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What Are Last Epoch Items?

In Last Epoch, items constitute the in-game equipment crucial for character advancement and customization.

These items, including weapons, armor, accessories, runes, glyphs, idols, and relics, possess distinct properties and effects. Unique or Set items boast special affixes or bonuses, enhance their potency or synergy.

How To Get Items In Last Epoch?

In Last Epoch, acquiring items is accomplished through various means:

Defeating Monsters

Monsters yield Last Epoch Items of different rarities, including common, magic, rare, unique, set, and exalted. Exalted items, being the rarest and most potent, possess legendary potential for crafting into legendaries.

Crafting Items With The Forge

The forge facilitates affix manipulation on Last Epoch Items using affix shards, glyphs, and runes. Affixes, which modify item stats like damage, health, or resistances, can be added, upgraded, changed, or removed. Combining uniques with exalted items in the eternity cache enables the creation of legendaries.

Completing Echoes & Timelines In The Monolith Of Fate

The monolith of fate offers an endgame mode where different timelines are explored, featuring challenging enemies and bosses. Completing echoes rewards Last Epoch Items, crafting resources, or blessings, which are potent passive buffs enhancing character performance. Some echoes feature modifiers increasing item drop rates and quality.

Purchasing Items From Vendors

Vendors offer Last Epoch Items of diverse qualities, occasionally featuring uniques or exalted items. Unwanted items can be sold to vendors for gold, which can then be utilized for purchasing items or engaging in item gambling.

Engaging In The Arena

The arena provides an endgame challenge with waves of increasingly difficult enemies. Rewards in the arena include Last Epoch Items of varying rarities, with better rewards as you progress. The arena also features a leaderboard tracking player progress and rank.

More Ways

While these methods represent the primary avenues for obtaining items in Last Epoch, other sources such as quests, chests, shrines, and dungeons also contribute to item acquisition. If you are looking for a faster and more convenient way to obtain Last Epoch Items, then IGGM Undoubtedly your best choice!

Why Choose To Buy Last Epoch Items At IGGM?

When considering buying Last Epoch Items from IGGM, several advantages become evident:

  1. Sufficient Stock & Rich Variety: IGGM boasts a sufficient stock with a wide array of Last Epoch Items. With a rich variety available, users have the flexibility to choose items tailored to their character builds and preferences, thereby optimizing their in-game performance.
  2. Cheap Prices: IGGM always offers cheap Last Epoch Items for sale. This affordability is reflected in various ways. Firstly, IGGM regularly compares prices with peers and adjusts accordingly to ensure customers receive the cheapest prices. Additionally, the VIP mechanism rewards loyal customers with increasingly discounted prices based on their purchasing history. Moreover, during major festivals (such as Christmas, Black Friday, New Year's Day, etc.), IGGM hosts special events like giving away some popular game products through draws, providing free coupons and so on, further lowering the overall cost for users. To stay updated on these promotions, you can monitor the IGGM official website and social media channels (Facebook, Twitter and so on) for announcements and details.
  3. Considerate Service: IGGM prioritizes customer satisfaction by offering considerate service throughout the purchasing process. Firstly, the customer service team is available 24/7, ready to address any queries or concerns that users may have. Whether it's assistance with order processing or getting more information about your order processing, the dedicated support staff ensures a seamless experience for customers. Additionally, IGGM provides a "News" column that regularly updates users on Last Epoch-related news and guide articles to enhance their gaming experience.

In conclusion, when you buy Last Epoch Items at IGGM, you not only have more choices and enjoy cheaper prices, but you can also experience the most considerate service. Don’t hesitate, come to IGGM to buy your favorite items!



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Last Epoch: Which One Is Acceptable To Player In Patch 1.1 Harbingers Of Ruin? - Legacy Or Cycle?

Last Epoch: Which One Is Acceptable To Player In Patch 1.1 Harbingers Of Ruin? - Legacy Or Cycle?

In Last Epoch, players will be asked to create their characters in either Legacy or Cycle.

If you are not a very familiar player of Last Epoch, this may be very confusing to you, and it is not explained clearly in the pop-up screen of the game.

In order to distinguish between the two gameplays, today we head to the world of the Last Epoch to understand the differences between Legacy and Cycle.

What Is Legacy & Cycle?

Many people may not know that in Last Epoch, their updates are called cycles.

It is basically the same as seasons of Diablo or League of Legends, and each season will have new core content. They won’t have any temporary content. Core content is released at the start of each season and then removed after the season ends.

Each Cycle lasts about three to four months, and once a Cycle ends, the next Cycle takes over. All characters and content created in the previous Cycle will be moved to Legacy, and you can continue their progress.

Legacy characters maintain all your previous characters and stash in Cycle.

They Are Actually The Same Game

Cycle and Legacy are two different realms that do not interfere with each other in Last Epoch.

However, from code to game content, they are exactly the same. This means that new evasion mechanisms, hundreds of balance changes, updated passive trees and unique skills, all of which will appear in Cycle and Legacy.

World view of Cycles is basically the same as Legacy, except for Cycle themes or special items unique to Cycle.

Related: What You Need To Know About Evade Mechanic In Last Epoch Patch 1.1 Harbingers Of Ruin? - How It Works & Difference

Differences Between Cycle And Legacy

Cycle is designed to give new and returning players a chance to start a game again, starting a campaign from scratch with a brand new character, and encouraging them to try out the new builds.

But characters created in Cycle cannot interact with characters in Legacy, and the same is true for Legacy. This means that if you and your friends are in different realms, you can’t play together unless one of you is willing to create a new character in the other realm.

Obviously, more people are playing Cycle now. If you choose Cycle, there will be new characters and a new economy. Everyone will start from scratch, meaning no one is much stronger than other players, and there is no more Last Epoch Gold to occupy. You can also play with your friends.

Besides, there is actually a small additional benefit in Cycle. Pinnacle boss will not appear in Legacy until it is killed or enters Cycle for seven days. Therefore, in Legacy, you need at least seven days to fight a new pinnacle boss.

Legacy is a long-term world. It will not reset every once in a while like Cycle, and we cannot interact with Cycle players before Cycle character is transferred to Legacy. But Legacy players also have advantages, you will have a huge advantage over new players.

How To Choose?

If you are a new player, or enjoy the fun of multiplayer interaction, racing and new experiences more, then Cycle may be your only choice. Your factions, your gear, your stash, your Last Epoch Gold, your characters are absolutely fresh. You can be 100% easy to understand.

But if you don’t have time or desire to start over, you can also continue your game progress in Legacy.

Game is identical, and you have the option to choose whether continue your progress or start over according to the above content and your own situation.

Last Epoch: A Detailed Guide To Sorcerer Build In Patch 1.1 Harbingers Of Ruin - Maximize Mana And Damage Output

Last Epoch: A Detailed Guide To Sorcerer Build In Patch 1.1 Harbingers Of Ruin - Maximize Mana And Damage Output

In Last Epoch Patch 1.1 Harbingers Of Ruin, players are eager to master how to optimize their Sorcerer builds to maximize Mana and damage output to quickly defeat bosses. This article will provide a game guide including equipment selection, skill matching, and in-game strategies to ensure that your Sorcerer can play to its maximum potential when facing powerful enemies.

Key Strategy And Equipment Selection

You can choose to use Glacier as a utility item, as a Mana recovery, and use wards on hits. There are also some scavenging effects for utility. You also need Focus for Mana for bosses, not really needed for Monoliths, a Teleport, of course, and Flame Ward.

Now to the build, it is just a standard Madison Deck in Sorcerer; the items are not optimized at all, but it does have some very important parts, namely jewelry Rings. Jewelry Rings with spell damage or intelligence will do a lot of damage, try to get it. If you really want a Mana or Intelligence Slam, chest is very important.

But even if there is nothing, this chest is still very worth using. Because it has a lot of Manas, the Mana range rolls 10 to 120, so only use it if you roll high Mana. If you roll 10 Mana, it’s not worth it at all.

Efficient Use Of Mana

So remember, the very powerful Chest Amulet is only worth using if you have Mana on it. The same is true for slams. If you don’t have any LP on your Strong Mind, don’t use it. Just use Last Epoch Gold to exchange for a normal level six or level seven Exalted Mana Amulet and boots. Boots don’t require any LP; they are very powerful, basically every time you move and stop, it’s like a burst of a thousand Wards, it’s a crazy two second cooldown, it happens every two seconds.

Other than that, its viability is huge. You need 1,000 Mana to switch this build. You need exactly 1,000 Mana because, for Arcane Mage class, the value here is tripled. If you have 1,000 Mana, you are guaranteed to refund 20% of your Mana cost, which is very important until you get 1,000 Mana.

You switch to this variant, and then you are chilling again. The damage of this build is very high. You just pre-place some Glacier, and then cast a Corruption, maybe two seconds or two and a half seconds, and that’s the damage of the build, it’s very high.

Mana Cost And Crit Casting Mechanism

When the tooltip has no buffs, it is 300 Corruption Static Orb, and for every Mana you get, it increases the damage by a large amount. Also wanted to mention why there is no cast crit for those who want it, because apparently there may be a bug, or there may be a nerf that is not mentioned, that requires more Mana to play cast crit Meteor version.

So the person who originally built this version did make an update and said that 1900 Mana is where you start to play net neutral. In this setup, his play style before this you could meter alone, or just damage glacier. You didn’t actually need 1900 Mana, so something has changed, like, there may be a bug, or there may be a hidden nerf.

But unfortunately you need more Mana to play cast crit setup now, but it’s not a big deal. Because this build is really too powerful, the damage is ridiculously high, and there are so many scales to get, like with more gear, don’t be surprised if this build can easily kill 1,000 Corruption Shade in 3 seconds, because it is very powerful, and it is also viable for Pinnacle Boss.

Strands Of Souls

Min-Max gear you want is actually the same as Cast on Crit build, except for Harbinger of stars. If you want to play this Cast on Crit bonus, you may want to use Strands of Souls. The only reason you don’t use Strands of Souls is that your character is really bad.

This is the ideal build. You want exactly all these items right here except the belt. You only need to use Strands of Souls. One other thing to mention, adding two Static Orbs is absolutely huge for damage, adding two Static Orbs increases damage by about 50% to 60%. So it’s very important to wear your helmet as soon as possible and have Mana on every item.

That’s it, this is the entire update, this is a very powerful build, extremely high damage.

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