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Last Epoch Items


  • Cycle - Standard
  • Cycle - Hardcore

  • All

  • Helmet

  • Body Armour

  • Balteus

  • Boots

  • Gloves

  • Amulet

  • Ring

  • Weapons

  • Shield

  • Relic

  • All

  • One-Handed Sword

  • One-Handed Axe

  • One-Handed Mace

  • Dagger

  • Sceptre

  • Wand

  • Bow

  • Off-Handed Catalyst

  • Quiver

  • Two-Handed Sword

  • Two-Handed Mace

  • Two-Handed Axe

  • Two-Handed Staff

  • Two-Handed Spear

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What Are Last Epoch Items?

In Last Epoch, items constitute the in-game equipment crucial for character advancement and customization.

These items, including weapons, armor, accessories, runes, glyphs, idols, and relics, possess distinct properties and effects. Unique or Set items boast special affixes or bonuses, enhance their potency or synergy.

How To Get Items In Last Epoch?

In Last Epoch, acquiring items is accomplished through various means:

Defeating Monsters

Monsters yield Last Epoch Items of different rarities, including common, magic, rare, unique, set, and exalted. Exalted items, being the rarest and most potent, possess legendary potential for crafting into legendaries.

Crafting Items With The Forge

The forge facilitates affix manipulation on Last Epoch Items using affix shards, glyphs, and runes. Affixes, which modify item stats like damage, health, or resistances, can be added, upgraded, changed, or removed. Combining uniques with exalted items in the eternity cache enables the creation of legendaries.

Completing Echoes & Timelines In The Monolith Of Fate

The monolith of fate offers an endgame mode where different timelines are explored, featuring challenging enemies and bosses. Completing echoes rewards Last Epoch Items, crafting resources, or blessings, which are potent passive buffs enhancing character performance. Some echoes feature modifiers increasing item drop rates and quality.

Purchasing Items From Vendors

Vendors offer Last Epoch Items of diverse qualities, occasionally featuring uniques or exalted items. Unwanted items can be sold to vendors for gold, which can then be utilized for purchasing items or engaging in item gambling.

Engaging In The Arena

The arena provides an endgame challenge with waves of increasingly difficult enemies. Rewards in the arena include Last Epoch Items of varying rarities, with better rewards as you progress. The arena also features a leaderboard tracking player progress and rank.

More Ways

While these methods represent the primary avenues for obtaining items in Last Epoch, other sources such as quests, chests, shrines, and dungeons also contribute to item acquisition. If you are looking for a faster and more convenient way to obtain Last Epoch Items, then IGGM Undoubtedly your best choice!

Why Choose To Buy Last Epoch Items At IGGM?

When considering buying Last Epoch Items from IGGM, several advantages become evident:

  1. Sufficient Stock & Rich Variety: IGGM boasts a sufficient stock with a wide array of Last Epoch Items. With a rich variety available, users have the flexibility to choose items tailored to their character builds and preferences, thereby optimizing their in-game performance.
  2. Cheap Prices: IGGM always offers cheap Last Epoch Items for sale. This affordability is reflected in various ways. Firstly, IGGM regularly compares prices with peers and adjusts accordingly to ensure customers receive the cheapest prices. Additionally, the VIP mechanism rewards loyal customers with increasingly discounted prices based on their purchasing history. Moreover, during major festivals (such as Christmas, Black Friday, New Year's Day, etc.), IGGM hosts special events like giving away some popular game products through draws, providing free coupons and so on, further lowering the overall cost for users. To stay updated on these promotions, you can monitor the IGGM official website and social media channels (Facebook, Twitter and so on) for announcements and details.
  3. Considerate Service: IGGM prioritizes customer satisfaction by offering considerate service throughout the purchasing process. Firstly, the customer service team is available 24/7, ready to address any queries or concerns that users may have. Whether it's assistance with order processing or getting more information about your order processing, the dedicated support staff ensures a seamless experience for customers. Additionally, IGGM provides a "News" column that regularly updates users on Last Epoch-related news and guide articles to enhance their gaming experience.

In conclusion, when you buy Last Epoch Items at IGGM, you not only have more choices and enjoy cheaper prices, but you can also experience the most considerate service. Don’t hesitate, come to IGGM to buy your favorite items!



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Last Epoch: Trying Out These Mods Will Drastically Improve Your Quality Of Life!

Last Epoch: Trying Out These Mods Will Drastically Improve Your Quality Of Life!

Do you often feel that some troublesome little things in Last Epoch affect your gaming experience? Do you want to get some mods to improve your quality of life? If so, then don’t miss this guide.

Here, we will share some quality of life mods to help you automatically pick up shards, glyphs and gold dropped in the game, making your game easier. We’ll also guide you through the installation process, which is actually pretty simple.

Before jumping in, I must remind you that since they require external mods to be installed, you can only use them in full offline mode. If you want to play online, this won’t help you. Now, let’s get started!

Recommended Mods Available

First, let me show you what these mods actually do. In Last Epoch, you actually get some quality of life improvements. But keep in mind that these mods also allow you to basically cheat your own game in a single player. You can maximize your character level, change mastery, increase stats or drop any item you want.

However, I will not discuss these cheating options. Because in my opinion, they ruin the mastery experience. By using these cheats, you lose all the fun in the game and therefore you will get bored with Last Epoch quickly. So what’s the point?

So the quality of life mods I use are: auto-pickup shards, glyphs and gold, disable material pickup notifications, auto-store materials, enhance item tooltips. You can also automatically pick up filtered items. But personally, I don’t like this option because I found that the loot filter in Last Epoch didn’t filter out enough items in order to allow auto pick up of items.

Auto-Pickup Mod

Back to shards and the gold pickup mod. With Auto pickup mechanic you can’t see Last Epoch Gold popping up on the screen at any time, so it makes the screen less cluttered.

Disable Material Pickup Notifications Mod

I also disabled material pickup notifications. If you decide not to disable these notifications, the quick UI pop-up for picking up shards will cause a significant drop in FPS. So if you decide to use auto-pickup, I highly recommend turning this feature on.

Auto-Store Materials Mod

Auto storing is also very helpful in preventing the extra unnecessary step of going into inventory and clicking Store Materials. Now you won’t even see that you are picking up these materials because you won’t be notified. This also means your inventory will fill up quickly.

There are very few options for this feature and I like the ability to store material every 10 seconds.

Enhance Item Tooltips Mod

We then made an enhancement to the item tooltip, which shows which loot filtering rule applies to that specific item.

There are many uses for this mod. One is when you want to organize your collection, or say you updated your loot filter and want to see which items are worth keeping, or you might want to see if the loot filter is working as expected? This is a neat feature.

Legendary Potential Filter Mod

Then we have my favorite QoL mod in Last Epoch, which is showing whether you already own a unique item and, if so, what legendary potential it has.

Because over time you will collect many unique items, and you just want to remember what legendary potential you already have. This feature can make our lives easier and help us clean up some junk, especially since the developers did not add legendary potential as a filter option.

Will Mods Be Banned?

Maybe this sounds good to you, but you might be worried about whether this could get you banned from Last Epoch. The answer is no. If you play in full offline mode, then you don’t have to worry about being banned!

How To Install?

So that being the case, how do you install these mods?

First, we need to download the required files. All mods require Melon loader, so even if you decide to skip some mods I’m using, you’ll still need to download Melon loader.

Next, we install Melon loader by running the exe file. In the installer, we click “Select” in the automatic click and point to Last Epoch game folder where the game is installed.

There we select Last Epoch exe file. Then we uncheck “Latest” in the version options and select version 0.6.1. This is an important step, as this mode may not work with the latest versions of Melon loader. Finally, we click Install.

Once the installation is complete, we’ll go to Steam to make sure we launch the game in full offline mode. Go to your library and go to Last Epoch page. Click the gear preference button on the right side of the screen and click Properties.

In the general window we have “Launch Options”. I selected it as “Always offline” because I didn’t want to have to answer this question every time I launched the game.

Next, you should launch the game at least once before installing any more mods. This ensures that all required files are created for Melon loader.

Also, we must also unpack the downloaded mod file. We copy the mod’s dll extension file and return to the game’s installation folder.

Now we can find the new folder created by Melon loader inside it. What we need here is “Mods” folder into which we will paste the mod’s dll files. Once we repeat this for all the mods we want to install, we can now launch the game.

Default enables item tooltip enhancements. We can’t turn them on and off from the game panel. However, auto pickups must be turned on manually.

Now you have the mod installed and ready to use. But to uninstall mods you need to delete dll files from mods folder or completely uninstall Melon loader to remove all of them.

Anyway, I hope you found this Last Epoch mod guide useful. While our options are currently very limited, I’m sure the modding community will make more mods over time. Looking forward to seeing you in the game!

Last Epoch: Unleash The Power Of Detonating Arrow Marksman To Conquer Boss Fight

Last Epoch: Unleash The Power Of Detonating Arrow Marksman To Conquer Boss Fight

Today, our focus will be on the Detonating Arrow Marksman of Last Epoch. With simple item swaps, no need for any passive or specialization point adjustments, you can boost your damage against bosses significantly. This offers the perfect balance for smooth Monolith runs coupled with remarkably rapid boss takedowns.

Melee Detonating Arrow

This is a Melee version of Detonating Arrow, and we can use Jelkhor's Blast Knife to accomplish this, which also grants additional specialization points for Detonating Arrow. By utilizing Eye of Reen and Julra’s Stardial, you can take the boss damage potential of this build to another level.

Eye of Reen provides an 84% chance to gain a stack of Reen’s Ire for 5 seconds on Melee crit, synergizing with the build's high critical strike chance. Each stack increases the Melee critical strike multiplier, amplifying the build’s damage and fire damage over time.

The focus lies on maximizing the Melee critical strike multiplier. By using the Traversal skill, we gain increased attack speed and double the effect on the Legendary Potential. For example, a 25% increased attack speed, using Shift would grant 50%, leading to over 1,000% critical strike multiplier potential when combined with Eye of Reen. Equipping 2 Julra's Stardials doubles this effect.

While the Jelkhor's Blast Knife can be equipped at Level 36, this build becomes fully viable once you’re able to equip these knives. Prior to that, you can use a bow for a ranged version of the build.

Eye of Reen requires a level of 70, meaning to utilize Legendary Potential, you'll need to clear Tier 3 Temporal Sanctum with a capable character. This build setup cost a large amount of Last Epoch Gold and requires the Core of the Mountain, only obtainable from Tier 4 Lightless Arbor.

Mana Management

Now, the biggest thing with this build is managing your mana. Automated Bombardment has an additional 70% chance for that Trap Sprinkler node to activate at the cost of 11 more mana. It also allows Explosive Traps to have a chance to throw at enemies within a nearby distance, and we can have the addition of Acid Flask with this build as well.

We can go in and just expend our entire mana pool and allow that damage to kill the boss all in one go. You’ll use Shift for mobility, or you can use it defensively to keep your character alive, and then you throw out a number of traps in the field that you want to develop with this build.

Skills & Specializations

Shift and Shuriken are a very popular combo for Marksman. Shift has a reduced cooldown and a chance to grant us increased movement speed, which can synergize with our passive tree, providing additional damage. The major function of Shuriken is to increase their duration and boost our armor while active. We can Shift, become invulnerable, cleanse ailments, and gain armor simultaneously.

Through these specializations, we can also gain Haste and cause Blind on enemies, enhancing our survivability. With Acid Flask, the efficiency of this build is greatly improved since it activates automatically.

Detonating Arrow is the skill we aim to trigger through explosive traps, primarily to deal massive damage. Lightning Tendrils penetrate a significant 60% of lightning resistance, while increasing the arming time of Detonating Arrow enhances its damage upon detonation.

Gear Recommendations

The best recommendation would be to swap Eye of Reen in for bosses, and if you have the Julra's Stardial with throwing attack speed on it, you would swap that in as well. For general Echo, you’ll actually want to run something with throwing damage and minus throwing attack mana cost. This will help your mana conservation and just give you a smoother experience through the Monoliths.

The Devotion is also a good option, adding some additional lightning damage and lightning penetration. Alternatively, you can also run the Apostate's Sanctuary, as this will give you more damage to bosses and rare enemies.

Foot of the Mountain will grant you a stack of Mountain's Endurance whenever you aren’t moving. This allows 100% of dodge rating to convert to Endurance Threshold, and you can get an enormous amount of Endurance Threshold, and you can easily hit this 60% Endurance cap even when you are moving. Pair that with some solid armor and a high chance to dodge.

The final Mountain item that we use in this setup is Peak of the Mountain. This just supplies an enormous amount of critical strike chance to the build and allows you to proc the Eye of Reen stacks even faster. Getting some Legendary Potential on the best pieces to swap for bosses that’ll help take the build to another level. And overall, the character is actually very tanky.

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