Sanctum Dungeon

Finally, we have Temporal Sanctum. The unique mechanic of this dungeon is traveling between two different eras.

Some areas on the map were inaccessible when the gates were closed in one era, but open in another alternate timeline. So basically you’ll be constantly switching between eras, trying to find your way through the dungeon to one exit.

The boss Julra in Temporal Sanctum also requires you to switch between eras to avoid taking damage.

The first clear sign of an era of transition is the screen-wide AOE. This attack takes a moment to charge up, so you don’t have to switch immediately, but don’t wait too long or you’ll die. Once Julra attacks, she will enter another era with you.

Next, she projects a beam of light that rotates clockwise. You can dodge damage by keeping your character in the gaps between the beams.

Defeating the boss will net us the unique reward of all dungeons in Last Epoch: the ability to craft legendary items.

Legendary items are a combination of unique gear and Exalted Items. Legendary items retain all stats of unique items and have the affixes of Exalted Item added. This is your invincible best partner in Last Epoch dungeons.

Last Epoch: Temporal Sanctum Dungeon

That’s all for Last Epoch dungeon guide. I hope it’s useful for you. Good luck!


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